“eco-anxiety” – And More Climate Refugees all the Time!

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Climate Change has Entered the Therapy Room

February 2022 – Ten years ago, psychologists proposed that a wide range of people would suffer anxiety and grief over climate.
Skepticism about that idea is gone.

2:24 min – My Eco-Anxiety Story

How can we help kids cope with ‘eco-anxiety’?
April 2022 – …If a child asks questions about climate change, first find out what they have learned about the topic, Caroline Hickman, a psychotherapist at the University of Bath in the UK advises, including whether they are reading scaremongering stories online. Then, “tell her it’s a brilliant question”, she says, and add: “I want you to feel proud of those feelings. Because you only feel that anxiety or worry because you care about the planet.”

Consumers suffering from eco-anxiety is a growing “captive audience”. It is time for all small businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and give these people the information they need to buy their votes for planet Earth. There is an easy way to show them how, by explaining to them the basics of the Circular Ecomony.

“I’d barely ate or drank anything in a week — I was a mess. I didn’t know this was affecting other people, I just thought I was the crazy one.”

eco-anxiety- “eco-anxiety” – And More Climate Refugees all the Time! < < < < < <
Jessica Swan had a week-long anxiety attack after the IPCC climate change report came up last year and had to seek treatment. (Mikaela MacKenzie photos / Winnipeg Free Press)

It was when Ms. Swan began talking to crisis center therapists, that she realized she was not alone in her extreme concerns about the state of the planet. … “I learned that others were dealing with the same fears.”
Ms. Swan soon discovered she was dealing with what clinical psychologists are now referring to as “eco-anxiety”. The number of people dealing with anxiety over environmental issues is on the rise around the world.
Eco-anxiety can be split into two categories: people worrying about natural disasters, or on a larger scale, worrying about the state of climate change and our planet as a whole.
One step Ms. Swan has taken to prevent her eco-anxiety is to do what she can to prevent climate change at a personal level — she has adopted a zero-waste lifestyle where her family makes sure they throw out as little waste as possible.

Climate News

From: BBC………………..Published:  27 March 2019
‘Eco-anxiety’: how to spot it and what to do about it

Duncan Geere, who edited a report which details achievable steps, says: “I totally understand why people might feel powerless in the face of climate change. It feels like anything you do is totally insignificant compared to the scale of the challenge we face. …. However, while acknowledging that “political leaders and big businesses bear the bulk of the responsibility,” he outlines three things that you can do, as an individual, to help make a change, and get some control over your feelings.

  1. “Firstly, make climate change a factor in the decisions you make around what you eat, how you travel, and what you buy.
  2. Secondly, talk about climate change with your friends, family and colleagues.
  3. Finally, demand that politicians and companies make it easier and cheaper to do the right thing for the climate.

But Governments and Companies are taking Action!

1:58 min Global Climate Action Summit – Sep 16, 2018

As Concerned as Ever About Global Warming

Gallup Poll 2021
About six in 10 U.S. adults (59%) continue to say the effects of global warming have already begun to happen, and a similar proportion believe pollution from human activities is more to blame than natural causes for the Earth’s rise in temperature over the past century (64%).

- “eco-anxiety” – And More Climate Refugees all the Time! < < < < < <

All these folks are not mentally ill.
They are awake to real concerns that are only now beginning to pinch our pocket-books and erode the comforts and conveniences of our daily lives that we’ve come to take for granted. They are the tip of an iceberg……..

But it might increase mental illness – How Air pollution is doing more than killing us
In the future, police and crime prevention units may begin to monitor the levels of pollution in their cities, and deploy resources to the areas where pollution is heaviest on a given day.

This may sound like the plot of a science fiction movie, but recent findings suggest that this may well be a worthwhile practice.

Why? Emerging studies show that air pollution is linked to impaired judgement, mental health problems, poorer performance in school and most worryingly perhaps, higher levels of crime.

1:55 min Stepping Up Climate Action!
Dec 20, 2018 We are stepping up climate action! A message for ambition, of hope and with inspiration from the UN Climate Change Conference COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

It is taking a long time, but COP 28 has finally been able to admit the words “fossil fuel” into their agreement in 2023.

1:47 min – COP28 climate summit ends with deal to “transition away from fossil fuels”
Dec 14, 2023 Delegates at the COP28 International Climate Summit on Wednesday agreed to move away from fossil fuel consumption in a first of its kind deal.

Slowly but Surely we can see the end to eco-anxiety

This is a series of posts about promoting Eco-Ethical USER EXPERIENCE (UX) to ward off the “temperature ticking time-bomb”. Can we make it easier for us all to master the art of “climate conscious buying”?
The Words
The Eco-Anxiety
Product Design Review – Form should still follow Function

The APPs – The different kinds
>Transportation APPs
>Clothing, etc. APPs
>Food APPs
>Carbon Footprint and more kinds of APPs
The Gases
We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

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