America! Clean Cool Air!! – Back To The Year 1800!!!

A Review: Ezra Klein interviews a Climate Clean-up Expert

America!!! Make it happen in the USofA!
The $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers oodles of money to get back to Cool Clean Air for YOUR everyday life including tax credits, discounts, and rebates.

BUT, what is the big picture, which of these benefits should YOU use? What will the future bring? Things have already changed, Technology is improving things all the time!

If you have the time and like podcasts….Ezra Klein had a discussion with a climate expert about where we are with the big picture. ….. HOWEVER, I have some comments to make about what has changed since they talked in September.

in this post:

America! Clean Cool Air!!

The USA is still the biggest producer of fossil fuels.
USA will do the whole world a great favor by stopping.
>>>>>If the UK can do it, so can the USA.

UK emisions to 2020 graph- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

emissions in the UK have fallen back to the levels of the ’50s — the 1850s:

If the UK can do it, so can the USA.

America! Clean Cool Air!!

American consumers are eligible TODAY to save thousands of dollars when they buy an electric car, heat pump, solar panels or energy-efficient appliances. These savings kick in this year from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

The Resources
– where’s the money?

the White House- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

US Government Publication

Go Green, Get Paid

New York times article image- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

This Guide Can Help You Save Money and Fight Climate Change

The new climate and tax law can bring big savings for anyone looking to buy an electric car or make their home more energy efficient.

Home Improvements
If you own your home, there are plenty of opportunities to save money through the new law when you make energy-saving renovations or upgrade to more efficient, electric appliances. Technically, many of the law’s provisions could apply to renters, too, but experts said there’s still some uncertainty about what is covered — for example, it isn’t clear right now whether the tax credits for heat pumps will apply to window units.

Electric Vehicles
A renewed tax credit can help lower the cost of a new electric car, pickup truck or SUV for many buyers. And, for the first time, used electric automobiles qualify for a credit, too.

America! Clean Cool Air!!

Ezra Klein interviews:
a Climate Clean-up Expert

“Real conversations. Ideas that matter.
Every Tuesday and Friday, Ezra Klein invites you into a conversation about something that matters, like today’s episode with Jesse Jenkins. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Transcripts of our episodes are made available as soon as possible. They are not fully edited for grammar or spelling.”

20 September, 2022
Jesse Jenkins is an energy and climate expert at Princeton University. He was central to the Net-Zero America Project, which laid out some of the clearest and most detailed pathways to decarbonization.

This was a 2 day read for me. I am not into podcasts. So I read the Transcript, which you can find below my remarks along with the podcast. It does an in-depth and fair job of explaining what the USofA really needs to do to lower carbon.

BUT, I suggest your read my remarks before you go to the podcast.

There are some things in the podcast that are not quite right!
Things are changing so fast now, that some of the Net-Zero America Project (upon which most of the podcast is based) is already OLD, even if it was published in 2021.

For Example:

BioFuels? Biofuel is made from Waste or renewable BIOMASS and great strides are being made to clean it up and use even the dirtiest Waste…..

Their discussion of biofuels for which the CO2 emission levels are constantly being lowered is based on the Department of Energy’s estimates in their “Billion Ton Study” which was published in 2016. 2016? Research and New technology have made big advances since they wrote that report.  

Lowering CO2 emissions below fossil fuel levels has been showing success since the late 2000’s. One has to remember that fossil fuel is just Ancient Biomass.  We are learning to do the same thing with Present Biomass at lower emissions levels.   Little is said about landfill gas/methane or WASTE to Fuel in the interview. 

Net Zero America Project- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!
From the Princeton report

I believe these are the future as much as other renewables. The greater strides in Fuels include: 
CNG, LNG, RNG Fueling Stations – #2 Waste To Energy   You will see that CNG has the lowest retail price of any fuel used for ground transportation here: 
and using Landfill gas is turning into big business and successful investments  
Municipal Solid Waste = MSW To BioFuel? NOW! #3

I tell you “Waste to Fuel” is going to be the human future and it makes every sense in the world. It follows the rules of planet Earth and it shows the way we can circulate our stuff, like planet Earth’s other flora and fauna. And the EPA has started to understand this and is working on it!

