YES Urban Mining ! = Capture Critical Minerals

I say the future needs to be Urban Mining = Total Materials Recycling.
Waste is not only Wealth. Waste is our Warranty of Resources.
Clean Energy Demand for Critical Minerals is set to skyrocket!
They call it Urban Mining = Recycling Materials
Huge amounts of Critical Minerals in our Waste!

In this post:
What do you want to know first?
The Demand
The Supply
The Work needed to Supply the Demand
More Urban Mining ! versus Raw Material Mining?
…a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste.

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Burned out? Color your Future Green !

Consider the Green Economy, the Green Recovery for your next Career!

Sooooooooooo Much To Do! Soooooooooo Much Going on!
Green is getting very very exciting!

In this post:
Welcome to the Y.O.L.O. Economy >>YOLO = You Only Live Once
We did it! >>>>>>>>> This is one example of the many who have!
How Do you decide that it is time to seek a new job or new career
Color your Future Green
…at the bottom, other posts about Green Jobs & Careers

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