Myco-Remediation – Decompose and Remedy – a Care-Giver

Most Mycelium businesses pull down CO2

In this post:
The SERVICE of Myco-Remedying
Do you have any idea how much Fungus helps pull down Carbon?
Official! Mycorrhizal fungal networks; a major global “carbon sink”
Industrial Messes
Mycoremediation is like a care-giver
Environmental Remediation Jobs
If Mycoremediation has triggered your interest…..
…Remember, a list at the bottom of other posts about Mycelium in Industry

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Recycling Grants/Funding for Waste Plastic

Another post in the series:
Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses – Opportunities, Opportunities!

In this post:
some Funding and Grant Sources directories,
from Africa,ASEAN countries,Australia, Canada, EU, India, UK, USA, World Wide,Maybe a Crowdfunder?
Maybe a new way to find assistance – CoffeeMug?
Waste; our Assurance of future Resources, more posts listed at the bottom

above image: Plastic Collage, Precious Plastic: A Global Community of Recycling Entrepreneurs

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Have you been RE-THINKING your business?

Confidence & Peace of Mind tools for Small Businesses and Start-ups who have joined the Circular Economy
Light is at the end of the tunnel, ahead

In this post:
In this pandemic moment, there’s plenty to learn from standing still.
Top Sustainable Business Trends for 2021,
Different methods to RE-THINK
Past crises teach us to put people and planet first
Some practical helpers – website fixes and/or Google things
…Remember the list at the bottom of other posts about COVID 19 and Recovery

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WIND POWER back down to Earth – VAWT Money!

Momentum is building! There is room for lots of VAWT solutions!

Bringing the use of WIND back down to Earth!

In this post:
Outlook for electricity 2020 -2030
Does it still make sense to review other ways of thinking?
More R&D
….VAWT posts on

Above image:

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Every Print Shop can “Go ECO”! NOW!

In this post:
NO ONE can use the excuse that there are “no alternatives”,
How does a Small Business local Print Shop “Go Eco”?,
Is yours a Screen Printing Shop?,
Are you trying to decide what changes to make to “Go ECO”?,
Your first time considering Offset?
How about starting with a used machine?
What do you do with any Build-up of “waste”?
…and Remember there are 8 more posts about printing& packaging at the bottom of this post!

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There is only one good thing about that idiot in the White house, exiting the Paris Agreement….

In this post:
US citizens have to work all that much harder ,
Trump administration begins Paris climate pact exit,
Do you want to run an Interceptor™ Operation??
The Rush for Gold> Waste is on!  I have a number of posts on the subject of Waste and what we can do with it, down below.

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Anaerobic digestion in full swing – #1 Waste to Energy?

ALERT – I made a big mistake. I did not research enough of this “Natural Gas” issue. You can find out what needs to be done first, HERE, before we can Happily go ahead with waste to fuel.

In this post:
Incinerating – Sweden came the closest,
Is Smaller Better?,
Tools for organic waste-to-energy anaerobic digestion solutions,
Impact Bioenergy™ – a solution for any size
…a list at the bottom of other posts about WasteRushes…..

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Harvesting Waste Ideas. Waste Rushes? NOW!

In this post: some real clean-ups!
Energy from a Cheese by-product,
Local Rubbish Removal with Recycling – an excellent small business,
Municipal WASTE to resource – UBQ,
Sewage WASTE to a resource – Ingelia,
WASTE Glass in polymer concrete,
factory WASTE into new food and drink – Practical Innovation & O. Vine
WASTED SPACE – Growing Underground
A Waste Lab

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Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses – Opportunities, Opportunities!


In this post:
Waste Plastic Business is going to be a Kickstarter winner!
6 Roof and Pavement Tile companies from Plastic Waste;
Precious Plastic – Start a business from plastic waste!
From the Precious Plastic Map:

Research: Plastic recycled From the Inside Out;
UBQ – finding value even in unwanted Trash
…a list at the bottom of posts about WasteRushes…..and more about plastic

Above image: Plastic Jewellery by Denise Julia Reytan

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We humans need all the easy eco-ethical APPs we can get to Learn to Respect Nature!

In this post:
The CO2 footprint calculator APPs & their websites,
the “reuse or recycle” APPs,
Ecosia to plant trees,
One of a kind product APPs,
Add Eco to existing APPs
…a list at the bottom of other posts about the UX of eco-ethical APPs

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For Hire – Ilan Katz – Environmental Processes Engineering

Ilan Katz is one of the Israeli researchers who developed technology producing water from air – Water for Everyone

In this post:
FOR HIRE: Mr. Ilan Katz, Consulting and Environmental Engineering, Entrepreneur Support and Assistance,
Personal: Directions, Education, Experience, Skills, Services, Associations ………..WasteExpo

above image: Ilan Katz as part of the team that developed Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

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To promote Eco-Ethical USER EXPERIENCE – make it easy for consumers

In this post:
it is “How You Vote/Buy”,
People must be convinced that it is good for them personally,
What would it be like if everyone in the world used 2% less gas?,
the Spirit of “positive advertising”,
promote Eco-Ethical USER EXPERIENCE,
advertising slogans, take advantage of some old ideas,
…a list at the bottom of other posts about the UX of eco-ethical actions

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The University of Exeter – Online

new break throughs, updated courses and new CE center

In this post:
Employers – 20,000 reasons to target the University of Exeter!
research breakthroughs
Exeter and the EMF have launched the Centre for Circular Economy ,
CALMARE – Center for Alternative Materials
a “personal admissions service for our ONLINE students”
….a list at the bottom of the other EMF Pioneer Universities

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#5 Dry Toilet sanitation systems for our growing population

In this post:
Human Waste,
So, where are we with human manure,
OK, how about dry toilets in high-rise buildings? multiple family complexes?
Experts say the solution is not flush toilets and centralized sewage systems ,
Doing it NOW!
Container Based Sanitation
…a list at the bottom of 7 posts on the subject of water-sanitation-toilets

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Cradle to Cradle Certified™ – paving the way

Greenwashing is when a company spends more time and money with advertising, claiming to be “green” than actually being green.  One resource that can help consumers combat 
greenwashing is to check the company’s certifications.  Certification programs do vary.  Some are very reliable. Cradle to Cradle Certified™’ is one of the best.

More details about the process in 3 later posts starting here !

In this post:
Get C2C Certified ! ,
Online Resources for learning about the process,
The Process,
The Costs of the Process fall in 2 areas,
Start from ZERO – online learning,
Design & Innovation Forum 

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Financing a Small Business/3 in a Circular Economy

In this post:
Private Funding,
Government funding
….a list at the bottom of other posts in this Money for Small Businesses series

(Rathbone Greenbank Investor Day 2019 – 5 June) Discussed: How we decouple economic activity from unsustainable resource consumption and explore the role of investors, companies and policymakers in promoting a circular economy.

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