All from WASTE!

Wind has not finished developing

Another thing that this interview misses is that they use the present forms of Wind energy..horizontal axis wind technology (HAWT). (too big, requires to much space, too dangerous for workers and birds, built by lazy scientists and benefits defunct companies. Vertical Axis Wind Technology (VAWT) is so much more logical and can be made more efficiently than HAWT: .

They discuss technology advances.  Notice that they mention the great drop in solar prices, but that wind has not dropped even half as much.  That is because HAWT is not the answer!!!!! It is, among other things, causing big WASTE Problems. Vertical is the answer and time will show it!

Solar Energy can already capture energy 24/7 – continues to develop

Solar energy would come close to doing the job if every house – with at least 1/2 year of sun – in the USofA had it on their roof.

solar at night GREEN Tools to Recover- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

 >>>Nighttime electric power generation at a density of 50 mW/ m2 via radiative cooling of a (Solar) photovoltaic cell  a photovoltaic cell that harvests energy from the environment during the day and night, avoiding the need for batteries altogether.  
2022 – ABSTRACT: ….Our system can be used as a continuous renewable power source for both day- and nighttime in off-grid locations.

America! Clean Cool Air!!

Land Use – what they say is crazy

They are talking about huge land use for Solar and Wind, a matter of an area the size of a number of the States in the US.  What is this? 

“JESSE JENKINS: The most cost effective of our net-zero scenarios spans an area that is equal to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee put together. And the solar farms are an area the size of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
EZRA KLEIN: Holy crap.”

So weird.  Think of the number of landfills in every nation of the world, next to every community.  The acres and acres of garbage that will be useless in a few years (because of the technology that turns bottom line rubbish into Fuel: Biofuel <<direct, no need for a landfill )…and then all landfills will become dead, useless!!!! 

After the landfill gas-methane in each landfill has been used up, the area can be re-zoned for Solar and Wind land.  Acres and acres and acres of renewables and in a sense already zoned for it.  Not only that, but when that Waste to Fuel technology starts replacing the Landfill gas to Fuel – Waste will be so very important and half of the equipment necessary for a Waste Gasification facility will already be part of what is left from the Landfill gas to Electricity set up.

1:40 minutes – Arkwright landfill could soon be site of solar farm
these project have been going on for years already. This one is from 2016!
This article talks about 10 landfills that now hold solar power farms from 2016!

Captured CO2 – We can use it!

Jesse Jenkins only thinks about shoving captured CO into the ground.  No, he suggests other uses, but there are lots of industries that use CO2 and there should be a law that industries that make or use CO2, should start using only “captured CO2“. 

1:17 minutes – CO2 Uses and Where to Start
Oct 5, 2020 If you think that CO2, the gas that’s the leading cause for global warming, can be turned into a valuable feedstock, then you’re right. This video will educate you on the various uses of CO2, the industries that benefit from it, why it’s important to cut emissions, how to reduce carbon footprints, and how our company, Eureka Oxygen, plays its part.   There is a use for all WASTE! These “Waste Emissions” are feedstock for many industries. There are shortages of CO2 used by many industries on the surface of planet Earth…How can this be, when there is too much up in the sky!

EV charging

….a network of charging stations…sure, necessary, but look at the network Plugshare app has had for at least 6 years now… look at the USofA, look at your area, look at all over the world! It is growing by leaps and bounds:

America! Clean Cool Air!!

Heat Pumps! – Urban Housing

They are good on Heat Pumps, “Or you can have a heat pump water heater that does the same thing to heat up your water for washing dishes or taking a shower. And so they’re a key technology in the decarbonization challenge because, again, they don’t involve burning anything, so there’s no direct emissions of CO2. Unlike all the pollutants that come from burning natural gas in our homes or in our boilers in our basements. And Heat Pumps are much more efficient than a boiler because you’re getting multiple units of heat for every unit of electricity that you consume.”   

heatpump- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

<<<Just look at the way heat pumps are going:   

Some Heat Pumps not only do not emit CO2, they USE CO2 as the chemical refrigerant in the heat pump!

