CIRCULAR FASHION – 3 Who Fulfill The Goal!

T-Shirts, Jeans and Sneakers and WALLA: You Are Circular / GREEN !

ReMill your t-shirt <> Lease your jeans <> Shoe Circle Program

Remember when Black Fridays were good Bargains?

In this post:

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1:26 minutes – Circular T-shirt
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3 clothes companies that have fulfilled the goals of Circular Fashion

…..and they will keep you supplied with sustainable T-shirts , Jeans and sneakers on into the next Epoch. The present Epoch may be the Anthropocene, but that does not mean that the world is “ruled” by Humans. It should mean that humans have taken their role as the world’s stewards, very very seriously and harmoniously, with planet Earth!

All three of these companies are perfect examples of that and the EMF‘s vision for the Circular Fashion Industry: redesigning the way clothes are made and used, including at end of useful life. This vision may require industry to make significant investments, incorporate large-scale innovation, become more transparent and traceable in their operations. teemill and mudjeans (started in 2009/14 and 2012) are Circular, up and running “at scale ” TODAY.
The starting timeline is also shrinking. The nothingnew founders, apparently, needed only 15 months of countless prototypes to figure out how to make their sneakers. They are also operating at scale, or close to it……

>>> And they ALL have designed ways for YOU to join them or at least learn from their experiences:

At teemill look into:

How It Works : Build your Free Store with teemill

Teemill has been designed to create a sustainable brand as effortlessly as possible.

You design your products, customize your own professional web store, and all orders are printed on-demand and dropshipped directly to your customers. You simply make a profit for each item you sell. We have built-in features to help you market your store.
And it’s free.
Here’s how it works…

3 minutes – Print on demand: how a sustainable t-shirt printing factory works
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Our higher overall profitability is due to a combination of SEO-friendly stores and high e-commerce conversion rate, combined with positive per-item margins.

Instead of waiting for big brands to change, you can BE the change, build what you want to see, and become the next big brand. We built this for you.

Teemill is a tech-based fashion business that takes a more holistic view of the fashion industry, designing out waste at each step of the material supply chain, applying disruptive technology to minimize overstocking, and maximize material recycling.

By opening up access to its circular supply chain platform, Teemill has allowed tens of thousands of brands to produce t-shirts in real time after they’re ordered, all designed to be sent back and remade when they’re worn out.

teemill’s Remill

- CIRCULAR FASHION - 3 Who Fulfill The Goal!

Why it is one of the biggest examples of the Circular Economy for FASHION

Founded in 2014, Teemill is the world’s biggest dedicated circular economy platform. It works with more than 10,000 brands, including global NGOs and businesses, media, online content creators, influencers and side hustlers, providing an open-access circular design and supply chain platform. Its users include BBC Earth, WWF, Greenpeace and a community of 10,000 brands, all working together to end waste.


Remember when Fridays were good? 80% of purchases bought over the Black Friday weekend will end up in a landfill or incinerated.
This year, teemill is reversing Black Friday. Instead of asking you to buy lots of new products, we’re asking you to: 
>>send back your old clothing so it can be made into new products and
>>we’ll give you £5 credit to say thanks.

36 seconds – #TakeBackFriday: our circular economy

The Teemill supply chain:
>increases material utilization,
>reduces chemical and water inputs,
>provides an entry into the fashion industry; anyone with an internet connection can participate and co-create the future of fashion.


At mudjeans
‘‘Our aim:
change the fashion industry”

44 seconds – MUD Jeans – Get in the loop – English
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With the goal of ‘a world without waste’ MUD jeans has pioneered a circular business model for jeans.

What happens to the jeans customers send back?
If the jeans are in good condition, they’re cleaned, repaired if necessary, and sold as vintage pieces. As MUD is quick to point out, while competitors spend time, money, and energy creating a ‘vintage’ look for their products, returned jeans have developed this style naturally. Jeans beyond repair are returned to the denim manufacturer to be recycled and put back into the system.

Buy OR Lease your circular jeans

Don’t own your jeans! Lease your jeans. Pay a monthly fee of €9,95 & send your jeans back after use, we’ll recycle them.


After leasing for a year, you have three options:
1. Swap your jeans for a new pair and continue leasing for another year.
2. Keep the jeans and wear them for as long as you like – you can send them back at any time for recycling.
3. End the relationship and send the jeans to MUD to get a voucher for a new purchase.

  • The EnvironmentSG, of MUD operations. They:
    • save water by using a rainwater-only factory where 95% of water is recycled
    • create a desirable worn effect by using lasers instead of potassium permanganate
    • get a stonewash effect by using abrasive parts inside washing machines rather than polluting pumice stones
    • get a bleach-wash effect using oxygen converted into ozone – afterwards, the ozone is turned back to oxygen
    • work with suppliers who are energy self-sufficient
  • The ESocialG, of MUD operations, they ensure:
    • workers get fair wages
    • workers and local people are protected from harmful substances
    • an equal working environment for women and men

Ways to join & learn:

Ambassador Program: help expose mudjeans and get rewards
Sustainable Fashion Course: online, on mudjeans’ website, 6 classes ~ 30 minutes each
Knowledge Hub: Are you a student, teacher or just generally interested in spreading the word about MUD and Circularity? You’re at the right place. Discover all resources for different ages groups.
Voices For Good: This last Earth Day, we started to use our platform to amplify and shed a light on people and projects committed to doing good for the planet 🌍 Do you have a interesting project you want to share with us?

2:12 minutes – MUD Jeans | Road to 100 – Episode 1 | World’s First 100% Recycled Jeans
Jun 21, 2022 Our Road To 100 project aims to create the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled denim. We have documented our progress within this exciting project.
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Episode 4 | World’s First 100% Recycled Jeans    


At NothingNew Circular Sneakers

3 minutes – Nothing New Shoes Review | Eco Friendly Shoes
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LOGO- CIRCULAR FASHION - 3 Who Fulfill The Goal!

Better For Your Feet.
Better For Our World.
But Nothing New

Comfortable Eco-Friendly Sneakers Made With Premium Circular Materials.

We started Nothing New because we wanted to be a positive force in our community, our industry, and our world. From our material procurement to our Virtuous Circle exchange program, we are always striving to push the high water mark a little higher for sustainability, transparency, and integrity.

  • Environmental Carbon Neutrality We are taking steps to build a better future and a cleaner footprint by removing more carbon out of the environment than we are putting in.
  • Making People Impact With the help of our partners, we are assisting local communities turn the collection of waste materials into dignified job opportunities.
  • Virtuous Circle Waste Program Ship us your used Nothing New sneakers, earn $20 towards a new pair, and we’ll make sure they don’t end up in a landfill. It’s as simple as that!

Virtuous Circle Program


Considering a career in the Circular Fashion industry?


College Ambassadors
We’ve finished accepting all applications for the fall 2022 semester. Check back later this year for details on how to apply for the spring 2023 semester!
What do you look for in a team #NothingNew member? Entrepreneurial spirit. A go-getter attitude. Someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and propose bold new ideas. A leader and initiative taker. Someone who is fearless and ready to take risks!

In 2022, NothingNew is ran a HOLIDAY SALE!
Look for it next Fall holiday season.


28 seconds – Best Travel Shoe? 100% Eco-Friendly Comfort and Durability?
Nothing New Black Low Top Sneaker!


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