Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Capture Landfill Gas – to Reduce Methane in the atmosphere, contain MSWaste and make cleaner Fuel on the Spot!

We have some very important investments to make
to USE the GAS in the World’s Garbage Dumps
described as a “Bridge Gas”- much cleaner than fossil:
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

in thIS post

Cleaner Energy Investments

See how it is done, Today!

1:49 minutes – North Bay Landfill Generates Clean Power From Garbage
A new power plant in Novato is creating energy from a surprising source: Landfill Gas!

Landfill Methane USE

- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!
Basic Information about Landfill Gas
Landfill Gas Composition

Through stronger municipal landfill standards, the USA-EPA
*can slash methane emissions,
*protect communities, and
*make progress on climate

The Whole World needs to get on board!

Who says Africa does not contribute to the GHGs ?
The Whole world does!!!
Your Trash Is producing Methane in your Landfill.

Here is a man who says one very interesting thing ………

…………………………….He says:

“The impact is 5 million people are breathing much better air. A significant amount of methane that would have gone into the environment is averted. It has a real impact that you’re able to feel , because the air, the toxic air that you’ve been breathing……”

Why is this statement so important? It proves that wherever there are people throwing away garbage in a garbage dump, there is “landfill gas” being generated. It is smelly and at least 1/2 Methane! No matter where a garbage dump is! Even in Africa. They too are seeping methane into the atmosphere if they do not capture it and use it for cleaner energy.

HOWEVER, My main interest is the Methane. Rather than burn the garbage – Invest in Capturing the methane!!!!! Use it to make fuel and electricity. This is being done more and more world wide. It is a much cleaner for our air, more effective and a more efficient way to use a Garbage Dump “Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)”……..

Cleaner Energy Investments
a profitable way to invest in our future

So where to put your money
to make Energy?

In Landfills and/or Garbage dumps…BUT do not burn it!
Cleaner Energy Investments

Green Infrastructure: Waste Management

The investment opportunity for the waste management industry is growing as the population increases and companies utilize advanced technologies.

FEB 6, 2024 – from Nasdaq -……Waste Management Inc. utilizes technology by developing green infrastructure systems that collect the greenhouse gases generated from its landfills, which can then be turned into renewable energy. In 2022, out of Waste Management’s captured landfill gas, 45% was used to generate renewable energy. This reduces dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and can generate revenue through the sale of converted renewable energy.

The investment case for waste management companies, like Republic Services and Waste Management Inc., is supported by their adoption of advanced technology, such as robotics, AI, and landfill-gas capture. Additionally, growing populations and economies are driving demand for waste management, while legislation, regulations, and consumers are pushing for this to be done using sustainable solutions. These factors are contributing to the growth of the waste management market globally…

Cleaner Energy Investments


logo- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!


  • Converts waste to a valuable product
  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Produces domestic, renewable fuel from plentiful feedstocks
  • Creates jobs
  • Reduces odor and runoff
  • Enhances fuel diversity
  • Provides a steady supply of renewable energy
  • Supports organizations’ and fleets’ sustainability goals
  • Uses existing technologies and natural gas infrastructure

Reduces GHG emissions. On a lifecycle basis, RNG can reduce GHG emissions by 95% as compared to diesel, giving it a nearly net zero carbon impact.


  • How does the source of RNG affect its cost? – Because of their size and
    ability to produce biogas without a freestanding digester, landfills can produce RNG at an average cost of roughly $0.90–$1.00/diesel gal equivalent (dge). For individual projects, the cost can range from $0.40/dge to $2.00/dge. …
  • Investors, equipment suppliers, and developers Demand for RNG is growing. Producing, installing, and operating the necessary equipment creates additional sources of revenue, as well as employment opportunities. …
  • RNG retailers, resellers, or utilities In order to replace fossil fuels, utilities, resellers, and retailers that have significantly invested in them, can add RNG. This offers the possibility of reducing their products’ net carbon intensity. …
  • Fleets and other end users – When used in heavy-duty trucks, lower carbon RNG is typically no more—and potentially less—expensive than fossil NG or diesel. Advantages: RNG is not tied to uncertain or volatile fuel markets, unproven technologies, or the need for extensive new infrastructure. …
  • Communities and local officials – Manufacturing, installing, and operating equipment to process, store, and transport RNG creates jobs. Those Green jobs generate tax revenues. RNG qualifies for several types of tax credits and other incentives. …
  • Federal incentives – The Internal Revenue Service Section 45 Production Tax Credit is available to producers who convert biogas to electricity, while the Alternative Fuel Excise Tax Credit is available to producers of vehicle fuel. RNG produced from landfill gas or biogas produced at farms or WRRFs qualifies as a cellulosic biofuel under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). …
  • State incentives – RNG may also qualify for state incentives, the most valuable of which are credits under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Oregon’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). Both provide significant price support for RNG produced with a low carbon intensity (a reduction in CO2 emissions as compared with the status quo).

