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How does COVID-19 enter the body?
Graph: Social Distancing is So Important
A little exercise each day
It is a Person/Human Being, that brings something that you need.
Consider some kind of “thank you”
the Loop – sustainable delivery


COVID-19 empty street- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

Updated every minute,
17-year-old whiz kid’s Covid-19 site
used by millions

A teenager from the Seattle area has built a website that is keeping the world updated on the COVID-19 pandemic as it spreads. The website,, has been visited by 12 million people since it launched in late December.

Computer whiz Avi Schiffmann, 17, spends much of his time these days constantly updating and improving the website, which automatically scrapes data from reliable sources from all over the world. The site, which originally updated every 10 minutes, now updates every minute to provide the latest statistics on the number of confirmed cases, serious cases, deaths, and recovered — both worldwide and in each country — in real time. The site also hosts an interactive Google map, a Twitter feed, information on the disease and its prevention, as well as tips for preparing for quarantine situations.

COVID-19 website- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now? … from the Wiki page with information
ON CHROME the site translates with Google Translate

How does COVID-19 enter the body?
Understanding how the virus gets inside of us and where it goes might help us judge how we each can find our own way to ward off infection.

Only a small percentage of people are really affected by COVID-19. Most of the danger is related to pneumonia, or an inflammation of the lungs caused by infection, although there is still much uncertainty about how the viral infection spreads and progresses in the body.
Symptoms appear 2-14 days after exposure, the Centers for Disease Control said. The early symptoms are usually a cough, fever and shortness of breath, and look a lot like the flu or common cold.
The virus circulates through droplets in the air spread by coughing or sneezing, and enters the body through the mouth, eyes or nose.
It can remain viable on surfaces for hours to days, and may be able to enter the lungs directly when inhaled.
After entering the body, the virus spreads to the back of the nasal passage and to mucous membranes in the throat, attaching to the body’s cell receptors.
The viral particles hook onto the outer walls of the host’s cells, the virus’s genetic material breaches the cell membrane, and it then hijacks the cell into making more copies of the virus. The virus copies proliferate, break out of the cell, and infect other cells in the body. A single cell can churn out millions of copies of the virus before it dies.

COVID-19 – Why?

- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

If it will help you keep calm to know that there is an end to this pandemic, try this:

COVID-19 Is Slowing Down, Humanity Will Survive, Says Biophysicist Michael Levitt

- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?
Nobel laureate, Prof. Michael Levitt, unexpectedly became a household name in China, offering the public reassurance during the peak of the country’s Covid-19 outbreak.

The calming messages Levitt sent to his friends in China were translated into Chinese and passed from person to person, making him a popular subject for interviews in the Asian nation. His forecasts turned out to be correct: the number of new cases reported each day started to fall as of February 7. …

When Levitt started analyzing the data on February 1, Hubei had 1,800 new cases each day and within six days this number reached 4,700, he said. “And then, on February 7, the number of new infections started to drop linearly and did not stop. A week later, the same happened with the number of the deaths. This dramatic change in the curve marked the “median point” and enabled better prediction of when the pandemic will end. Based on that, I concluded that the situation in all of China will improve within two weeks. And, indeed, now there are very few new infection cases.”

…New numbers were being reported every day by various entities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Levitt started sending regular reports to his Chinese friends, and their popularity led to interviews on Chinese television, for example on CNN-equivalent CGTN. Based on the diminishing number of infection cases and deaths, he said, the virus will probably disappear from China by the end of March….

China did great work and managed to gain complete control of the virus, Levitt said. “Currently, I am most worried about the U.S. It must isolate as many people as possible to buy time for preparations.”


Just Do It!

If you are like me and not used to washing your hands all that often, I find one way to make it more of a habit is to just start again and do it more often than you are used to.

From zen habits:
We’ve tried to form some powerful habits, and they work for a little bit, until they fall off. But we can always come back. In fact, coming back to a habit might be the most powerful habit of all. Coming back, over and over again. It’s the nature of our minds to fall off habits. Sometimes it takes a dozen attempts before it really clicks. Sometimes more. Falling off the habit isn’t a problem — it’s just a part of the experience of shifting patterns. The problem is that we think we should never fall off a habit, and so we let ourselves get discouraged. You might somehow fall off doing it, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing it altogether. Just start again the next day! You know it will be good for you.

