Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street!

The most littered item on planet Earth!
Or Recycle them!!!!!!!!
Make a business and provide some 50 other people with work from their homes.

In this post:
The most littered PLASTIC item
CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd. on facebook,
Their recycling process,
How they started their marketing,
Is this a project that you would like to do?
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pile of Cigarette Butts- Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street! < <


Smokers around the world buy roughly 6.5 trillion cigarettes each year. That’s 18 billion every day. While most of a cigarette’s innards and paper wrapping disintegrate when smoked, not everything gets burned. Trillions of cigarette filters—also known as butts or ends—are left over, only an estimated third of which make it into the trash. The rest are casually flung into the street or out a window. …

…There have been some steps toward addressing the plastic hazards that cigarettes pose. In 2016 India banned the use of plastic packaging for tobacco products. This year in New Jersey, a law went into effect that limits smoking in public parks and on beaches. But Cindy Zipf, executive director of Clean Ocean Action, says many people will probably continue to flick their butts—and the plastics that accompany them—where they aren’t supposed to.

“I think it’s ignorance of convenience,” she says. “There’s really no excuse for it.”

Startup That Pays You
For Your Cigarette Butts & Turns Them into Toys

Code Effort Private Limited distributes collections boxes called VBins to street vendors in which they collect cigarette waste and in turn ensure the vendors a rate of Rs 250 per kilo of cigarette butts. Today, Code works in 250 districts across India. Naman says, “In the coming five to ten years we hope we are able to manage cigarette waste from all over India.”

These cigarette butts contain filters made of a plastic called cellulose acetate which takes years to degrade, and as they do, microplastics enter into the soil and oceans. A recent study found that one cigarette butt in a liter of water kills half the fish.

Here is the guy who is creating
something amazing from our Cigarette Waste.

3:15 minutes — The man who Recycled our Cigarette Waste | Anuj Ramatri

The Company is on Facebook:

logo- Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street! < <

CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd.

Code Effort Private Limited is India’s first cigarette waste recycling company and recycles each component of cigarette waste generated either domestically or industrially. We use the most environmentally responsible methods and procedures for recycling waste and reusing it in the form of recycled products. Cigarette waste is a non-biodegradable waste, [that can take from 10-12 years to decompose], but if pulled apart become feed stock for various other products.

Collection of cigarette waste is one rigorous task our team successfully handles. Collection services come along with one free VBin. The customers recieve payment for collection as per the rates specified in the contract. The cigarette waste goes through recycling, using biodegradable chemicals without any machinery. The waste water generated during cigarette butts recycling is also recycled for further usage in the next batches. Code Effort Private Limited ensures zero wastage.
Besides collection of waste, we sell Organic Manure and VMAKE [customized Soft toys, Key chains, Cushions and Bean Bags] using recycled products at nominal prices. Recycled products adhere to all the necessary BIS approved quality standards. Our team is working toward an eco-friendly Air Purifier that for houses, chimney, smoke emitters with a vision to control air pollution.

Naman Gupta, CEO of Code Effort Private Limited, says his company has made over one million dollars since 2016, and he has recycled 300,000,000 cigarette butts—the equivalent of 100,000kg.

Here’s how this Noida, India start-up is converting cigarette butts into soft toys and cushions

March 2021 – …So, what’s the process exactly?
Naman begins, “We have developed a unique chemical composition after several rounds of testing that can treat these cigarette butt filters up to 99 per cent. These butts have fibre material in them that take at least 10-12 years to decompose naturally, thus it becomes a huge environmental issue not just in India but worldwide. We don’t have proper disposal systems in India, so it ends up in the landfills and can become a concern in the near future. We provide an end-to-end solution.”

founder of Code Effort - Naman Gupta- Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street! < <

Explaining the treatment of the cigarette butts he adds, “When the waste arrives at our factories, at a rate of 6,000 kg per month, we separate them manually — paper and the polymer filter inside — and process them separately. The filter goes through a process of shredding. It’s a 24-36 hours treatment process, using no machinery, chemicals are bio-degradable and human-friendly. Then it goes through a normal washing and drying process. After a quality check, it goes into a carding machine that makes the material soft and usable.

Cigarette Butts recycle product- Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street! < <

This soft filler material is then turned into soft toys, cushions, keychains and mattresses.

The paper that we retrieve from the butts is developed into a pulp — we add normal water and an organic binder so it becomes stronger. This pulp is then sent to our expert workers who produce it into paper. Then it’s dried in the sun. Once dried, we can give a specific shape and sell it in the market as a mosquito repellant.” Code has recycled approximately 250 million cigarette butts so far.
Speaking about the benefit of this process, Naman adds, “Butts are efficiently managed and recycled, thus their adverse effects on the environment are reduced. Our suppliers and volunteers get monetary benefit as well as employment opportunity in our recycling unit. We have approximately 50 female employees who help with the separation and paper-making process. They can also do this at their own houses, which makes it easier for them to earn a livelihood for themselves.”

Mr. Gupta, mentions in this video that he has started an operation also in Vietnam…….

6:04 minutes – Cigarette Buds Recycled Into Soft Toys | Recycling Cigarettes Buds | TN Plus
Littering of cigarette buds is no. 1 littering item globally, and it causes significant problems to the environment. The fibre in the cigarette bud takes 8 to 10 years to decompose naturally. India, for the longest time, didn’t have any solution to this problem, but finally, a small start-up in Noida

This company turns cigarette filters into cushions, bedspreads, keychains, studded toys and so many other things. Today, Naman Gupta has employed more than 5,000 people to work in the company.

You could do it too, in your country!

I asked Code Effort: Would you be willing to give advice to other people who want to start recycling cigarette waste in other parts of the world?
Their Answer: Kindly discuss with our team at (+91- 92054 23004) anytime between 11 am to 5 pm, India time, for details and queries from Monday to Friday.

Cigarette Butts recycle product- Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street! < <

The only other people I know doing anything about cigarette butts Is Terracycle.

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