Urban Mining ! – More important than ever

= Capture Critical Minerals & Elements in recycling

I say the future needs to be Urban Mining = Total Materials Recycling.
Waste is not only Wealth. Waste is our Warranty of Resources.
Clean Energy Demand for Critical Minerals is set to skyrocket!
They call it Urban Mining = Recycling Materials
Huge amounts of Critical Minerals in our Waste!

Who is collecting and recycling e-waste? Another post about these companies, HERE!

In this post:
What do you want to know first?
The Demand
The Supply
The Work needed to Supply the Demand
More Urban Mining ! versus Raw Material Mining?
…a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste.

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Burned out? Color your Future Green! with planet Earth

Consider the Green Economy, the Green Recovery for your next Career!

Sooooooooooo Much To Do! Soooooooooo Much Going on!
Green is getting very very exciting!

In this post:
Welcome to the Y.O.L.O. Economy >>YOLO = You Only Live Once
We did it! >>>>>>>>> This is one example of the many who have!
How Do you decide that it is time to seek a new job or new career
Color your Future Green
…at the bottom, other posts about Green Jobs & Careers

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