CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

One of the quickest ways to reduce Methane in our skies
is CH4 Investments = Methane capture – part of Landfill Gas (LFG).

CH4 is Methane!
Methane is half of the GHG in Landfill Gas (RNG).
Make Fuel or Electricity from Landfill Gas!
Save the planet, use the Methane. At least 1 Landfill a day, every day!

We take the Value from Waste and the Climate Cleans Up!


above image: Methane plume from a landfill collected from airborne remote sensing survey using AVRIS-NG. Provided by Carbon Mapper.

CH4 Investments

This is the investment forecast, Today.

The Landscape of Methane Abatement Finance

Tracked methane abatement investment,

annual needs through 2050

July 2022 – Sharp and rapid reductions in methane emissions this decade are essential to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. 
Reducing human-caused methane emissions by 30% this decade from 2020 levels, as set out in the Global Methane Pledge, would avert at least 0.2°C in global warming by 2050 (CCAC and UNEP, 2021).

Even though methane is responsible for nearly half of net global warming to date, our findings show that finance for methane abatement measures represented less than 2% of total climate finance flows, or just over USD 11 billion, in 2019/2020. At least a ten-fold increase in methane abatement finance is necessary to meet the estimated more than USD 110 billion needed from private and public sources annually.

Here are USA Federal fix-its for Methane.

November, 2022

the White House- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

Landfills & Food Waste
Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills are the third largest industrial source of anthropogenic [man made] methane in the United States. ….

Conducting Outreach and Developing New Resources. EPA continues to boost its voluntary landfill methane outreach program to achieve a national goal of 70% methane emissions capture for all landfills around the country. EPA also recently published a Toolkit for Expiring Landfill Gas Electricity Power Purchase Agreements, which helps project owners understand options to keep their energy projects operating. …….

The EPA has beening doing this for a very long time…….

DADS landfill gas-to-energy facility produces enough energy to power more than 2,500 Colorado homes annually.

Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)
LMOP is a voluntary program that works cooperatively with industry stakeholders and waste officials to reduce or avoid methane emissions from landfills. LMOP encourages the recovery and beneficial use of biogas generated from organic municipal solid waste.

Do you work internationally? Consider Joining the Global Methane Initiative.

Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) consists of five Partner categories designed to assist different sectors of the landfill gas (LFG) community. Through these programs, LMOP works to help them overcome barriers to LFG energy development.
>Industry Partners
>Energy Partners
>Community Partners
>State Partners

CH4 Investments

Where to look for
Investment opportunities:

there’s going to be a lot more of all of these……………………

Waste Management companies

1:45 min – Waste Company Is Turning Your Garbage Into Clean Fuel
Jan 5, 2010 Trash trucks across California are rumbling down city streets using clean fuel made from a dirty source: garbage. The methane gas created from decaying detritus has been taken from the dump and transforms it into liquefied natural gas. (Waste Management, Inc.)

(Waste Management, Inc.) WM’s Renewable Energy
Investments Expected To Power
Over 1 Million Homes By 2026

$825 Million Planned Investment Anticipated to Increase WM’s Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Production 600 Percent to Help Fuel Entire Natural Gas Fleet and Communities across North America

HOUSTON, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rounding out Earth Month, WM (NYSE: WM) plans to invest $825 million in its renewable energy footprint from 2022-2025 by expanding its renewable natural gas (RNG) infrastructure. With the benefit of such CH4 Investments, WM’s network of RNG plants, landfill gas-to-electricity plants and other beneficial use projects are estimated to enable the company to provide enough renewable energy to supply the equivalent of 1 million homes across North America and help WM fuel its entire natural gas fleet with RNG by 2026. WM’s accelerated RNG investment positions WM to outpace its original goal of fueling 50 percent of its natural gas fleet by 2025. 

Today, WM is the leader in beneficial reuse of landfill gas, with a growing network of RNG plants and the most landfill gas-to-electricity plants in North America.

“Renewable energy from WM landfill provides an opportunity to close-the-loop with WM’s natural gas fleet, which is the largest fleet of its kind in North America.” said Tara Hemmer, chief sustainability officer, WM.

Waste Management trucks- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

WM (Waste Management, Inc.) touts sustainability spending,
‘strong’ operations growth to wrap up Q4

13 February, 2024 – Executives credited price and cost-saving measures for Q4 earnings growth and said the company will invest up to $2.9B in its recycling and renewable energy platforms through 2026.

