Cellulosic Ethanol – Corn Waste to Energy – – A Clean Winner

Cellulosic Ethanol

- Cellulosic Ethanol – Corn Waste to Energy - - A Clean Winner

Doing it Now !!!!!!!!!!!

Royal DSM, is a global science company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM has set a goal called “Strategy 2021” which addresses the company’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with focus on Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy, and Resources & Circularity.

cellulosic ethanol in 2021 – this technology is working today!

5:08 minutes – POET: Growing the Distance

A “Waste Rush” ?
One Success Story >>>> Sustainability in Action

3:35 min Professor Jack Pronk’s quest to produce a truly sustainable biofuel
2016 – I think, at the moment, biofuels are the only credible, sustainable alternative to petrol.  I study micro-organisms in an industrial context, specialising in the use of baker’s yeast for all sorts of applications in industry.  Baker’s yeast is used in beer brewing, wine fermentation, making bread, but recently it’s also become dominant in producing chemicals and fuels in a sustainable manner.

POET-DSM Cellulosic Ethanol*

EMMETSBURG, IOWA (September 3, 2014) – POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, LLC, today proved its revolutionary technology that converts “agricultural residue” into renewable fuel at its first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

A partnership, started in 2012 between POET, LLC, Ethanol Producer and Royal DSM built their first factory deep in the heart of the USA Midwest.  They have ensured a plentiful supply of corn stover = that part of the corn plant left over after harvesting.  The farms around the facility were checked for responsible harvesting.  Removing ~25% of corn stover is optimum and creates a new income stream for farmers.

1:00 min – Brothers

A Full Effort to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions with cellulosic ethanol

cellulosic ethanol- Cellulosic Ethanol – Corn Waste to Energy - - A Clean Winner

POET-DSM’s critical mission is to put cellulosic bio-ethanol at the same price level as grain ethanol, the most competitive renewable liquid transportation fuel on the market.

“Some have called cellulosic ethanol a ‘fantasy fuel’, but today it becomes a reality,” said Jeff Broin, POET Founder. This new facility will lead the transition from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy.

Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM said: “This is a historic day in the future of plant-residue-based cellulosic ethanol as a viable, commercially attractive alternative to gasoline.  We are moving from the fossil-age to the (bio-)renewable-age. For DSM this is a strategic investment, applying our proprietary technology to commercial scale, to repeat around the global as we open up our cellulosic ethanol licensing business.”

38 seconds – People of POET – Katie Wiseman

*February 2018, a writer for Forbes wrote that the cellulosic ethanol industry was nothing but lots of “talk”. This might be true. As far as Geoff Cooper, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association is concerted… last year “was a tough year. And when you’re doing everything right, but can’t catch that break, it’s easy to become frustrated.”

When I note multinational companies like DSM getting very involved with cellulosic ethanol, I wonder where their calculations come from. A number of facilities by other big and small companies are, also, under construction. They must think that there is a future in cellulosic ethanol.
As far as gasoline for cars, the future may be finite. Yet, projects like POET- DSM produce diverse products for a variety of industries, not just one. And old gas cars may still be around for quite a while ……….

*The reduction in green house gas (GHG) emissions from corn ethanol and cellulosic ethanol compared with fossil fuels is drastic. Corn ethanol may reduce overall GHG emissions by about 13%, while that figure is around 88% or greater for cellulosic ethanol.  As well, cellulosic ethanol can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to nearly zero.

cellulosic ethanol the basic process

1:42 minutes – How Ethanol is Made

and the future of cellulosic ethanol?

Ethanol to Electrons
Biobased Backup
While the potential for using volumes of ethanol in utility-scale power generation is tantalizing, Davis says the more immediate application is likely to be using ethanol to replace diesel in backup generators. “First of all, [ethanol’s] cheaper than diesel, even though its energy density is a little lower. And it’s greener. Why wouldn’t you switch that diesel tank out to ethanol?”

DSM and their many partners work to deliver science-based, sustainable and scalable solutions that face up to the challenges our world faces today.
DSM wants to secure natural resources and unlock more value from the limited resources that are available. 
We are a market-oriented company active in health, nutrition and materials. We focus on the needs of customers and end-users across some 17 global markets – from animal and human nutrition & health to textiles & clothing and more.

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