As we do what is needed to overcome this pandemic by limiting our contact with other people, we can think clearly and find ways to cope.

A little exercise each day

4:13 minutes – 「ヒューマン体操」フルバージョン動画☆特別公開中☆
“Human gymnastics” full version movie ☆ Special release ☆
Now that you can’t go out easily, work on daily exercises to train your brain and muscles at the same time. ☆ What is Human Life Care’s Dementia Prevention Program?
The “Dementia Prevention Program”, which Human Life Care is working on at nursing homes for the elderly. Among them, the full version of “Human Gymnastics”, which was developed as an original gymnastics that trains the brain and muscles at the same time, is now being specially released!

I have been thinking about how to get food when I run out. Also, how not to go to the grocery store, if I can avoid it?

COVID-19 Another Inconvenient Truth
We are ALL doing this World wide!


In the municipally connected small town of Arabs and Jews that I live in, in northern Israel, the population is almost 21,500. It is like another country up here and it is relatively small. Still, even here, there are supermarkets that deliver groceries. One of the pharmacies will prepare your order, via telephone, so that it is ready for you or someone else? to pick up.

Looks like the world is going to need a lot of Car drivers and Bike riders.
Are you looking for work?

If you are looking for work right now – during this Pandemic – you might find a temporary job delivering food, etc. to people in quarantine, for the next number of months.
There are a lot of people unable to work at their regular jobs. Some of them must stay in quarantine, isolation, and others can move fairly freely. Those that can move freely and need work! Can you help with delivery work to bring necessities to those that are in Isolation?

Like with DoorDash

Delivering good to…Customers, Dashers, Merchants
Earn extra money for your goals
Achieve short-term goals or long-term goals driving or biking with DoorDash.
Choose your own hours
Unlike full-time jobs or seasonal gigs, when & where you work is up to you.
Freedom to dash anywhere
Deliver near your home or in a city you’re just visiting.

Think about the welfare of those that deliver.

Is it Ethical to Order Delivery During a Pandemic?

11 March, 2020
Delivery workers are at the vanguard of the “social distancing” practices that have arisen in recent weeks. 
People are being encouraged to stay home to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Should they ask others to bring them food? 

Mostafa Maklad and delivery workers like him help with the “social distancing” practices that have arisen in recent weeks with the pandemic. As the new coronavirus continues to spread around the world, many are adapting to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says will be a “significant disruption” to their daily lives.

Orders on APP platforms like Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash have surged in recent weeks as more people must shut out the outside world.

On Monday, Amazon notified customers that Prime Now deliveries would take longer than usual because of the rising demand. As many other gig workers are facing decreasing requests for things like ride-sharing and dog-walking, the rush for delivery can mean good things for income. But it also raises an ethical question: Is it OK to hire someone to assume a risk you don’t want?

The answer is more complicated than you might think. On the surface, it seems obvious to not do something that could compromise someone’s health, especially when officials are urging people to keep their distance. At the same time, independent contractors don’t get paid time off or sick days; not hiring them cuts into their livelihoods. Organizations like Gig Workers Rising have started petitions to pressure companies to offer more benefits to their workers, and over the weekend The Wall Street Journal reported many companies—including Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash—were discussing ways to compensate gig workers. … Until they do, though, hiring gig workers is still an option for many people. It just requires being conscientious.
For one, think about the health of the person you’re hiring, and what the risk levels are in your area. “At the end of the day, they’re on the frontlines in terms of exposure and risk,” says Lauren Casey, one of the lead organizers of Gig Workers Rising. … When it comes to deliveries, services in the US are offering protections for customers like “contactless” drop-offs, where workers leave items for people to pick up. But that doesn’t necessarily protect the deliverer from anything they come in contact with along the way.