  • 2024 renewable energy investments: WM expects to commission five new renewable natural gas facilities by the end of the year. WM CEO Jim Fish expects the projects to contribute incremental operating EBITDA of about $510 million by the end of 2026, assuming a blended average renewable natural gas price of $26 per MMBtu. In 2023, the blended average value was about $28.10 per MMBtu.
  • 2024 outlook:  WM anticipates total company revenue growth of between 6% and 7%, driven mainly by organic growth and the collection and disposal business approaching 6% growth. Its estimated operating EBITDA is expected to be in the range of $6.275 billion to $6.425 billion, an increase of about $450 million, CFO Devina Rankin said.

GFL Waste Management- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills


GFL was awarded a SEAL Environmental Initiative Award for its renewable natural gas (RNG) initiative at several of its landfills. The Environmental Initiative Award recognizes individual programs that demonstrate leadership and commitment to a sustainable future. Key selection criteria included demonstrating environmental impact, innovation and level of investment.

“We formed GFL Renewables in 2021 to be our platform for accelerating the development of renewable energy projects with a focus on renewable natural gas at our landfills.” said Patrick Dovigi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GFL.

GFL is scheduled to bring three RNG projects online in the second half of 2023 with additional renewable energy projects expected to come online in 2024 and 2025.

CH4 Investments

Landfill Municipal Projects

PPP with local, state or federal Government projects – more possibilities for P3s.

2:21 min – How Trash Creates Energy at the Anchorage Landfill
Jul 22, 2016 – Hundreds of landfills across the lower-48 have turned their decomposing trash piles into a source of energy. So far, there’s only one project in Alaska harnessing the power of trash to produce gas. Electicity for for Anchorage’s homes.

$31 million – the Landfill Gas to Energy Project came on line in 2012. The initial construction cost of the project, including Gas Processing Building, gas transmission pipeline, Power Plant (5 generating units), transformers, switch gear and power line connections to Ft. Richardson grid. Solid Waste Services (SWS) is one of the Municipality of Anchorage enterprise utilities.  All of SWS services are funded completely by user fees.  No tax dollars are used in any operations, including the transfer stations, transfer operation and landfill.

The “How To” to finance a community’s Landfill to Gas project around the World, has been available for some time. No doubt new approaches can be found since this document was published in 2016

Financing landfill gas projects in developing countries

…….. Landfill gas (LFG) management enables cities to reduce landfill emissions, ensure safe operation and maximise potential revenue at landfill sites, but financing this is often difficult, especially for global south cities.

drilling LFGas pipes into an existing Landfill- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

This report provides recommendations on financing landfill gas projects for cities in the global south. It offers policy-makers and practitioners an overview of financing models that have been used around the world and insights from existing projects, including key enabling conditions and risk mitigation strategies. The report covers:

  • How to assess the project value, and financial and economic feasibility.
  • Sources of funding and financing for landfill gas systems. This includes public funds, private sector finance options, and carbon finance and other environmental attribute-based funds.
  • Incentives schemes and enabling conditions. This includes direct subsidisation, indirect support such as special land-use rights, and enabling options such as the creation of tradable permit schemes.
  • Risk identification and mitigation at different states of landfill gas projects, for gas availability risk, financial risk, partnership risk and regulatory risk.
  • Case studies of landfill gas projects in Thailand, Latvia and Brazil.

The report is part of the World Bank’s Urban Development Series and was produced in partnership with the Climate & Clean Air Coalition.

CH4 Investments

Infrastructure investing

CEO says longevity sets Ameresco apart in the landfill gas-to-energy space

A broad range of federal, state, local and private clients gives Ameresco an edge as competition ramps up, says George Sakellaris and other executives.

March, 2022 – An Interview: Ameresco President and CEO George Sakellaris sees the country making greenhouse gas reduction efforts a bigger priority and landfill operators positioning themselves as energy producers as well as waste management companies.

?How does Ameresco fit into the larger renewable energy, landfill gas and RNG market?

GEORGE SAKELLARIS: [Ameresco President and CEO George Sakellaris] We got into landfill gas-to-energy back in 2001 because, as you probably know, methane is more destructive to the ozone than anything else. One project we did, which was very interesting, is the landfill gas energy project down in South Carolina with BMW [at WM’s Palmetto Landfill in Spartanburg, South Carolina]. We took the methane and cleaned it at the site. BMW has a power plant, but they were using natural gas. We said we would convert the turbines to use this methane gas, and it’s been successfully operating ever since we completed the project in 2003-2004.

?Now that it’s a little bit more competitive and landfill operators or other clients have a clearer idea of what they’re looking for, I’m curious, how do you try to set yourself apart?