Historical Alternative Fuel Prices

Cleaner Energy Investments - fuel pricing- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) can be made from Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
This graph illustrates historical prices for the alternative fuels included in the Alternative Fuel Price Report from 2012 to the present, relative to gasoline. Compressed natural gas (in GGE), propane, and ethanol (E85) have been graphed against gasoline prices.

Cleaner Energy Investments

Landfills that use “Landfill Gas” – Today!

Suisun City, Callifornia, USA

Landfill and generators in California- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

How Trash Becomes Energy
The gas created and captured in a Landfill is used for energy production! From methane to megawatts, Potrero Hills Landfill operated by Waste Connections is harvesting gas emissions as a renewable energy source for electricity since 2016. Almost forty percent of the power for homes and industry in the City of Suisun comes from the Potrero Hills Landfill. It produces enough electricity to supply approximately 10,000 homes.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

gas to electricity generators at a landfill in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

How does the City use Landfill Gas?
Since 1992, the Clover Bar Landfill has been capturing landfill gas to produce electricity. Enough gas is captured each year to satisfy the electricity demands of approximately 4,600 homes. To date, over 101 gas wells have been drilled into the landfill’s decomposing waste, which are connected to a pipe network that conveys the gas to a Landfill Gas Recovery Plant, owned by Capital Power, on the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) site where it is cleaned of impurities.  For the first 10 years the cleaned gas was piped to a nearby Epcor electrical generating station.  In 2005 Epcor built smaller generators right next to the Landfill Gas Recovery Plant.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Waste & Recycling Workers Week
When you throw out your garbage, recycling or organics, do you ever stop to think about the journey it’s about to take? You might be done with it, but for some people, it’s just the beginning. Every year, June 17 is Waste & Recycling Workers Week and we recognize our amazing staff and partners of the solid waste industry.

1 minute – Waste & Recycling Workers Week: Landfill & Landfill Gas
  • Containers and Collections crews
  • our Environmental Protection Officers 
  • our Landfill crews
  • our Landfill Gas facility crew who are literally converting waste into electricity;
  • our Compost Depots and Recycling Operations crews
  • our external partners from SWRCSARCANSARRCBCBC and GFL Environmental……….a waste management company that understands the connection between Waste and Climate Change.
3 of 5 minutes – GFL Environmental: Changing Waste Management for a Sustainable Future
Customers, communities, and policymakers are increasingly looking to waste handlers for real-world, net positive solutions that reduce the impacts of waste disposal and promote a circular economy.

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), United Arab Emirates

Tadweer hires consultants for landfill gas to energy project

recycling in United Arab Emirates- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!
Recycling Center in Abu Dabi

August 2022 – …To understand the potential business case of landfill gas to energy conversion, Tadweer has launched a feasibility study for one of its waste management facilities in Abu Dhabi, located at Al Dhafra.

The landfill in Dhafra treated over 25,000 tons of waste last year, with nearly half of the waste extracted for the purpose of reuse and recycling. By also using the landfill’s gas, the waste management facility would take a next step in upping its environmental efforts.

Landfill gas to energy
According to data from several leading waste management institutes worldwide, solid waste landfills are one of the largest human-generated sources of methane emissions. Reducing methane emissions from landfills is therefore one of the most effective ways for waste companies to lower their CO2 footprint.

The first Dutch bio-LNG installation: Construction has started

(LNG = Liquid Natural Gas, which is the way that “natural gas” is shipped from region to region world wide.)

