The Technology is Here!
We need to invest in it! Companies find ways to get the new technology!
Count the Ways YOU can Clean your Air! NOW!

There are already so many technologies, today, that make it possible for you to clean the air, NOW!
I have listed only 11 in this post! …More exist around the world.
Look closer in your region or ask me to help you search…….

In this post:
Direct Air Capture,
Clean Energy, for fuel, heat, transit, even water
Clean Agriculture
Clean Up Communities
Clean Urban Mining
1000+ more Solutions
…at the bottom, a list of other posts aboutWaste

Which scenario will we choose?

emissions scenarios about how the air will be cleaned- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!

Territory Affected by Extreme Weather
Increased 90 Times Over the Past Decade

together for our planet

Bellow are technologies that will be talked about at COP 26
The world Economy is going Circular! The World can meet the needed money, if we each do our part in our own way.

All life on earth depends on

Look at technologies that will clean our Air, today?
See what they do.

Clean OUT CO2

Zurich, Switzerland

There are now machines that capture the CO2 in our Air!

Producers of CO2 should buy
Direct Air Capture machines,
not produce more CO2.
Why are there still companies that produce CO2?

For Example:
All Carbonated Soft drink companies should stop buying CO2 from suppliers. They should buy aDAC machine and pull the CO2 direct from the air for their use.

Here are some Key Industries Buying CO2

>>>Construction There are a number of direct uses of carbon dioxide by the construction industry, including:
*MIG/MAG welding uses carbon dioxide as an atmosphere, to protecting the weld puddle from the surrounding air and oxidizing.
*Carbon dioxide is also used to create dry ice pellets which can be used to replace sandblasting for removing paint from surfaces.
Get the CO2 from a DAC Machine!
>>>Frozen & other Food Production – A key component in controlled atmosphere storage of fruit and vegetables, carbon dioxide is used in concentrations along with oxygen and nitrogen to regulate the temperature and humidity of food products during storage and transportation. It is also used to extend the shelf life of dairy and baked products by deterring mould in baked goods and some cheeses The companies that supply the CO2 should get it from a DAC Machine.
>>>Soda Production – CO2 is also used in the soft drink and beverage industry to create the carbonated, fizzy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. DAC machines already being used in this industry!
>>>Medical – Healthcare is among the industries most reliant on supplies of CO2, with the colourless and odourless gas deployed during surgery to provide better visibility for surgeons of a surgical area by stabilising body cavities. The companies that supply the CO2 should get it from a DAC Machine.
>>>Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing – CO2 is required in the food industry as part of humane slaughter methods for livestock, with it being used to stun animals in slaughterhouses. Get your supply of CO2 from a DAC Machine.
>>>Power Tools & Other General Purpose Machinery ManufacturingCarbon dioxide is used as compressed gases for pneumatic systems (pressurised gas) in portable pressure tools – The companies that supply the compressed gases should get the CO2 from a DAC Machine.
>>>Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction – this industry uses CO2 to push more oil from the Earth This industry must be in decline. They are leaking Methane all the time – everywhere!

Climeworks develops, builds and operates
Direct Air Capture (DAC) machines

Climeworks currently has 15 machines in operation across Europe. Some are sold to customers and some belong to and are operated by Climeworks. We operate the machines and sell the carbon dioxide. <<<<< The World needs to buy more DAC machines!

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is one of the key ways to stop global warming by sucking CO₂ out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

As mentioned above….Stop producing CO2, capture it directly from the air and USE THE CAPTURED CO2 in industry!

3:44 minutes – Climeworks makes history with world-first commercial CO2 capture plant

USE THE CAPTURED CO2 in industry !

The pure captured CO2 gas can be sold to customers in key markets, including: commercial agriculture, food and beverage industries, the energy sector and the automotive industry.

A Neutral if not Negative Carbon operation
Since 2017 in Hinwil, Switzerland, Climeworks provides a continuous supply of CO2 through an underground pipeline to a greenhouse 400m away, operated by Gebrüder Meier Primanatura AG. This supply agreement, between Climeworks and the Hinwil operation is the world’s first direct air capture plant with a commercial customer !

More crop yield with CO2

Gebrüder Meier in Hinwil, Switzerland
This Greenhouse used to be supplied CO2 from industrial sources by truck, but now from Climeworks. In this way they indirectly reduce CO2 emissions. The Hinwil plant consists of 18 filter modules, each skimming off about 50 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Agriculture can be a signifcant buyer of CO2, as CO2 is considered a valuable fertiliser. Correctly dosed, the gas allows plants to grow faster and stronger. The addition of CO2 content in greenhouses increases the photosyntherate, which increases the yield.

The KEZO waste incineration plant in Hinwil, Canton Zurich offers sustainable heat and electricity for the DAC system. The high-purity CO2 is piped to the Gebrüder Meier greenhouse. The gas is pumped into the greenhouse atmosphere, which increases vegetable and salad growth by up to 20 percent.

