Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

Retrofit =  
to modify, change, remodel to a new purpose or need,
to modify equipment, to replace existing parts, etc., with updated parts or systems.

A fix to reduce Fossil Fuel worldwide!
Electric-powered heat pumps that both heat and cool to replace oil&gas. Use renewable electricity to power the electric-powered heat pumps.

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Huge Worldwide Demand !
Reversing Climate, One Home / Building At A TimeBloc Power

My Crazy Idea
Wait a minute! Let’s back up….and at Sea?
This OPT Buoy might work in a moon pool to retrofit ships?
Why ships of the future will run on electricity
…a list at the bottom of other posts about wind and waves and Retrofits.

Climate Retrofits Poster- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand
Urban Energy Retrofits

Better Buildings, Block by Block
<< This is what New York City is doing!
….all communities can!


World Green Recovery, CO2 reduction and lots more Jobs could go much quicker with Retrofits of existing buildings.

Huge Worldwide Demand!

city of NYC- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

Big Demand
“Urban Retrofits” is one solution that every community, worldwide needs to help us harmonize with planet Earth. Can your business get on-board?

What is Climate Retrofits?
Energy and water efficiency retrofits are upgrades, changes, improvements to a building, no matter what the size; Family Home, Rental Apartment Building, Office Building, etc.
The improvements reduce energy and/or water use and improve how your building operates; from something simple like updating the lighting in your common area to larger projects, like replacing your oil&gas boiler.

Lots of room for small businesses.
Can your business be part of this?

Let’s stop talking about it! >>> Let’s do it!
Great for every community on planet Earth!

Reversing Climate Change, One Building At A Time

Donnel Baird’s company went to the people, the coop owners, with a proposal. BlocPower offered to manage the building’s heating and cooling. The company would install new equipment, and put solar panels on the roof. “Solar panels aren’t just for rich people, or for White people. They’re for everybody,” Baird said.

The best part:  The residents wouldn’t have to pay anything up-front. And they’d be helping the planet, with lower greenhouse emissions.

FOR NEW YORK CITY, BlocPower developed a leasing system that offers these benefits to the building owner/s:

Climate Retrofits- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

BlocPower is a Brooklyn-based energy technology startup rapidly greening American cities. Since its founding in 2012, the company has completed energy projects in over 1,000 buildings and delivers results ahead of schedule and under budget. BlocPower uses its proprietary software for analysis, leasing, project management, and monitoring of urban clean energy projects and its customers are saving 20-40% on their energy bills each year.

Change your home to a Tesla!

2:02 minutes – Heat Pumps! Heat Pumps! Heat Pumps! Donnel Baird explains BlocPower

This is the way to go, Climate Retrofits!

1:56 minutes … Marina Del Rey, California – Heat Pump Install

This can be done anywhere in the World! There is no excuse.
Technology is here!
There are heavy recommendations that this is the way to go!

Heat Pumps*

  • June 2020 from the EAI
  • Policies have helped accelerate heat pump uptake since 2015.
  • More efforts needed
  • Electric-powered heat pumps – a powerful way to replace fossil fuels.
  • Heat pump market growth is uneven, most installations in new houses.

Reduce barriers to greater market adoption, particularly for the renovation market The share of residential heat supplied by heat pumps globally must triple by 2030. 
Deploying renovation packages involving both building shell elements and equipment upgrades would also reduce heat pump installation costs, which can make up around 30% of the total capital cost of an air-source heat pump and 65-85% for a ground-source pump.

Heat pump deployment should also anticipate the power system transformation required to meet the SDS. For instance, the options of connecting to on-site solar PV panels and participating in demand-response markets will make heat pumps more attractive. 

heat pump graph- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand
IEA, Share of households purchasing heat pumps for heating and hot water production in selected regions the Sustainable Development Scenario, 2010-2030, IEA, Paris The bright BLUE at the top – let’s do this faster

- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

In Hurricane Stricken New Orleans, a Solar Microgrid Kept the Lights on in This Apartment Building for Low Income Vets

Another hurricane, another power outage? In the state of Louisiana, one apartment complex is keeping the lights on—a beacon of hope in New Orleans….
St. Peter Residential apartment complex, which opened one month before the pandemic began, was built for emergency functionality using an 8-hour solar battery and a panel array on its roof—and it kept the units running after Hurricane Ida made landfall.

St. Peter Residential

A $7.4 million affordable housing complex, this project will likely serve as the first in the state of Louisiana to achieve net-zero energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created onsite.
Utilizing a combination of passive and active strategies, including a highly efficient *HVAC system, lighting controls/fixtures, and appliances, the energy demanded to maintain the health and comfort of occupants is minimal. In tandem with these interventions, a partnership between SBP and Entergy provided the means for 450 solar panels and a battery array capable of producing and storing the same amount of power required to operate the building year-round. 

Planet and People-friendly heating and cooling

International Energy Agency (IEA) – Heat Pumps are a proven way to provide secure and sustainable heating and cooling.
Heat pumps, powered by low‐emissions electricity, are the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating. Heat pumps currently available on the market are three‐to‐five times more energy efficient than natural gas boilers. They reduce households’ exposure to fossil fuel price spikes, which has been made all the more urgent by the ongoing global energy crisis.

