ReManufacturing in Africa – a Win-Win

………………to say nothing of the rest of the developing areas of planet Earth.

In this post:
ReManufacturing units in Africa is a fantastic opportunity to add jobs,
Africa is ready to grow big with ReManufacturing,
ReManufacturing in Africa of some kind, in 27 for her countries,
ReManufacturing Industry – seriously in need of skilled workers,
Probe Corp. auto-electrical workshop – remanufacturing and innovative repair
…and a list at the bottom of posts in the Africa and ReManufacturing series.

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ReManufacture, Reman, ReNewed – Basis of the Circular Economy

ReManufacture, Reman, ReNewed – Foundation of the Circular Economy 66

In this post:
ReManufacture = Big Reuse Resources Business,
Our planet Earth is just 9% circular!,
if you have not eaten it or exploded it…you can ReManufacture it!,
Impacts of Remanufacturing,
Finding a ReManufacturer,
Reman Industry troubled by Need for MORE Skilled Technicians
…Remember that at the bottom, more posts on the Africa and ReManufacturing

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