Mycelium in Construction? A New Frontier in Progress!

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above image: from the FUNGAR project, at the end of this post

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COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

COVID-19 << clear helpful information that might sill be usefull

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Every Minute UP-TO-DATE information about COVID-19
How does COVID-19 enter the body?
Graph: Social Distancing is So Important
A little exercise each day
It is a Person/Human Being, that brings something that you need.
Consider some kind of “thank you”
the Loop – sustainable delivery

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Eco-EQUIPMENT – The Fascinating World of Print Waste.

Eco-EQUIPMENT for Printing & Packaging have various life cycles that need to be dealt with and there are lots of companies working on closing-the-loop.

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Green Engineering Innovations
Waste in the Printing and Packaging Industry – The Machines
Used Cartridges, ink&toner – the Big picture
…at the bottom, other posts – First Industry that can go totally GREEN

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Mycelium Industry – Where to Learn in the World?

The Mycelium Industry is growing…. look in your own region!
Or ask me to.

Update….see course in September 2023!

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the above photo: Haeckels – For outer packaging of our glass containers in both retail and during transit, mushroom derived mycelium was adopted.  An incredibly versatile, all-natural & 100% bio-degradable material that is mouldable to any silhouette and not only houses seeds of wild flora in its rigid walls, but fertilises them when the outer packaging is discarded after use; a more eco-conscious unboxing experience.

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