SAKELLARIS:  We still compete very well because we’ve been investing in CH4 Investments for longer than just about anyone. [As of January] we have 14 sites under development now that will be up and running over the next few years. 

Expediting the transition to renewables and abating carbon – reliably, effectively and commercially.

LGI Limited‘s operations cover engineering and management of landfill gas infrastructure and creating solutions to generate renewable electricity and carbon abatement. We collaborate with landfill owners to solve the environmental problem of methane emissions, which are 28 times more potent than CO2.

Landfill in Australia- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

Biogas to renewable power at Bury site.

LGI contracts with governments on average over 15 years to provide these solutions, producing recurring revenues and carbon credits.

… There are more than 1,100 operational landfills in Australia alone. Of these, over 200 may be suitable (and another 100 that are yet to be assessed) for LGI solutions, creating an opportunity for organic growth.

YOU’RE INVITED! Join us at our Toowoomba Power Project Open Day – The mighty Toowoomba Hermitage Road landfill is now producing reliable, renewable energy.
LGI’s partnership with Toowoomba Regional Council has turned the landfill into a renewable energy power station, supporting a 1000-kilowatt generator. This consumes about 700 cubic metres of biogas from the landfill an hour, powers their wastewater treatment plant and sends surplus energy into the National Electricity Grid.
Come and join us for a tour of the site. Date: Thursday, 7 September 2023

Investing in the infrastructure:
Project financing agreement to support 3 RNG facilities

August 25, 2023 – Fiera Infrastructure Private Debt is pleased to announce the closing of a senior secured credit facility to Pine Creek Renewables, the developer, owner, and operator of a growing portfolio of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects.  The facility will support the construction and operation of three RNG projects, which have all secured offtake contracts.

Fiera Infrastructure Private Debt led the investment, partnering alongside Foundation Credit who also invested in the facility for their infrastructure debt strategy, Foundation Infrastructure Opportunities.

The proceeds will support the construction and operation of three RNG projects located at two landfills and one anerobic digestor, located in the western U.S.  

CH4 Investments

Young New Technology companies – Start-ups

Colorado company invests $100M in LFG-to-RNG startup

Vision RNG LLC We provide a unique solution to capture, process, and commercialize LFG at mid-sized sites previously considered too small for viable projects. 

October 2021 – The funding will help Vision RNG LLC, which is currently developing landfill gas projects in Missouri and Virginia, to begin scaling the business.

A Boulder, Colorado-based private equity firm has invested $100 million into this startup according to a report from the Denver Business Journal. The $100 million funding is an initial investment from Vision Ridge Partners to begin scaling the business, and Vision RNG may eventually look beyond the projects in Missouri and Virginia to develop other landfill gas systems, the company said.

Nodal Power Raises $13 Million Seed Round to Build Renewable Energy Power Plants at Landfills

August 2023 – Today Nodal Power, a startup headquartered in Salt Lake City that develops and operates renewable energy power plants, announced that it has raised $13 million in funding to aggressively mitigate methane emissions at landfills.

The seed round was led by Utah’s Spacestation Investments including many Utah angels and other prominent investors and business leaders joined the funding round.

LFG pipe in CH4 Investments- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

Nodal Power holds the power plant intellectual property and operates the power plants.

Much of the funding has already been deployed to build and operate two power plants in the US. Site one, located in the southwest US, exports electricity generated by landfill gas to the local utility, ERCOT, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc.

Any Fuel, Any Size, Any Load, Anywhere
A new Electricity Technology

Mainspring‘s Linear Generator
The Mainspring Linear Generator’s fuel-flexible, modular design is suited for biogas system use. It is modular so it can be easily sited and scaled to different capacities, and fuel-flexible to run on any gaseous fuel. The fuel flexibility is particularly helpful in biogas operations, as biogas streams and their energy content can change over time depending on feedstock and environmental conditions. 

2:33 minutes – Mainspring Linear Generator
This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator technology adjusts to varying fuel quality and different types of fuels, including renewable fuels such as biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator is made out of standard materials with only two moving parts and operates without the use of oil or expensive fuel cell catalysts or complex engine mechanical systems — resulting in low capital and maintenance costs.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator technology is designed for commercial businesses, their first product is packaged in a standard 20’ container.
1 minute – ‘A place where waste becomes energy’: How Yolo County leaders are transforming their landfill ….This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.

More technology without Flaring at a Dump Site…..
Take a look at what started to happen at this landfill in September of 2022. Expanded waste collection and this new type of linear generator will power 3,000 homes, which has been successfully tested without flaring to prepare the gas.