Simpler and simpler for the consumer, including those companies that help you get set up without emptying your pockets: . Blocpower will set you up with solar to run your heat pump so totally decarbonized.  NYC based Blocpower had a case of one home that used heat pumps and solar and even sent electricity back into the electric grid… no electric bill, a credit and this is an area that does not get all that much sun. Blockpower has also contracted with the City of Ithaca, NY; Denver, CO; Cambridge, MA; Menlo Park, Oakland and San Jose, CA and ready to contract with more cities across the USofA.

Electricity Grids – The Big issue

THE BIGGEST ISSUE! What is this about?

To combat climate change, the energy expert Jesse Jenkins explains how we will need to completely rewire America.
“JESSE JENKINS: We really just haven’t seen an era of significant investment in national infrastructure in a generation or two. And you can’t build a clean energy economy without rebuilding large amounts of that infrastructure.”

The business of federalizing the electricity transmission system is the big picture for the USA. Everyone needs to think about their electricity networks or building their first electricity grid to support the huge electricity increase from clean energy.

The problem to solve before we can use the clean electricity.

6:50 minutes – Why the US isn’t ready for clean energy
Why the US isn’t ready for clean energy – 2022


A Microgrid uses local resources for it’s electric power. These come from local solar, wind and other renewables. It can give it’s surplus electricity to the central/national electricity grid, but in the meantime, take care if it’s local electricity needs without putting pressure on the central/national grid.

6:58 minutes Microgrids Now
With the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) now signed into law, renewable MICROGRIDS will usher in a new era of American resiliency. October 2022

Fact Sheet: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal
Update: see the Guidebook to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for current implementation details.
NOVEMBER 06, 2021 – Today, Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness. For far too long, Washington policymakers have celebrated “infrastructure week” without ever agreeing to build infrastructure. [The Whitehouse]

Ground breaking to America! Clean Cool Air!!- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

A Look Ahead at Building a Better Grid – 2023

JANUARY 20, 2023 – Yesterday, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, and Grid Deployment Office Director Maria Robinson joined other government representatives in Tonopah, Arizona, to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Ten West Link.

This planned 125-mile, 500 kV, high-voltage transmission line will deliver power from Arizona to California and improve transmission system efficiency and reliability. Rapidly building transmission infrastructure across the United States, as well as upgrading and modernizing existing facilities and systems, are critical steps in the clean energy transition. Stepping up to ensure these essential steps are taken is the foundation of the Building a Better Grid Initiative. The Initiative kicks off year two this week with DOE’s Grid Deployment Office (GDO) continuing to improve the U. S. power grid.

America! Clean Cool Air!!

I feel the things that were left out of Ezra Klein’s discussion are very important to keep in mind while listening or reading the interview Today.  The interview, will help USA citizens get a better idea of what is involved in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and how important it is to everyone’s future, BUT Things are Changing Fast*.  

“In economics, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and *then they happen faster than you thought they could.”  

Rudiger Dornbusch

logo- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

THE TRANSCRIPT: Ezra Klein Interviews Jesse Jenkins
“I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. The backdrop here is very simple. Decarbonizing the [USA] economy, it is the — or at least one of — the central tasks of our era. ………………”

America! Clean Cool Air!!- America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!

Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, and Impacts

Funding for the research was provided by BP, through the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University’s High Meadows Environmental Institute, and ExxonMobil, through the Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, with in-kind support from the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment and from the University of Queensland’s Center for Sustainable Engineering Innovation.

IEA Chief speaks  - America! Clean Cool Air!! - Back To The Year 1800!!!
The IEA’s Birol said the world has “never, ever seen an energy crisis of this depth and complexity” following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February.

IEA chief lauds U.S. Inflation Reduction Act as most important climate agreement since Paris accord!

Birol said this energy market crisis has ushered in a “big boost” to clean energy development and the biggest driver of renewable energy growth is “energy security”. 17 January, 2023

America! Clean Cool Air!!

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