After COP 26 – Who says there was no progress? Look SEE

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Before COP 26
The Achieved Club
the UN – Race to Zero
SME Climate Club for Small Business
Scotland – and a NetZero small business Toolkit
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After COP 26 Look SEE

COP 26- After COP 26 - Who says there was no progress? Look SEE

As we saw before COP 26 ……………..

Before COP 26- After COP 26 - Who says there was no progress? Look SEE

…… only two countries in the world had managed to reach real net-zero – Suriname and Bhutan – and could even go as far as having a net negative carbon economy in the next few years.

But After COP26

the Glasgow Climate Pact –[which includes references to financial issues] is the fruit of intense negotiations among almost 200 countries over the two weeks, strenuous formal and informal work over many months, and constant engagement both in-person and virtually for nearly two years. 

“The approved texts are a compromise,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “They reflect the interests, the conditions, the contradictions and the state of political will in the world today. They take important steps, but unfortunately the collective political will was not enough to overcome some deep contradictions.”

BUT, yet there is progress………

The Achieved Club

The number of countries that have achieved net zero before and as of COP 26, with a negative carbon economy of some kind, has risen since the conclusion of COP26. Now, Benin, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Cambodia, Liberia and Madagascar have joined Suriname and Bhutan.

What ever the prevalence of only smaller states to be in this group and rather than excuse them for being relatively undeveloped or having dense forest cover, these states should be vigorously studied by developed countries to take similar steps as soon as possible.

These 9 Net Zero Achievers may be small and their solutions may be simple, but if larger countries are going to solve their own problems, a deep examination into what was actually done in each case, could help larger countries solve some of their regional climate problems.

After COP 26 Look SEE

We can’t count on governments to get the job done!

the UN Race to Zero

Progress to date
The campaign has gained exponential momentum over the past eighteen months, despite the pandemic, with now over 6,200 non-state actors from over 110 countries, together representing close to 15% of the global economy, almost 11% of global GHG emissions and nearly 1 billion people pledging to contribute their fair share of halving emissions by 2030 and getting to net zero as soon as possible. And ready to take in more!


The Race to Zero Breakthroughs have been published in a special paper, which sets out the specific, near-term tipping points for more than 20 sectors that make up the global economy, forming a master plan around which business, governments, and civil society can unite ahead of COP26. Collectively, they articulate what key actors must do, and by when, to deliver the sectoral changes needed to achieve a resilient, zero carbon future by 2050 at the latest. COP26 marks a critical milestone for Race to Zero to harness this momentum and accelerate the translation of these ambitious commitments into action.


3/4 achieved- After COP 26 - Who says there was no progress? Look SEE

Almost three quarters of global emissions are now covered by a net zero goal. Corporate commitments, alone, under the Race to Zero campaign now cover over 15% of the global economy and nearly $10 trillion in revenue….

…To help catalyze this action, the UN High Level Climate Champions launched the 2030 Breakthroughs to give us even greater clarity of the path to halving emissions by 2030 across the global economy.

After COP 26 Look SEE

Race To Zero for Small Businesses = SME Climate Club

The SME Climate Hub provides small and medium sized- businesses with a one-stop-shop to make an internationally recognized climate commitment, join the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign, and access best-in-class tools and resources to mitigate their environmental impact and build resilient businesses for the future.

The SME Climate Hub is here to help small businesses deliver on their climate goals. Small and medium sized businesses that make the SME Climate Commitment can access an increasing number of free tools and resources to begin their climate action journey and track their progress along the way. 

Time for Action – and Radical Collaboration – is Now

December 9, 2021
Pamela Jouven, Director, SME Climate Hub

COP26 was a key moment for the business community and the message coming from Glasgow was clear. Nations, businesses, cities, regions and civil society must prioritize immediate action to ensure global emissions are cut in half by 2030, to keep the 1.5ºC goal within reach.  

The outcomes of COP26, including the Glasgow Climate Pact, have wide ranging implications. … We now have a framework that gives the private sector the confidence and certainty it needs to heavily invest in climate action, innovate and scale up climate solutions at a faster pace. This is true for the largest multinational and the smallest local business. …

…It is important to recognize that SMEs cannot and are not expected to have all the answers, or to go it alone. The SME Climate Hub and others will be there to accompany and support them, and to make their voices heard. It is up to SMEs, however, to get started, and to communicate transparently about their progress so that we can collaboratively work on solutions to meet those net-zero goals. …

…Finally, let’s not forget what COP26 and all of this momentum means for those SMEs that are building climate 
solutions and shaping new business models with sustainability at their core. In the coming years, a huge wave of investment will drive the transition to a global net-zero economy and build a just, prosperous and climate-safe future. Nimble and innovative by nature, SMEs are uniquely placed to ride that wave and provide those solutions that will transform the world. All the more reason to start the journey now – if you haven’t already. 

  • a new Normative Business Carbon Calculator
  • climate course to understand how to address emissions hotspots
  • a simplified reporting framework giving SMEs a clear, simple disclose report for cutting their emissions

After COP 26 Look SEE

Scotland is very much on the road to Net Zero – (an example)


Scotland is taking great strides to tackle climate change and reach net zero. Our energy sector is 83% carbon neutral. In the last two years we’ve planted over 44 million trees, an area four times the size of Loch Lomond! Our 2018 greenhouse gas emissions were half of their 1990 levels – so we’re halfway to net zero already. This is incredible progress, but we must do more. While some of our actions, such as recycling, reducing food waste and energy use, have become mainstream, we now have to take on tougher challenges like transport, heating systems, how we use land and waste reduction.

another Small Business tool, from Scotland, to get on the road to Net Zero

The NetZeroToolkit is here because we know that SMEs make up more than 90% of the UK [and world] business population and so their effort and commitment is vital if we are to reach our carbon emissions targets.

toolkit to net zero- After COP 26 - Who says there was no progress? Look SEE
The NetZeroToolkit is a creation of Edinburgh Science

A comprehensive and scientifically sound eight step toolkit that gets your business on the road to net zero carbon emissions by 2040.



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After COP 26! We have work to do, for COP 27

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