“The use of local CO2 from the ambient air meets our standards for sustainable production and has a positive effect on the marketing of our products”. Fritz Meier, Gebrüder Meier.

OK, these DAC machines are not cheap, but there is only one way to bring the price down!

Want to cut your personal CO2 footprint?
With our direct air capture subscription service, you can order the removal of carbon dioxide from the air.

56 seconds – The Orca Plant in Iceland is being used to pull carbon dioxide

How customers feel about Climeworks’DAC subscription service?

1:29 minutes What customers say……– CLICK THE CC FOR SUBTITLES……..

Clean Energy produced with reduced or no emissions
– fuel, heat, transit, even water

Cleaner Fuel:

Davis, California, USA

FOR EXAMPLE: No More “eye-sore” Garbage Piles generating GHG. Buy technology for Fuel made from Rubbish. Clean up Communities.

1:05 minutes Just how does the FastOx process work?– CLICK THE CC FOR SUBTITLES……..

FastOx® gasification from SierraEnergy


Powering communities with trash

cleaner fuel system from trash- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!

here is another kind of cleaner fuel:

Montreal, Canada

FOR EXAMPLE: Clean Up Communities >>>No More “eye-sore” Garbage Piles. Fuel made from Rubbish

We’re building the Bioeconomy. 

2:01 minutes Enerkem Is Building The Bioeconomy– CLICK THE CC FOR SUBTITLES……..

replaces petroleum transportation fuels and chemicals from garbage.

Enerkem is based on the idea: manufacturing biofuels and renewable chemical products from non-recyclable waste. Ours is an innovative, sustainable solution for waste management, energy diversification and the implementation of a circular economy.

Another kind of cleaner fuel +:

Shoreline, Washington, USA

FOR EXAMPLE: Use just Waste Food to make fuel and fertiliser.
Food waste is a renewable resource.

Impact bioenergy logo- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!

Impact Bioenergy’s prefabricated bioenergy units are engineered and sized to fit the unique requirements of organizations and communities for onsite bioenergy food/organic waste diversion and produce useful products that substantially contribute to faster ROI.

We build engineered units and provide the necessary support services to our customers to make new resources from organic materials. We make bioenergy systems happen quickly and cost-effectively. 


Impact Bioenergy unit- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!
Impact Bioenergy – Technology

Portable Bioenergy Systems in the size and capacity that You need, that can convert 1,000 to 35,500 lbs per week of organic waste into renewable energy and biofertilizer. These micro-digester systems can be used in communities, campuses or farm type environments, have odor control and semi-automatic or automatic operation.

1:21 minutes – Impact Bioenergy NAUTILUS AD 185 RNG series

Wave Power

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

FOR EXAMPLE: Wave Power is very very “Energy Dense”! Do you live near a coast?

1:25 minutes – Eco Wave Power: turning the constant power of waves into electricity – #1000solutions


The movement of the floaters compresses and decompresses hydraulic pistons which transmit bio-degradable hydraulic fluid into land located accumulators. As the pressure builds up in the accumulators, it causes the rotation of a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then the electricity is transferred into the national grid, via an inverter.

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that by using only 2 per cent of the world’s 800,000 kilometres of coastline, which exceeds a wave power density of 30 kW/m, the global technical potential for wave energy is about 500GW of electrical energy, based on a conversion efficiency of 40 per cent.

Wind Power

Skaneateles Falls, NY

FOR EXAMPLE: Wind Power back to Earth, better than HAWT

More sightseeing
at the Niagara Falls, New York

When old meets new!
These high-voltage lines were built during the time of Thomas Edison. Now they host very efficient VERTICAL wind turbines. Together, old and new represent the future as they form an autonomous off-grid system to light up the neighborhood.

16 seconds New installation of KOHILO Wind Turbines
wind energy for clean air- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!
Full explanation of the Kohilo Vortex here

Kohilio Reduced Cut-in speed – Installation anywhere
The “Kohilo Vortex” begins to spin at 0.9 MPH and commences electricity production at 2.9 MPH, considerably less than the cut-in speed of 7-9 MPH of traditional HAWTs. This diminishes the siting constraints and installation limitations plaguing HAWTs. The Kohilo Quantum can be installed in any location and does not need a 50-300 foot tower. KOHILO’s technology does not need to scale “bigness” for optimum performance.

Solar Power

Espoo, Finland

FOR EXAMPLE: Do you need drinking water near the sea?

Solar-Powered Desalination Device Turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water
For 400,000 People
When someone invents a mass desalination plant to turn seawater into drinking water without polluting the area, it will be a massive achievement, as only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh.


Solar Water Solutions makes clean water with solar power. Affordable and sustainable desalination can revolutionize economies in the developing world and in the water-thirsty regions globally. Our patented reverse osmosis technology was listed on the TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020.

