Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising

It is the solution that matters. Do you have one?

The Person who can Solve this Problem – could save the world!*

WE are the Dominant Risk To Our Survival

In this post:
If you can influence Humans…..,
False advertising & Human Laziness,
It is not just the clogged sewers.
All because of false Advertising
People have tried for years to solve this problem,
Change our behavior as fast as we can.
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the UX of eco-ethical APPs and water-sanitation-toilets

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More Mycelium to bring down CO2

It is time to move fast forward and use all methods to pull down CO2 .
Why is Social Media making it difficult for companies to market their “climate change” solutions? I started a Facebook PAGE, last month and already Facebook has disabled it twice!

In this post:
I received this email today from Hivemind/NetZero,
Why is Facebook restricting climate-related ad campaigns from green businesses?,
NetZero Mycellium Orb = 10 years of CO2 pull down
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