Climate Retrofits – The Need to Focus on Green Energy

Climate Retrofits with Heat Pumps =  
Modify, change, remodel to a better way for planet Earth
To Change to a system that does not require fossil fuel

There is a Huge Demand to upgrade every home worldwide with Heat Pumps, the declared leader in Heating and Cooling our places of Shelter.

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Huge Worldwide Demand !
Reversing Climate, One Home / Building At A TimeBloc Power

My Crazy Idea
Wait a minute! Let’s back up….and at Sea?
This OPT Buoy might work in a moon pool to retrofit ships?
Why ships of the future will run on electricity
…a list at the bottom of other posts about wind and waves and Retrofits.

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Reman Day – “Remanufacturing for Africa” – Waste to New

Reman Day celebratesREmanufacturing – one of the most important industries for the Circular Economy and our Future!

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