Consider the Person who is delivering what you need.
For people ordering delivery and courier services, another important thing is to just be nice. Some delivery workers have seen a boon to business, but have been unhappy with the way customers have treated them. “A lot of people don’t understand the limits of our abilities,” says Robert, who works for Instacart, Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash in central West Virginia. (He asked that his full name not be used.) He’s declined a few Instacart bids recently because he knows that the grocery stores in his area have been ransacked. For every item he can’t fulfill on an order, Instacart refunds the customer ……and his tip—usually a percentage of the order total—goes down. “If half the items on the list are gone, you’ve just lost half of your pay,” he says. Plus, customers don’t tip as well or give good ratings when that happens.

It is a Person / Human Being, that,
………….thanks to Her/Him
you are getting something that you need.

Consider some kind of “thank you” especially now!

Have something ready to give her/him.
>Some coins nearby – a Tip
>A box of Sterile or non-Sterile disposable examination gloves to take from
>Small bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitiser – to hand out
>a bowl of apples for the driver to choose from
>>….and most important A Big Grateful Thank You!

But no hand shake!

DoorDash, Grubhub (delivery services) Tell Workers Worried About Covid-19 to Really Wash Their Hands This Time
3 March 2020
But one serious reality of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on workers—particularly those for whom human-to-human contact is part of the job—many of them will be exposing themselves simply by continuing to perform their jobs.

Symptoms can appear up to two weeks after someone has been exposed, meaning that a courier or cab driver could have an interaction with an infected person who simply doesn’t know they’ve got the virus. That driver could continue to work, spreading disease, for another two weeks before they show symptoms—and so on, and so on.
Some companies, like Uber, have urged their couriers not to work if they’re worried about the risks of coronavirus. But workers still need income, and many will likely continue working despite any risks to their health and the health of others by being in constant contact with clients and customers. Gizmodo reached out to several delivery companies to ask about how they’re directing delivery workers in response to the outbreak. Like Uber, many appear to be winging it.
Grubhub – In an FAQ on its website, Grubhub recommends its workers practice good hygiene and stay home if they feel sick. It also recommends cleaning insulated delivery bags “with soap and water and/or disinfectant after you are done delivering for the day.” It further advises workers not to touch a customer’s delivery order and asking restaurants to tie or seal bags containing food.
DoorDash – In a copy of a notice to Dashers shared with Gizmodo by the company advises its workers to cough or sneeze into their elbow or a tissue, keep their hot bag and vehicle clean, and stay home if they feel sick. A spokesperson for the company said in a statement. “We are closely monitoring this situation and have shared the CDC guidelines with Dashers and merchants. We will remain in close contact with them as we learn more.”

Look for delivery services in your area


COVID-19 delivery- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

Postmates says it will start ‘non-contact’ meal deliveries during the Covid-19 outbreak
6 March
Food delivery platform Postmates is starting what the company is calling a “non-contact delivery” initiative designed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus when its contract workers are delivering ordered meals and other goods.
“Today, we’re introducing Dropoff Options, which will give our customers the ability to specify how they’d like to receive deliveries,” reads a new blog post from the company published Friday. “Customers can choose to meet their Postmate at the door, as they have before, meet curbside, or go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door.” Postmates says you can add the non-contact delivery option during checkout if you skipped the prompt when first opening the app today.


logo- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

Instacart Groceries delivered – USA and Canada – online or get the APP
Find 1,000’s of products from the stores you already shop at.
We make deliveries in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more.
Popular products— delivered to your front door!

Instacart says demand is surging amid the Covid-19 outbreak, and it will now offer grocery deliveries without human contact 6 March 2020

Instacart said Thursday that its sales growth rate was 10 times higher this week versus the prior week. The sales growth rate increased as much as 20 times in certain states, including California, New York, Washington, and Oregon. 
Hand sanitizer, vitamins, powdered milk, face masks, and canned goods are among the most popular items people are buying, the company said.
With this increase in demand, Instacart is rolling out a new service called “Leave at My Door Delivery.” The service allows Instacart shoppers to choose to receive grocery deliveries without being present.
Instacart designed the service to give more flexibility to shoppers who may not be home at the time of their deliveries. It may also appeal to shoppers who are concerned about limiting contact with others during the coronavirus outbreak.

