Color Your Work GREEN!

Go for the Green Jobs in your profession!

Are you worried that if you look for a job in the Green Companies, you might be going off the deep end? Your skills do not have to be Green! Too hard to find? Too strange? Not enough opportunities yet?


In this post:

Color Your Work GREEN!

Where are you in the Green Job Market?

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing

Color Your Work GREEN!

Green Jobs, Green Companies, Green Recovery is really taking hold.

The International Energy reports that, in energy jobs alone, already in 2019 the developed polluting countries worldwide had reached equal number of jobs between the polluters and the green cleaners.

energy jobs- Color Your Work GREEN! < Dismissed? Burned Out?
Energy projects for Color Your Work GREEN!- Color Your Work GREEN! < Dismissed? Burned Out?

We also know that since then the number of clean energy projects is skyrocketing.

Clean energy now employs more people than fossil fuels worldwide
according to the first edition of our new 
World Energy Employment report
The ground-breaking report finds that the number of energy jobs worldwide has recovered from disruptions due to Covid 19, increasing to above its pre-pandemic level of more than 65 million people. The growth has been driven by hiring in clean energy sectors, while the oil and gas sector saw some of the largest declines in employment at the start of the pandemic and has yet to fully recover, even with a spur of recent projects for new liquified natural gas (LNG) projects. 

The report is our first deep dive into global employment in the energy sector, providing an annual benchmark for employment across energy industries. It maps jobs by technology and value chains, and is intended to help policy makers and industry leaders understand the labour context of clean energy transitions. Read the report.

In the last edition of this newsletter, we highlighted the energy sector’s shortcomings in hiring and retaining female talent in its work force. There are on average 76% fewer women than men working in the energy sector, a much wider gap than the 8% difference found in the total workforce, according to a report we published in August.

Just consider the opportunities in this recent Innovations Newsletter from the Biomimicry Institute of all places.
Biomimicry = mimic nature, solve human challenges.
BUT look at what is happening!

Hello and welcome to the new Nature-Inspired Innovation newsletter!
A quarterly newsletters that focus on important industry news, and how it relates to nature-inspired innovation.
Updates from our portfolio companies such as completed projects, job openings, and funding news.
If you ever have questions, please send us a message to
 [email protected]. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The White House’s Bioeconomy & Nature-Based Solutions Initiatives
On September 12, the White House launched a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative (NBBI). We expect the NBBI to inject +$2 Billion into the bio-economy, with a large portion of that supporting novel research and startup technologies. For a full summary, read this article from World Bio Markets Insights

Furthermore, on November 8, at COP27 the White House announced their Roadmap for Nature-Based Solutions to Fight Climate Change, Strengthen Communities, and Support Local Economies. This Roadmap includes allocating $25 Billion in infrastructure funding, but perhaps even more importantly the Roadmap will create policies and guides for how government agencies should value nature and its role in managing and mitigating climate change.

2022 Q3 and Q4 highlights from participants in our Ray of Hope Prize and Biomimicry Launchpad [Out of the Lab. Into the Marketplace.] programs.
NEWS & UPDATES [These are companies that may need your expertise!]
GreenPod Labs (2022 cohort) named 2022 Ray of Hope Prize Recipient.
Intropic Materials (2022 cohort) selected as a finalist in TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield.
Cypris Materials (2020 cohort) closed their Seed round via Better Ventures.
Mycocycle (2022 cohort) announced their successful completion of an asphalt shingles remediation project.
Aquammodate (2021 cohort) selected as an Impact100 startup selected by Norrsken.
ECOSTP (2019 cohort) featured in DW about their decentralized wastewater treatment system.

Infinite Cooling (2021 cohort) is looking for several Engineers and a Head of Business Development (Boston).
Werewool (2020 cohort) is looking for 2 Research Scientists and a Research Assistant (New York City).
Mussel Polymers (2021 cohort) is looking for 2 Sr. Scientists, Research Associates, and a Production Engineer (Bethlehem, PA).
Tap HERE for more career opportunities. A spread sheet listing all the companies that have worked with the Biomimicry Institute, about them and what they do.

Nature-Inspired SUSTAINABILITY : the business case and where to apply it.
1. Innovation
A 2021 report from Boston Consulting Group and Hello Tomorrow, Co-designing with Nature, has been called the next industrial revolution that can affect ~ 40% of current global GDP over the next 30 years ($30 Trillion in economic activity). A disruption that could lead to annual business opportunities worth $10 trillion and create 395 million jobs by 2030 alone, according to the World Economic Forum.
2. Human Resources
Of the 120 million private sector employees in the U.S only 22% are engaged in corporate sustainability, that leaves huge potential for action waiting to be unlocked.
3. Marketing
Consumers are expecting brands to address climate change, with 42% of US consumers having already changed their consumer behaviors to better align with their environmental priorities, with ~20% going a step beyond and actively encouraging others to switch to more environmentally conscious brands.

YOU do not believe it?

Look here!
I have talked about the HUGE demand for e-waste Urban Mining = Recycling of e-waste. Just look at the number of jobs one company run by EX-Tesla CTO, who is now in the Urban Mining business wants to hire. This company was founded in 2017 and already, last time I counted, there were 154+ vacancies listed.

Circular Jobs Monitor

Color Your Work GREEN!  Job Monitor- Color Your Work GREEN! < Dismissed? Burned Out?

The workforce is a key lever for transformation towards the circular economy. To tap into this potential, we need data and evidence. Which jobs are already part of the circular economy? Where are these jobs located?
The Circular Jobs Monitor provides answers to these questions by gathering and displaying data on the number, range and location of jobs that are part of the circular economy around the world. The Circular Jobs Monitor is a product of Circle Economy and part of a joint initiative of Circle Economy and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Here is an example of one such nation wide discussion:

The Future of Work – Scotland

Baseline Employment Analysis and Skills Pathways for the Circular Economy in Scotland. 