55 seconds – Solar Water Solutions introduces the world’s most energy efficient desalination system

It’s modular and scalable. How much water do you need?


  • No batteries or energy storage needed when connected to solar
  • Can be connected to grid or generator e.g. for night-time use
  • Easy installation and automatic operation
  • Low-maintenance, no on-site adjustments
  • Remote monitoring and smart control features
  • Produced water meets the highest WHO quality standards

Efficient EV charging

Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, Israel

FOR EXAMPLE: Make EV charging as simple as driving your EV.

ElectReon – wireless charging for electric vehicles – on the road
No need to stop for charging! Cleaner and cleaner air!

2:22 minutes – ELECTREON Dynamic wireless charging– CLICK THE CC FOR SUBTITLES……..

52 seconds – Transforming roads into charging assets, inductive EV charging tech | The Gotland Project 2021

ElectReon Projects
Gotland Island, Sweden Start date: 2018

1:23 minutes – DeploymentTelAviv 02 Dec. 2020

Tel-Aviv, Israel Start date: 2020

and more

Clean Agriculture

More Clean Air

Vilnius, Lithuania

FOR EXAMPLE: Organic food with no cost to nature

Europe’s Largest Organic Food Producer from field to shelf

Our vision – AUGA a synonym for sustainable food and lifestyle
AUGA group, AB, based in Lithuania and listed on Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange, is the largest vertically-integrated organic food company in Europe. The group of companies manages approx. 39,000 ha of organically certified arable land and employs over 1,200 people.
AUGA develops a sustainable farming model, based on new technologies, specializing in crops, dairy cows, chicken and mushroom growing. Using proprietary and contracted manufacturing, the company produces a wide range of organic food products for the end consumer as well as organic commodities. With a mission to deliver organic food with no cost to nature AUGA is focused on the development and application of AgTech solutions for sustainable food production.

farming with clean air tractor- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!

World’s First Totally-Green Tractor Set to Plow Down European Farming Emissions

51 seconds  –  AUGA M1 – world’s first hybrid biomethane and electric tractor for professional farm use

AUGA group commits internationally to net-zero emissions

Clean Up Community Energy

More Clean Air

New York City, USA

FOR EXAMPLE: Heating and Cooling Retrofits, Clean heating and cooling at home
FOR EXAMPLE: • UK will give homeowners $7,000 to buy heat pumps. But what are they??????????

Climate Retrofits in the city- CLEAN AIR - IS, ALREADY - IN OUR GRASP! NOW!

FOR NEW YORK CITY, BlocPower developed a leasing system that offers these benefits to the building owner/s:


Change your HOME to a TESLA!

2:02 minutes – Heat Pumps! Heat Pumps! Heat Pumps! Donnel Baird explains BlocPower

and maybe get a “ZERO electric bill” from the grid!

5:09 minutes 2018 … One of the Poorest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn Is Retrofitted With Green Energy Solutions
An innovative start-up, BlocPower, is bringing green-energy solutions to one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn – Brownsville. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

and also……………..

Clean Urban Mining,
NO Polluting by Virgin Mining

More Clean Air

Paris, France

FOR EXAMPLE: Mineral requirements for clean energy technology

Report from the International Energy Agency

>>>Big Gaps in view of future Demand
The Report points out the wide gap between what the IEA Sustainable Development Scenario [SDS] has determined to be the demand for Critical Minerals and the documented / Stated Policies Scenario of governments that have predicted what their believe they need of these Critical Minerals. The IEA, sees wide gaps between these 2 views of the future.

>>>Reporting about Mined or Recycling supply
The report goes into great detail about the future of mining minerals, but little information about other forms of supply, such are from recycling ewaste.

recycling critical minerals, etc. means clean air

Sydney, Australia

FOR EXAMPLE: Urban Mining – e-waste recycling Micro-Factories

World-first e-waste microfactory launched at UNSW

2:38 minutes – Micro-factories – turning the world’s waste burden into economic opportunities

How One Scientist Is Giving Old Phones a Second Life With E-Waste Microfactories

just released to the public…………………….

Lausanne, Switzerland


2:30 minutes – 1000+ Solutions to the environmental crisis – Let’s Go Beyond – TODAY!

One-of-a-kind search engine allowing everyone to search through our ever-growing database of solutions identifying, assessing, and boosting more than 1000 clean-tech solutions that protect the environment and grow our economies. 

SolarImpulse Solutions Explorer

The search-engine for climate action
including clean air


1:09 minutes – Thematic Days: Science | COP27
1:15 minures – Thematic Days: Energy | COP27

We went to COP 26 and managed some commitment To what Mark Carney calls

“the greatest commercial opportunity
of our time

We can do it with the
Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Buy into one of the above technologies, that you might need,
and you are already part of the future.

Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and you are
part of the end of

this big human mistake.

clean air
There are so many ways already here – NOW – for us to clean up our world. Take a Look:

Waste; Our Assurance of future Resources
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