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55 seconds – This power plant captures CO2 from the atmosphere

“The return on those “solar” and “wind” investments, if you calculated it, would blow the doors off anything in your portfolio. It’s like investing in early Apple. So it’s a spectacular story of success. And “direct air capture” is precisely the same kind of issue.” Can We, Are We Pulling in the Excess CO₂ ?

VALSER/Coca-Cola will be the world’s first company to use “CO2 from the air” for beverages.

Climate News
From: Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland
……………….. 13 Dec. 2018
VALSER/Coca-Cola to get its fizz from the air with Climeworks

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VALSER Brand Manager Jana Luecking:
“We are very excited to pioneer this promising initiative with VALSER. This is a brand that stands for sustainability and their policy of connection with the environment. Initially, it will be used for VALSER Sparkling, VALSER Sparkling Lemon & Mint and VALSER Viva.”.

This collaboration allows Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland to obtain the CO2 necessary for sparkling drinks from a sustainable source. At the same time, Coca‑Cola HBC Switzerland offers a market to further scale-up the technology. Very relevant to achieving the climate targets set by the United Nations.

VALSER, recently certified as the first CO2-neutral mineral water in Switzerland, will become the first brand to use this technology for its beverages.

There is a CO2 industry around the world producing CO2!


This is ridiculous! It is so hard for me to believe that there isn’t a more active effort to change this situation and get these CO2 producers to use the excess CO2 pulled out of our skies.

The industries that use CO2 are many! They even suffer from shortages at times… Take a look!:

We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

Climate News
From: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
……………….. 13 June 2019
Carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air

"direct air/CO2 capture"- “direct air/CO2 capture” >> Climeworks < Climeworks - ready for your ideas
The Fan on the left is a Climeworks unit feeding the CO2 to the refinery.

For the first time worldwide Researchers from ETH Zurich demonstrate the entire thermochemical process chain under real field conditions. The new solar mini-refinery is located on the roof of ETH’s Machine Laboratory building in Zurich.
How the new solar mini-refinery works
Firstly, the extraction of CO2 and water from the air. Secondly, the solar-thermochemical splitting of CO2 and water. Thirdly, their subsequent liquefaction into hydrocarbons. CO2 and water are extracted directly from ambient air via an adsorption/desorption process. Both are then fed into the solar reactor at the focus of a parabolic reflector. 
The synthetic liquid fuels release as much CO2 during their use/combustion as previously extracted from the air for their production.

Doing it now!  >>>>> Climeworks

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The developers say their “direct air/CO2 capture” collectors will pull in about 900 tons of CO2 annually — or the approximate level of CO2 released from 200 cars — and pipe the gas to help grow vegetables, supply CO2 for carbonated drinks, or among other things combined with H2O (water) to create fuel.

How Climeworks "direct air/CO2 capture" works- “direct air/CO2 capture” >> Climeworks < Climeworks - ready for your ideas
Supplying CO2 direct to a green house.

FAQs about the Climeworks COCollector

* What energy source does the technology require?
The majority of the energy required to run the direct air capture”direct air/CO2 capture” unit comes from low-grade/waste heat from almost any kind of source.
* Does the technology require a source of water?
No, the filter actually removes moisture from the air. The unit generates its own supply of fresh water. (Water vapor is another Greenhouse Gas (GHG).)
* What is the filter material?
The filter material is made of porous granulat modified with amines, which bind the CO2 in conjunction with the moisture in the air. This bond is dissolved at temperatures of 100 °C

Our modular design allows units to be built easily to any size depending on need. There is also the optionally to include equipment for liquefaction and purification of CO2 gas.

These will meet the highest standards in the food and beverage industry.
Our units are fully automated and can run autonomously 24/7.

We offer services ranging from remote service options to complete plant operations in certain regions to ensure good “direct air/CO2 capture”.

3:39 min ….May 31, 2017 …………that greenhouse in the background gets the CO2 from the collectors

“Our technology is simple and efficient.
It removes carbon dioxide from the air.”
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It is true that the Climeworks’ units are still very expensive…but there is only one way
to bring the price down….sales.
The more sales the less CO2 in the air.

“direct air/CO2 capture” – the most important technology

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