Urban Energy Retrofits for existing buildings

Huge World Wide Demand!
Lots of room for small businesses.
Can your business be part of this?

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Better Buildings, Block by Block,
Reversing Climate Change, One Building At A Time – Bloc Power
Retrofit cuts energy use by 36 percent at Lisbon’s Historic City Hall
Theres lots to think about when setting up a retrofit business.
A Closer Look at Energy Retrofit Financing,
City Energy Project Resource Library
Heat pumps could satisfy 90% of global heating needs
What to do with your old boiler? Do not waste WASTE revenue.

above image: My Zero Energy Retrofit Beats my 401(k) “The return on investment is over double the return on my retirement investments this year.”

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Wave Power is very very “Energy Dense”! wild & constant

We need this dense energy in units of a fairly small scale to fix a big GHG issue! I am leading somewhere….. See if you agree!

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A little history….,
One project that is modular is: ECO WAVE Power
One of the gargantuan projects: WaveShips
We can take some things from the oil&gas industry……
Wait a minute! Let’s back up….,
This OPT Buoy might work in a moon pool to retrofit ships?
Why ships of the future will run on electricity
…a list at the bottom of other posts about wind and waves.

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Mycelium is IN Textile/Fashion – 2020 NOW!

Not 5 Years! >>>> Only 2 years and already we have at least 3 functioning Mycelium Leather suppliers gearing up to scale – NOW!

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above table from: Leather-like material biofabrication using fungi

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