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- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW

The Plastic Pollution in the Oceans comes from RIVERS! …………… Close-the-Tap!
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Ocean Cleanup: 80% of the world’s Plastic Waste comes from 1000 RIVERS,
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Where to place an INTERCEPTOR™ in a RIVER?
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80% of the world’s Plastic Waste comes from 1000 RIVERS

As reported in the last post on the Ocean Cleanup project; Rivers are the main contributors of the ocean’s plastic pollution.
They are the arteries that carry waste from land to the ocean. Ocean Cleanup research found that 1000 rivers are responsible for roughly 80% of the pollution.

The Ocean Cleanup aims to tackle those 1,000 rivers before the end of 2025.

Doing it now!
Already started !

Looking for Operators…. at least 1000 of them world wide!


Interceptor™ jobs- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW

The Interceptor™ is The Ocean Cleanup’s answer to stop river plastic waste from entering the oceans. They are already to scaled up and can operate world wide.

It is 100% solar, extracts plastic by itself, and is capable of operating in the majority of the world’s most polluting rivers.

Four Interceptors™ have been built to-date; two systems are already operational in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Klang (Malaysia). A third system is in Vietnam for the Can Tho in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam), while the fourth is going to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). In addition to these locations, next Thailand has signed up to deploy an Interceptor™ near Bangkok, and further agreements are nearing completion including one in LA Country (USA), kick-starting the scale-up.

2:11 minutes – How the Interceptor works…



working in Jakarta- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW
Interceptor 001™, first generation, in Jakarta, Indonesia

The very first Interceptor™, our prototype, is currently working in the Cengkareng Drain in Jakarta. The Ocean Cleanup met with members of the government of Indonesia for the first time in 2016. We chose Jakarta as the starting place since DKI Jakarta already started cleanup operations in rivers here.


working in Malaysia- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW
According to our research, the Klang River is one of the 50 most polluting rivers worldwide.

The Klang River runs through Kuala Lumpur. According to our research, the Klang River is one of the 50 most polluting rivers worldwide. The local government recognized the Interceptor™ as a welcome addition to their own cleanup efforts, using barriers in the river to stop the plastic flow to the ocean. The intention is to deploy more cleanup systems throughout Malaysia.

Interceptor™ development- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW
working on the prototype in Jakarta

Seeking local operators for 1000 rivers !

Our vision is that local partners will operate the Interceptors™ to extract the plastic waste from the river and bring it to land. They will work together with responsible waste handlers to sort debris and recycle plastic.
A third system is in Vietnam to be installed in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam). The fourth will be deployed in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). Thailand has signed up to deploy an Interceptor™ near Bangkok, and further agreements are nearing completion including one in LA County (USA).

Dutch Scientist Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Taking On the World’s River Pollution Too January 2020 The Ocean Cleanup will help anyone looking to lobby their local governments for implementation of the Interceptor in their own rivers, which readers can explore by visiting the “Nominate your River” section of the organization’s website.

The Interceptor™ is:

  • 100% Solar Powered – NO Emissions – 24 hour operation
  • No help needed – no dirty work
  • Makes use of the flow of the river
  • Collects 50,000 kilos of waste/day
  • Dumpsters hold 50 c3m of trash per load – to garbage trucks
  • Some parts of the the Interceptor™ is made from recycled plastic
  • The Interceptors™ are on the internet, enabling automatic alerts to local operators once the dumpsters are full.
  • Cost per kilo of plastic to run an Interceptor™? You loose money if you do not use one!

- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW

Do you want to run an Interceptor™ Operation??

These questions and answers are from the Ocean Cleanup website.

Who operates the Interceptor™? For each deployment location, we will collaborate with a local operator and governments to ensure it is safely and legally implemented and that its operations are well-maintained.

Who will own the Interceptor™? We currently expect that the respective operator of an Interceptor will take ownership of the system. If necessary, ownership can be assisted through sponsorships or low-interest loans. Where local circumstances require a different solution to keep the momentum, we will look into it. For us, the impact is more important than the ownership. (and helping you to start operating)

How can I buy an Interceptor™? If you are an operator who can facilitate efforts to clean your local waterways, a local government who is ready to actively solve your river pollution problem, or a company who would like to fund this groundbreaking technology – with the aim of ensuring that less plastic enters our oceans from rivers – then we would love to get in touch with you about realizing this goal. Please reach us via our contact form

What are the technical specs and the size of the Interceptor™?   The system size is 8M x 24M x 5M with a waste collection (barge) capacity of 50 M³; it is fully autonomous with an off-grid power generation, remote monitoring dashboard, automated extraction control, 4G data uplink to the cloud, and more (see supplemental spec sheet for detailed technical information of the Interceptor™).
The Interceptor™ pontoon weighs 45.2 metric tons and the barge with the dumpsters weighs 10.2 metric tons.
For more details, see our river page and our spec sheet.

How do you know which rivers are the top polluted ones? Our research shows that roughly 1000 rivers contribute to 80% of the plastic that enters the world’s oceans from rivers. See our interactive map to see the top rivers.

Are you doing more research on river plastic pollution? Yes, we are. We know that rivers are the primary source of ocean plastic pollution. High-level modeling enables us to classify which rivers are most responsible. Find out more about more on our Research page and our recent publications on our scientific publications page.

How can my company or organization help The Ocean Cleanup? Thank you for wanting to help The Ocean Cleanup. We are open to institutional and corporate collaborations. Please contact us through our contact form.

I have a boat/own a research vessel and want to help. What can I do? If you’re planning on crossing a gyre and interested in collecting data, you can download our Visual Survey app to conduct visual surveys during your voyage.

How can I help The Ocean Cleanup as an individual? Besides monetary support, your relevant knowledge and skills may be a very welcome addition to The Ocean Cleanup. Our work requires not only scientific and technical expertise but also assistance with legal, commercial and policy matters. If you would like to get actively involved in our work, please visit the Careers page to see our current open positions.

prototype in action- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW

15 open jobs are on Ocean Cleanup’s Careers page , today, including jobs in:
Finance, business developers for global regions, computer skills, field workers, media, engineering and production skills

Where to place an INTERCEPTOR™ in a RIVER?

Interceptor™ rivers- Ocean Cleanup - INTERCEPTOR™ - 1000 Rivers to Clean Up! NOW

We have conducted research to know where the dirtiest rivers are and where to best place Interceptors™ in each river.

We determine the optimal setup on a case-by-case basis, based on flow-velocity, the width of the river, presence of a plastic “hot-spot” (A distinguishable, concentrated path of debris as it flows through the river), boat traffic, proximity to a delta, etcetera.

Working with government and local operators we will help to determine the best setup that produces the most effective extraction output and the least interference with vessel traffic in the river.

2:07 minutes – Lost Teddy Bear on the Interceptor? | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup
55 seconds – Interceptor by night | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

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