The company also said it’s closely monitoring the spread of coronavirus and plans to “serve the entire Instacart community safely, while also ensuring our customers have access to uninterrupted delivery and pickup services for the groceries and household essentials they need.”

Contactless delivery, online grocery shopping and other ways home-bound Chinese are trying to get food and stay safe February 2020
Challenges from the virus

Meituan, Hema and Dada (delivery services) have announced an in-app feature for contactless delivery, allowing the courier to leave an order in a convenient spot for the customer to pick up, without having to interact.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut brands also launched a similar option for delivery. Parent company Yum China said in a statement to CNBC that the brands are testing out a feature in China for ordering online, and picking up in-store without contact. Meituan said it is trying something similar.

In many areas, couriers can no longer send packages straight to the door. Instead, they must call customers to pick up parcels from the front gate of the apartment complex, which can sometimes be a several minute walk away from the customer’s unit.
“It certainly lowers efficiency,” Ruichuang Chen, a courier, said, according to a CNBC translation of his Mandarin-language remarks. One of JD’s selling points is same-day or next day delivery.
While most people are at home and will fetch packages quickly, Chen noted that other customers may be asleep or not understand the policy and are unwilling to pick up deliveries. In order to make sure customers get their packages, Chen said he starts his day around 7 a.m. and keeps going until all the parcels are delivered.
Overall, industry representatives and analysts said logistics companies were operating fairly normally outside of areas such as Hubei, the province that has been hit hardest by the virus. Many businesses have also participated in accelerating delivery of medical supplies and other necessities to Hubei and the city of Wuhan through special channels.
But for most of the country it may take a few days or even weeks longer for orders to arrive, given the postponed re-opening of many businesses and quarantined cities. Earlier this week, some cities such as Hangzhou — where Alibaba’s headquarters is located — also stepped up inter-city highway closures and said households should only send one person out to buy goods every two days.
Alibaba’s logistics affiliate Cainiao said it “will deploy workers according to the specifics of government policy on returning to work.” That’s according to a CNBC translation of the Chinese-language text.

I just found an update about “Loop“:

delivery- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

They’re Fixing The World’s Plastic Problem Using
‘The Milkman’ Concept – All Your Favorite Products

Loop launched in Paris and New York one year ago as a company that ships customers their favorite products packaged in reusable stainless steel or glass containers to be collected later for cleaning and refilling—just like your grandfather’s milk.

According to the Business Insider 2018-2020 report on online grocery shopping, 10% of consumers utilize online grocery store options, while the market value of these services doubled from $12 billion in 2016 to $26 billion in 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down.
It’s possible that in the next ten years thanks to companies like Loop, all the benefits of the friendly neighborhood milkman will be resurrected to create a healthier planet for all.

sustainable delivery- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

We knew the Loop Tote would see a lot of miles
So we partnered with UPS, the world’s leading logistics company, to create an ultra-durable, flexible, repairable, and functional design that could withstand being shipped and returned many times over.

sustainable delivery- COVID-19 Are these issues Still Relevant? Now?

Coming Soon Around the World
In partnership with major brands and retailers, Loop is currently available in the Nationwide United States and Paris and UK. In 2020, Loop‘s expansion will continue internationally, including, Canada, Germany, and Japan.


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  1. Hi Lesley,

    Isn’t that Avi amazing? Following the Virus since DECEMBER, and it took the Orange Disaster until March to acknowledge it. Amy Goodman did a great interview of the lad on Democracy Now recently.

    My other comment is about delivery persons. My son Sam, whom you met, does art work for a wine shop who asked him to deliver. Liquor sales in NYC have shot up, as I suppose everywhere else. I’ve been grateful that he rides his bike instead of taking the subway, but his wife Aimee, whom you haven’t met, and I are freaked out by the risk to health. But of course, as freelancers they need the money. He says he is in a proper mask and gloves. The NYTimes ran an article yesterday on how immigrants are doing this heroic work in the City. Unsung heroes, huh?

    You sound great. This is a most useful issue, but they are all terrific.

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