ALL Islands: Just Go Zero – NOW! – like Tilos

use Waste to supply you with “Fuel”
Process All Waste! Everything!
Tilos is doing this, too!


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Just Go Zero


Most islands want to strengthen their Tourist attractions. This makes it extra important to keep the island clean, maintain the character of your island, enhance it’s attractions.

On Tilos, Nothing is wasted anymore!

Not the Wind, Not the Sun for energy
and now nothing else…………

3:10 minutes – Just Go Zero Tilos | Welcome to the 1st zero waste island (English subtitles)

Tilos – the first ZERO waste island in the world!

logo- ALL Islands: Just Go Zero - NOW! - like Tilos
  • The “Just Go Zero Tilos project” in a few words: Tilos abolishes the landfill and public bins and adopts Just Go Zero Tilos, an integrated circular waste management program that starts with door-to-door collection and ends with the full utilization of the waste produced on the island.
  • The project is financed and supported entirely with technology and know-how by and is implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Tilos, with the approval of the South Aegean Region.
  • The Program has already created 10 jobs on the island.
  • Just Go Zero Tilos is already recording impressive results with the percentage of materials recovered and composted from waste exceeding 85% and the rest is used for Biofuel.
  • The Mayor of Tilos,  Mrs. Maria Kamma – Aliferi  stated: With Just Go Zero Tilos, which follows the European project for the island’s energy autonomy, Tilos becomes an example of the application of green innovation and reaps multiple benefits: A cleaner environment that helps residents and businesses to live a better everyday life and a greater appeal as a modern international travel destination, where sustainability becomes a comparative advantage and attracts more environmentally conscious visitors.
  • At the basis of the Just Go Zero solution is the correct sorting of waste at the source in the homes and businesses of the island. The collection of separated waste is done door-to-door, on Municipally determined days and are intensified during the summer season when visitors to the island increase drastically.
  • The waste is then transferred to the Circular Innovation Center which replaced the landfill. It has been equipped with modern machinery and technological applications. There the waste is further sorted and prepared for recycling, composting or energy recovery.

Just Go Zero

The Greek Island Tilos Replaced its Landfill with a Recycling Plan That Now Reduces Waste by 86% …and it includes that last 14% !!!

In order to keep their little island the pristine Aegean paradise it is, Tilos has replaced their landfill with a circular system that has reduced total waste by 86% as well as providing jobs, keeping the beaches clean and using that last 14% for biofuel in a consolidated opperation off the island.

After being implemented this May, the beautiful island that is only 24 square miles and around 750 inhabitants quickly saw progress after the landfill and the large public street bins for trash were removed.

Set up by Polygreen, the Just Go Zero initiative is hoping to steer other Greek islands towards similar programs. “A new culture starts today in Tilos,” said Polygreen founder Athanasios Polychronopoulos, “a culture characterized by 100% landfill diversion, full circular waste management and, most importantly, a completely new perception of life.

Polygreen, tell us more about that last 14%???

Everything is transported to the Circular Innovation Centre on the island where the recycable waste is separated and collected by feed stock type.

The unusable rubbish is sent through a thermal process and stored in a press container before it is transported to Athens to a company actively integrated in the “Alternative Fuel” Market. There the unusable rubbish from the island joins more of the same as “Solid Non-Hazardous waste and raw materials” to produce high quality Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Presently, the substitute fuel is mostly used in cement factories. For further and more detailed information click here

- ALL Islands: Just Go Zero - NOW! - like Tilos has been actively integrated in the Alternative Fuel (AF) Market, since 2015.

Depending on a number of variables, the vision of Polygreen and Just Go Zero is to expand and be implemented in more municipalities
(both islands and the mainland).

Just Go Zero

go >>> Waste to Fuel ! on your Island <<<<< Today!

Just Go Zero  anaerobic- ALL Islands: Just Go Zero - NOW! - like Tilos

Does your Island need to make fuel from organic materials?
Anaerobic Digestion In Full Swing – #1 Waste To Energy? <<<click to post

गोबर से सोना Gobar gas plant 😁 #shorts #science #experiment BLUE BOX

See how quick you can make Bio Gas from organic material and it can be just about Anything Organic from: vegetables & fruit to cow dung.

Landfill Methane is the main ingredient in Natural Gas. Use it!
>>>>>>It is pulled from a landfill and refined into a BIO-Fuel that emits lower CO2.

  • Capturing and using the methane from ALL the landfills will:
  • Help clear our atmosphere,
  • Lower planet Earth temperatures,
  • Take the danger out of landfills,
  • Make them obsolete, and
  • Produce fuel that we can use for transportation and electricity.
  • CNG, LNG, RNG Fueling Stations – #2 Waste To Energy <<<click to post
40 seonds – Landfills Methane Gas and Leachate
This video has auto-translations in many many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > Auto-translate and click on CC.

So, what shows us that a landfill is making gas?

The 14% of Waste that can not be recycled?
> a supply for a BIG DEMAND > FUEL!

Harvest “rubbish” and no one has to be without energy to heat & cool their home or for transportation!

#3 Municipal Solid Waste – MSW To BioFuel? Yes!
click on link to post

This is how one technology does it………..

2 minutes – Sierra Energy’s FastOx® Gasification

Waste to Fuel
There are, Today, a number of companies that have developed equipment that literally takes the ‘Residual Waste’ ( including DIRTY organics, plastics, paper, diapers, etc.) and turns it into non-fossil fuel.   They are rather sophisticated complicated machines that have recently proven their technology – it is past time to start using this technology, help these companies advance and help planet Earth.

What they do is so exactly what this burning planet needs !!!!!!!

Use Waste to supply you with “Fuel”
Process All Waste!
Everything! ALL of it!

Fossil Fuel is just waste that was processed millennia ago,
BUT it is not clean enough for the living things on planet Earth!
It is a MISTAKE !

Just Go Zero

Waste; Our Assurance of future Resources
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