Gradient – Welcome to the great indoors –
Comfortable ALL YEAR ROUND.
Until now, advanced heat pump technology has required professional installation with hefty price tags. Gradient brings it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-install package.
Our heat pump technology is the first of its kind. It’s powerful, efficient and planet-friendly — made for people who are not willing to compromise their values or aesthetics.

Four easy steps to ‘ahhhh’.
Our installation bracket enables you to install Gradient safely and securely without fear of dropping or breaking it — no tools required. It is designed to be installed by two laypeople — not professionals. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) installation approach generally takes about 15 minutes.

Here’s a crazy Idea, but maybe someone agrees with me!

Let’s think about another issue. Will electricity solve
the Shipping Fuel problem?

There are guys out there working on wave power from salvaged ships. They have big ideas.

One of the gargantuan projects:

Re-using Ships for Wave Energy captured offshore to connect to the grid. 

boat with series of moon pools- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

Dozens of moon pools could be cut into the hull of a repurposed oil tanker to turn it into a mobile power station
Generates Power, Water, and Clean Gases offshore from the World’s Oceans
The WaveShip has the capability to capture the the optimum wave density in any offshore location, convert the energy, store it, and transport it back to shore for use. 

- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

We can take some things from the oil&gas industry……

Could old oil tankers be repurposed as clean energy power plants?

moon pool- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

The hole is in the centre of the ship, directly below the derrick. It’s called a “moon pool” and is an essential part of our drilling operations. The drill pipe hangs from the top of the derrick, passes through this hole, into the ocean and all the way down to the seafloor.

We asked JR Operations Superintendent Steve Midgley how he’d explain this concept to a 10 year old.  Simple, he replied, just think of an inner tube.  It’s got a hole in the middle but doesn’t sink.  Even if you push it down, it won’t sink.  In fact, it will probably pop back up and hit you in the face!

What if these moon pools were produced with a kind of energy converter from physical to mechanical energy – up&down……
on a small scale
…just enough to retrofit
every boat-ship on the seas!

no need for other fuel!

On every boat in the place of
the fuel tank – a moon pool
pulsating with the waves
to generate electric power.

A Worldwide
Electric Shipping Industry !


per ship WAVE POWER

shipping lines on the waves- Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand
Ships going everywhere…..Big Demand to change their power source!

We can take some things from the oil&gas industry…

Can we take this Buoy that looks like it would work in a moon pool and get a retrofit unit designed (like the wave ships) to convert small boats to electric power?

PB3 POWERBUOY® – An Autonomous Solution for Persistent Power

The PB3 is specifically targeted to the ocean observing market needs, and delivers a continuous reliable power of 350 Watts for instruments, data analysis, telecommunication, and data transmission to shore. The stability of OPT’s spar and float design minimizing pitch and roll provides an exceptional platform for mounting directionally sensitive sensors or transmitters. As demonstrated in prior ocean tests, the buoy maintained a relatively vertical orientation of 10 – 15 degrees off vertical during storm waves.

Why ships of the future will run on electricity

December 2018 – … China has the first fully electric container ship – initially as a trial on Pearl River in Southern China. It is planned only for use on inland waterways, as the ship can travel a distance of just 80 kilometers. The 1,000 lithium-ion batteries on board weigh 26 tons and achieve 2,400 kilowatt hours. Norway is also working on an electric container ship: From the early 2020’s, the “Birkeland” will transport chemicals and fertilizer from the plants of manufacturer Yara to the port in Brevik. The company uses trucks for this at present – around 40,000 trips per year. The ship will transport 120 containers.

Dutch company Port-Liner is also building fully electric cargo ships. They will sail on inland waterways, including to Rotterdam port. They can travel for 34 hours on one battery charge. The batteries are in containers that are simply exchanged at the port, which means that they do not have to be charged immediately. Port-Liner plans to produce 15 electric ships for the Netherlands and Belgium in the coming years….

….Electric and hybrid ships need more efficient and lighter batteries for a breakthrough. While the energy density has increased considerably over the last 30 years, it is not yet enough to supply large ships with energy for long distances. Infineon helps overcome this obstacle: The battery units are becoming smaller and lighter, because the system efficiency is improving. They are utilized better with what is known as battery balancing. That means they work more efficiently. Battery balancing can increase the capacity and life of batteries by more than ten percent.

But the development of charging infrastructure and technologies for faster charging of the batteries is crucial. Here, too, products from Infineon can help: They can decrease the charging time considerably, for example, thanks to innovative materials such as silicon carbide (SiC). Silicon carbide can process higher loads and voltages than silicon – and it needs less installation space in the system because power dissipation is lower.

Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Ladies & Gentlemen with the engineering and creative knowhow!

On every boat in the place of
the fuel tank – a moon pool
pulsating with the waves
to generate electric power.

per ship WAVE POWER

posts about wind, waves and Retrofits / emissions renovations…..

I Say The Future Is VERTICAL Axis Wind Turbines!

WIND POWER Back Down To Earth – VAWT

Shipping’s Carbon Footprint – Your Small Business >> Your Vote
Wave Power Is Very Very “Energy Dense”!
Climate Retrofits On Land Or At Sea

Urban Energy Retrofits For Existing Buildings

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