Ocean Cleanup! >>Plastic in the Oceans

I keep updating about The Ocean Cleanup because I feel that there are other people, companies, innovators in the world that can help with what they are developing and/or can use the information for their own projects in this important area of clean-up the planet:

Ocean Cleanup is looking for people to help clean 1000 rivers
Do you want to run an Interceptor™ Operation?? Or work on one?? Check it out here for the information!

In this post:
Doing it now! ,
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Explained
…a list at the bottom of other Ocean Cleanup posts and posts about plastic

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The University of Exeter – Online

new break throughs, updated courses and new CE center

In this post:
Employers – 20,000 reasons to target the University of Exeter!
research breakthroughs
Exeter and the EMF have launched the Centre for Circular Economy ,
CALMARE – Center for Alternative Materials
a “personal admissions service for our ONLINE students”
….a list at the bottom of the other EMF Pioneer Universities

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#7- What is Wrong with the Haves? Plenty!

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water is not clean.  Why? – Mining, Chemical Production waste, careful hiking in the “wilderness”?, Suffering from their Climate Change, Water infrastructure in Crisis
Less Water Use – Thanks To Better Toilets?,
Any Leaky Toilet Patrols?
Technology offers some exciting toilet valve and and leak detection devices 
…a list at the bottom of 7 posts on the subject of water-sanitation-toilets

picture above: What went wrong with 92-year-old structure – 2019 – Dam’s collapse raises questions

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