Critical Minerals & Rare Elements! ….. COLOSSAL WASTE RUSH

Recycling “Used Renewables” – more critical elements not to waste!

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Solar panels are a pain to recycle. These companies are trying to fix that. 
Millions of solar panels have been installed in the last two decades—and since they typically last between 25 and 30 years, many will soon be ready for retirement and probably headed to a landfill.

ROSI Solar is a company offering innovative solutions for recycling and revalorization of raw materials in the PV industry. The technologies allow to recover ultra-pure silicon and other metals currently lost during the production of photovoltaic cells and at the end-of-life of solar panels.

Critical Minerals & Rare Elements from renewables- Critical Minerals & Rare Elements! ..... COLOSSAL WASTE RUSH - Page 2
During the process of slicing the wafer thin silicon ingot, more than 40% of the material is lost as micro-chips of silicon flushed by a sawing liquid. The sludge created this way is called “kerf” and is composed of ultra-pure silicon. Unfortunately, it is currently considered as waste and is discharged at the manufacturer’s expense.

Dead Solar Panels Are About to Become a Lot More Valuable
– from $170 Million to $2.7 BILLION Market by 2030

The demand for recycled solar photovoltaic (PV) panel components is set to skyrocket in the coming years as the number of installations surges and the threat of a supply bottleneck looms. … PV recycling is still in its infancy but is seen as an essential element of the energy transition, with solar PV waste projected to grow to 27 million metric tons per annum by 2040. … A growing demand for minerals is projected, meaning recycling can be a supply relief as panels reach the end-of-life stage.

Organizations helping to capture the Critical Minerals & Rare Elements

Paris, France
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We can assist at every stage in the disposal of WEEE and handle all the complexities, making things as simple as possible. Our solutions help you meet or surpass national standards and provide the best value for your business needs.
Using our experienced operations team and pan-European network of licensed waste carriers and treatment operators, ERP can arrange for the collection and treatment of WEEE from member sites.

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EIT RawMaterials is an Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Recycling will have to evolve from a side stream to a major pillar of raw materials supply if we want to protect our planet and make business sustainable. End-of-life products must be considered as a resource for another cycle.

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It is the objective of EIT RawMaterials to secure a sustainable raw materials supply by driving innovation, education, and entrepreneurship across European industrial ecosystems.

EIT RawMaterials has been mandated by the European Commission to lead and manage the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). The ERMA partner network includes: Primary Raw Materials, Advanced Materials & Intermediate Products, Final Products, and Recycling. We have six Innovation Hubs covering Europe in a geographically balanced way to offer physical proximity to more than 120 partners from leading business, universities and research & technology organisations coming from over 20 EU countries.

EIT RawMaterials project to improve the recycling of Critical Raw Materials for Europe from e-waste EU project RENEW supports circular economy by turning waste into resource. Also, EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups


New ‘Urban Mining’ Tools Map Valuable Resources
in EU’s e-Waste, Scrap Vehicles, Mining Waste

2:33 minutes – ProSUM – Prospecting Secondary raw materials in the Urban mine and Mining wastes

A number of dynamic charts allow the user to access detailed data and market intelligence on:

  1. The Urban Mine representing the number and type of products placed on the market, in-stock (in use and hibernated) and generated as waste.
  2. The Compositions specified for key components, materials and elements, such as aluminium, copper, gold or neodymium, contained in batteries, EEE and vehicle products.
  3. The Waste Flows, including reported collection amounts, estimates for small batteries and EEE products in unsorted municipal solid waste, certain complementary batteries and EEE recycling flows, exported used vehicles and unknown whereabouts of vehicles, batteries and electronics.

Critical Minerals & Rare Elements Demand


Recycling is projected to grow faster than mining or materials use
While the recycling sector is predicted to grow faster than mining or minerals use, the report states that ‘the strong increase in demand for materials implies that both primary and secondary materials use increase at roughly the same speed’.

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January 2022 – The effects of the war in Ukraine are felt in many ways – the one that is probably most pervasive in the daily lives of people around the world is rising prices. Russia and Ukraine have a significant influence on the world economy due to their role as suppliers of a number of essential raw materials. These include fossil fuels, agricultural commodities as well as several metals.

The latest OECD Economic Outlook states that while exploding prices and supply disruptions have significant repercussions for many economies, emerging and developing countries dependent on grain deliveries are especially vulnerable to these changes as the current situation in Somalia shows, from the Voice of America (VOA).

Recycle it all, no matter how small!
Critical Minerals & Rare Elements

Due to their small size, items such as cell phones, electric toothbrushes, toasters and cameras are often discarded incorrectly, and they make up a significant proportion of the 8% of all e-waste that is thrown in waste bins.

#ewasteday will take place on 14 October 2022 and any e-waste related awareness raising activities are welcome to be part of it: from social media, TV and radio campaigns to city or school e-waste collections or even artistic performances. Consider Joining!

YOU can see all the videos from this post on the WASTERUSH YouTube channel here:

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Critical Minerals & Rare Elements! ….. COLOSSAL WASTE RUSH

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