Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth.

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Africa – The Last Frontier in Harmony with Planet Earth,
Africa should continue with their own Cultures and Values.,
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What will happen, when Africa’s railways really connect the continent?
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- Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth. < <
Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash– also above…..Kenya

– The Last Frontier in Harmony with Planet Earth..
Will she protect that Harmony?

- Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth. < <
Countries by carbon dioxide emissions in thousands of tonnes per annum, via the burning of fossil fuels (blue the highest and green the lowest).  2015

I wonder if it is fair to Africa to measure their growth and improvements based on the values of “industrial countries”…….. Everything is not wonderful in industrial countries…. They made big mistakes that now everyone has to deal with.  Is Africa convinced that they should avoid these mistakes?  Do they realise that they can help the industrial countries more than the industrial countries can help them?


Africa and its entrepreneurs are moving forward with fundamental infrastructure on the continent.  They are jumping into new technologies and they can learn from the old legacies of earlier systems that have failed. They have the potential to flip common belief and make emerging economies the leaders in development, not play “catch up”.  And it is already happening…..

Every economy grows, some just slower than others.  It can be that the lag in Africa is to their benefit…. Africa can do it better.

African leadership is not standing still.  Africa’s progress toward a circular economy took centre stage at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, last year.  Leaders from Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa announced the launch of the African Circular Economy Alliance to fast-track to the new sustainable development model across the continent.  South African Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa said: “This Alliance is not just for a few countries. … We want to link up the various projects and programmes over the whole continent.”

  1. How well is Africa dealing with the fastest population growth rate in the world?
  2. How well and fast will Africa create opportunities for all its young citizens? What to do about under-employment; one of the causes of this huge societal disaster world wide.

Africa should continue with their own Cultures and Values.

Africa maintains a strong cultural identity, values and ethic. What can they take from their heritage and the new technologies to stay in harmony with planet Earth and find jobs.  Africas natural resources are not just underground. They are the People of Africa, learning the lessons from the rest of the world and taking their rich home grown solutions, not just from the farm, to pick the best to serve Africa’s growth. What should stay small?  What should stay Local?  What has been learned in the heavily-populated industrial areas of the world, that Africa might avoid or do better?

Farming –

One little example is 
– – One Acre Fund supplies financing and training to help smallholder farms grow their way to better prosperity, using Compost and Organic Soil Fertility, and…………..

Mbeng Adio Mushroom Farm – Our involvement with the local farmers helps ensure that their produce is placed in the Local, Regional and Global food supply chain.

air & fuel emissions – energy –

Africa contributes less than any other region to green house gas (GHG) emissions.  Yes, at present, they have the lowest per capita energy use of any continent.  Does this have to be a problem?  Yes, for the people.  There is a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply.  Africa has the opportunity to use cleaner means to provide electricity.

Africa- Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth. < <
Nairobi, 04 April 2018 – UN Environment Africa Office, the Renewable Energy Solutions For Africa (RES4Africa).  Micro-Grid Training for Africa Women Energy Entrepreneurs from East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya from 4 to 13 April 2018.

combines solar energy, mobile money, pre-paid smart meters, modular design, efficient appliances and social engagement to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable electric energy-services to rural populations through smart mini-grids. PowerCorner is a perfect example of a solution that protects the environment in a profitable way that works for Africans.

water –

Sub-Saharan Africa is moving from a rural to an urban population faster than any other place on the planet.  Lagos, Nigeria is projected to be the largest city on planet Earth by 2075. There are cities in Africa that can not supply enough drinking water to their citizens.

Africa- Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth. < <
An aerial photo of the New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, Namibia

In Namibia!, one of the most arid countries in southern Africa, where citizens have been drink­ing recycled water since 1968.  Al­though many countries use recycled waste­water for irrigation, landscaping, and industrial purposes, few of them recycle water for drinking. This is mostly because the notion of “toilet to tap” is a tough sell. But Namibia couldn’t afford to think that way—­and it has been purifying wastewater into drink­ing water for 50 years. The country has become a pioneer in wastewater management. This eases water shortages and provides a secure supply of drinking water for more than 300,000 citizens in the capital city of Windhoek.  It behooves the African Circular Economy Alliance to find ways to bring this technology to many other parts of Africa.

– 3 women in Kenya working to harvest drinking water from air

Waste Management –


Mr. Green is changing the perception of waste by Integrating informal Waste Collectors into the value chain.  They use technology to organize the collection, streamline operations and supply the results to local and international commodity markets.


Mr. Green Africa is a start-up based in Nairobi with branches in other surrounding countries.

Sanitation –


Sanergy, Mukuru, Nairobi, Kenya
  “Fresh Life Toilet” provides customers with a dignified, hygienic, and enjoyable sanitation experience, providing toilet paper, sawdust, soap and water for hand-washing and more, based on a waterless sewer system.


2018 –  2,250 active Fresh Life Toilets

1:15 min

Moja is an IT infrastructure service. –

:41 min

Moja uses the SupaBRCK router to broadcast an open WiFi signal to mobile devices within its signal range using a software platform that provides local content and analytics. The SupaBRCK device is a robust, self-powered router that provides open internet service and serves locally cached content.

And this is only the “tip of the iceberg” melting…..a scant few examples of what exists and what is being done in Africa, keeping planet Earth and closed-loop concepts in mind.

If you do not believe in the momentum building in Africa, you must think that this continent is much smaller than it really is! 


The rest of the world may be shrinking, but before Africa can shrink, the world has to realise how big it is.  And the people of Africa have to really start taking advantage of all the opportunities!
What will happen, when Africa’s railways really connect the continent?

2:33 min
:43 min

Africa’s Largest Rail Exhibition & Conference
30 JUNE – 1 JULY 2020
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

There is much Re-Manufacturing in Africa’s Rail system; all opportunities and Jobs!  Green Businesses and Green Jobs!

Here is a series of posts about Africa and one of the business areas that I believe Africa could take on in a big way: Remanufacturing, to re-use all the old imported products on the continent:
Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth.
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