‘The Future of Work: Baseline Employment Analysis and Skills Pathways for the Circular Economy’ report by Zero Waste Scotland and Circle Economy is the first assessment of its kind. It provides vital data on how sustainable the nation’s workforce is now – and how to drive progress forward by creating valuable new jobs and businesses to forge a truly circular economy.   

As Scotland moves towards the new green recovery, the future world of work looks very different. … Read The Future of Work report. 

The report also highlights key opportunities to make the leap from one in ten circular jobs, to ten out of ten by pioneering a range of exciting new roles – and developing the skills Scotland needs to turn those job opportunities into reality. Three key priority areas of work were identified to help forge the green recovery – construction, bioeconomy and capital projects – such as decommissioning Scotland’s oil rigs and wind farms.  

Small Businesses support Millions of Jobs worldwide.

Color Your Work GREEN! Small Business jobs- Color Your Work GREEN! < Dismissed? Burned Out?
Small Retailers Support Millions of Jobs in the U.S.

This is true of the WHOLE WORLD,
not just USA.

  • 95% of businesses worldwide are small business and employ the most people.
  • Worldwide, small businesses often turn into the future big businesses.
  • This is just as true in dedicated sustainable businesses………….
    Look at the case of Ecovative LLC:

Ecovative was launched in 2007, when New York-based founders Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre began experimenting with mushrooms at university. Gavin, co-founder and now CCO tells me, “When Eben and I started the company it was just the two of us. By the end of 2008 there were six of us full-time at Ecovative.  Today, Ecovative alone has over 100 employees and our sister company, MyForest Foods has another 30+. All in the wonderful world of Mycelium.”

30 seconds – Stop Global Warming by Growing Styrofoam with Fungi – Oct 20, 2008

By 2011, they occupied a tiny warehouse space. Over time, they moved to a factory twice the size across the street, then took over another section of that warehouse strip. By 2015, they grew out of that environment and reached across the river to Troy, NY. Using the leftovers from agriculture that would otherwise go to waste, their Mycelium Technology replaces plastics, leather, meat, and other “unsustainable products” with 100% mycelium.

The new Green Businesses must learn completely new ways of doing business with years and years of persistence and cultivating new consumer cultures. Ecovative offers a stunning glimpse into the business and environmental potential of the Circular Economy.

I already talked about this issue in my other post:
Burned Out? Color Your Future Green! With Planet Earth

You will find other information and ideas there, such as:

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  • at the bottom, other posts about Green Jobs & Careers

Color Your Work GREEN!

“In economics…, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could.”

Rudiger Dornbusch

This is finally happening in the Green Job Market!

When the pandemic hit and the job market was going crazy, I went through my posts and looked for companies that were looking to hire. As the pandemic continued, I updated the information in the following list of posts. You will find links to the vacancy page for the companies………….. and I bet most of them are have more vacancies! Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #1
updated: 23.3.2021
Green Job and/or Money: Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Germany, NY, California, EU, Africa, Japan

What Is A Green Job? Green And Other Colors.

updated 23.3.2021

Green Jobs: Caterpiller, Ikea, IBM …………

Color Your Work GREEN!
2022 – Green Jobs, Green Companies, Green Recovery is really taking hold.

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #2

updated 23.3.2021
Green Jobs: USA, India, UK, Australia, Ukraine, WorldWide, New Zealand, Canada, Asia, South Africa, EU, Brazil, Indonesia

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #3

updated 23.3.2021
Vacancies: Across Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Liberia, lots World Wide, Uganda, Illinois, USA, UK

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #4
updated: 20.3.2021
Vacancies in: New York, California, New Jersey, India, Global, Australia, UK, Madagascar, Kenya, Guatemala, Washington DC, San Francisco, Uganda, Around the World, Michigan, Vermont, Remote, Switzerland

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #5

updated 23.3.2021
Vacancies in: California, Singapore, USA, International, remote, South Carolina, UK, Canada, Global, New Jersey, EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Virginia, World Wide

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #6

updated: 23.3.2021
More Jobs by how Green the company: UK, Germany, World Wide, New Zealand, Washington, San Francisco, Berlin, Beijing, India, and South America, Squamish, B.C., Global,  Midwest, Israel, Belgium, France, Austria, New York, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Romania, USA, Work from home

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #7
update: 22.3.2021
Vacancies by how Green the company: UK, New Jersey, Switzerland, USA, California, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, France, Germany, Colorado, remote, Ireland, EU, Stockholm, New York, Washington DC, BeijingEU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Virginia, World Wide

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #8
updated: 22.3.2021
Vacancies in:  New York City, 6 global locations, Paris, Hamburg, Around the World, California, USA locations and Beijing, USA, Canada, UK, Onsite or Remote Possibilities, Oregon, Belgium, Austria, India, New Jersey

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #9
updated: 23.3.2021
Vacancies by how Green the company: USA and Canada, World Wide, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #10
updated: 22.3.2021
Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: USA, Canada, UK, EU, Asia Pacific, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Indiana, Germany, Austria, Poland, Chicago & St. Louis,  Global, Berlin, New York City, San Fransisco, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Sweden/Israel, Australia

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #11
Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: Germany, Australia, Global Rivers!, 27 Countries, North America, South America and Europe, USA-NASA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Nevada, Virgina, California, Isle of Wight, Japan, China, UK, Global, lsrael, Minnesota, India

Green Jobs? Prepare For This New Challenge #12
updated: 22.3.2021

Vacancies by how Green the company:  Israel, Global, Illinois, South Africa, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, France, UK, and……., Washington DC, Toronto, Germany

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