November 2020 – …The development of this production location in Amsterdam Westpoort paves the way for Dutch bio-LNG. The three initiators each fulfill a role. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands, processes this waste and converts it into biogas. The Nordsol installation then turns this biogas into bio-LNG. Finally, Shell sells this bio-LNG at its LNG filling stations.

Cleaner Energy Investments in the Netherlands- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

First dutch bio-lng installation produces millionths kilogram
May 2022 – The Netherlands’ first bio-LNG plant has now achieved a production milestone of one million kilograms, enabling about four million kilometers of sustainable transport with heavy-duty trucks. For initiators Nordsol, Renewi and Shell, this milestone is an important proof point that “sustainable” heavy-duty road transport is possible, today.

Nordsol’s bio-LNG plant produces 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year and captures 6.3 kilotons of biogenic CO2.

As a renewable replacement for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), bio-LNG offers similar advantages versus diesel, including reduced carbon dioxide emission, lower engine sound, lower nitrogen oxide emission, and significantly less particulate matter emission. Well-to-wheel, the GHG emissions balance of bio-LNG can be even negative, depending on feedstock and production methodology. A Cleaner Energy Investments!

Cleaner Energy Investments

Saving the planet and “picking fights” in the process

Climate change provisions in new
U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
antagonizes allies

February, 2023….Economists fear “a subsidy war” could erupt. In 2020, the EU passed the European Green Deal, which set aside €503 billion for Cleaner Energy Investments over the next 10 years. In January [2023], European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen laid out a New Green Deal Industrial Plan to counter the IRA (that Al Gore suggests will reach $1.2 trillion in incentives), which increased the EU incentives from the original proposal. … Japan and South Korea also have incentive programs of various sizes and structures for green industries.

A race to the bottom to attract green industries, the argument goes, will lead to duplication and waste. So what? The world needs as many Cleaner Energy Investments as can be mustered; any waste from competing subsidies will be utterly overwhelmed by the costs of climate change. …. More importantly, the classic argument about comparative advantage — let China produce solar panels as it can make more for the same amount of money — misses the key point: China created that advantage and there are geopolitical advantages, not calculable, that flow from that laissez faire mentality.

in 2022 also Australia, Brazil joined in…………………………..

Cleaner Energy Investments around the world- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Cleaner Energy Investments

Can “Public-Private Partnerships” move the Landfill Gas to Energy potential to clean our air?


How Upgrading the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure Can Help Build a Sustainable Future for New York City

- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Public-private partnerships (P3s) are collaborations between government agencies and private-sector companies that are used to finance, build, and operate public projects, including infrastructure. …. While P3s can be useful instruments for public works projects, they should be entered into carefully, with a thorough understanding of capabilities, expectations and terms on both sides. … In New York private entities are expressing interest in partnerships that involve a much longer-term funding approach than in the past. This is an additional factor in favor of a P3 approach.

- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

5-6 December, 2023 – The P3 Conference is a part of P3C (a division of Access Intelligence) attracts owners, public works leaders, city managers, and industry. Attendees also include federal administrators representing transportation, water, defense, housing, health, and social infrastructure across the country. 

UNECE announces winners of its PPP and infrastructure award 2023
As part of the Seventh UNECE International PPP Forum, UNECE organized a competition to showcase the best public-private partnership (PPP) and infrastructure projects that contribute to the circular economy agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The winners included: The third place going to a Waste-to-Energy project in Dharan, Nepal, that is contributing to reducing landfilling by 75 percent. 

- Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Dharan, Nepal’s Venture Waste to Energy company produces Bio gas from garbage using proprietary Anaerobic Digestion technology. This gas can be used as substitute for petrol and LPG. Venture Waste to Energy (Vw2E) Pvt. Ltd. a private company working on a private-public partnership with the Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, is Nepal’s first municipal solid waste to energy project providing innovative end-to-end solutions for sustainable waste management.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3)
Before deciding to pursue or enter into a P3 agreement, the public entity should carefully analyze the potential P3 agreement, including all financial impacts.

1:51 minutes – Selangor for Future EP1: Public-Private Partnerships
Selangor actively engages industry players and stakeholders to continuously drive sustainable economic growth through strategic planning and collaboration with Selangor, the Golden State of Malaysia.

Cleaner Energy Investments

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Cleaner Energy Investments! Time To Invest In Your Landfill!
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