Vespene captures methane emissions from landfills to power self-sustaining microgrids.

Bitcoin has its fingers in Landfill Gas to Energy projects.

Self-Sustaining Microgrids reduce methane emissions and create financial value by pairing clean energy generation with interruptible data processing, requiring no grid connection or no pipeline buildout.

Vespene Energy and Viridi Energy Launch Pilot Using Landfill Methane Emissions to Power Onsite Data Processing

Pilot site in Marathon County, Wisconsin demonstrates innovative technology solution that enables landfills to reduce harmful emissions, comply with environmental regulations and generate revenue [from producing electricity].

Landill operation diagram- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

BERKELEY, Calif., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vespene Energy (“Vespene”), a biogas renewable energy developer, and Viridi Energy (“Viridi”), a full-service renewable natural gas (RNG) platform, today announced the launch of their first joint pilot site with a municipal landfill in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Vespene and Viridi are using highly-efficient energy generation equipment to convert the naturally occurring landfill byproduct of methane gas into electricity that powers a variety of on-site uses, including data processing.

The pilot project will [also] reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while generating revenue to subsidize Viridi’s investment in building a state-of-the-art RNG facility at the landfill. Viridi expects that the RNG facility – which will produce the equivalent of three million gallons of gasoline annually – will be fully operational by the second half of 2024.

CH4 Investments

Power Producers
LFG to RNG to replace fossil fuel

Duke Energy announces investment in two new renewable natural gas projects in North Carolina

Renewable natural gas will be sourced from methane at landfills in Caldwell, Person counties.

April 2022 – CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) today announced its investment in two projects to convert landfill gas from two North Carolina landfills into renewable natural gas (RNG). … …Each project is projected to produce roughly 500,000 dekatherms (Dth) of renewable natural gas each year. The combined 1 million Dth is equivalent to the average annual natural gas usage of nearly 17,000 residential customers in North Carolina.

Both landfill projects are being developed by Evensol LLC, which develops and acquires renewable fuels-based assets in the biomass, biogas and biofuels sectors. Energyneering Solutions LLC, which specializes in the design, construction and operation of biogas utilization projects, will build and operate the facilities….The landfill projects are already under construction and are expected to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Naturgy marks a turning point in Spain’s energy transition with the first injection of renewable landfill gas into the distribution network

Landfill CH4 Investments- CH4 Investments, Urgent Need to Use the Methane in Landfills

Naturgy renewable gas facility at Elena Landfill in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona)

2021 – This week Naturgy has become the first company to inject renewable landfill gas into Spain’s gas distribution network. A landmark that reflects the company’s commitment to the energy transition and positions it at the forefront of innovation in developing this new energy vector, which will make a significant contribution towards decarbonising the country’s energy system.

The renewable gas plant, located at Parc de l’Alba in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) next to the Elena landfill, represents CH4 Investments of €2.2 million. Naturgy’s target is that all the gas circulating in its networks will be from renewable sources by 2050.
…The Cerdanyola del Vallès plant will produce 12 GWh of biomethane a year, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 3,200 households, and will avoid the emission of 2,400 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere, a quantity equivalent to planting some 5,000 trees. …

Energy Developments Limited (EDL) owns and operates a global portfolio of power stations in Australia, North America and Europe.

EDL owns and operates the Pitsea Landfill Gas Power Station, one of the oldest landfill sites in the UK, with a capacity of 11MW.

With records dating back to 1906, Pitsea was one of the largest landfill sites in the UK at its peak, taking large volumes of waste from London and the home counties.
Often described as the perfect design for a large scale LFG power station, EDL is currently replenishing the fleet of LFG engines at Pitsea[, as one of their CH4 Investments,] to maximise the environmental and financial sustainability of the site.
Now a renowned wildlife reserve, Pitsea boasts wetland habitats for birds, bee colonies and one of the largest fox habitats in the country.

CH4 Investments

Tracking the Waste and Recycling industry’s Merger & Aquisitions boom

Acquisition spending and consolidation levels are rampant. Follow along with Waste Dive’s running list of U.S. deals. See the Updated August 18, 2023 list.

The U.S. waste and recycling industry’s M&A activity has neared historic levels in recent years. …Collective M&A spending by the solid waste industry’s publicly traded companies is estimated to have reached $4.29 billion in 2021, according to investment firm Jefferies, coming in above prior estimates of around $3.5 billion. Spending totals by those same companies approached an estimated $6.3 billion in 2022.

CH4 Investments

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