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eco Single-Use

How you Vote, is “How You Buy.”
How you Buy, is “How You Vote.”

The only way that eco single-use table-ware, etc. are going to come down in price is when enough people are buying them, instead of the bad ones. You are voting for planet Earth! When you buy eco single-use, you are affecting the sales of the bad ones. They will soon run out of business and start producing eco single-use. And the price of the eco single-use will begin to go down and down and down.

Do not tell me that they are not
available in your local stores!

Vote for planet Earth!

Do not tell me that you can’t find “eco Single-Use” your local stores or your country. I will not believe you. All you need to do is ask and you will find that they are almost everywhere! I speak from experience, in my own local town in the middle of no where, in northern Israel. We are an Arab & Jewish municipally connected town.

I went to one of the stores that sells single-use stuff in the commercial center and asked for eco single-use. They directed me to a section of their shop that had shelves of eco single-use. I did not compare the prices.

Then I went to one of the super markets in our town and asked them for eco single-use and they also directed me to shelves of eco single-use stuff.

So there you are!
If you have not asked in the stores in your town about eco single-use, then you do not know if they have it.

And if by some chance, you do ask and do not find, there may be a website in your country that sells them!

I found 4 websites that sell eco single-use, here in Israel.

And all you Single-Use Stores, out there!

There are lots and lots of suppliers now! You can find some in this post, and this post and below in this here post.

we sell marquee- eco Single-Use – Huge Variety Now on the Market! < <

You need to put a big sign outside your store and let people know that you sell eco single-use.

If you are still looking for suppliers, maybe I can help you.
Here are some……………….

eco Single-Use


Ecoware is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly products that are 100% natural, biodegradable and easily affordable.

1:24 minutes Rhea Mazumdar Singhal, Founder & CEO of Ecoware
eco Single-Use tableware- eco Single-Use – Huge Variety Now on the Market! < <

Bowls, Boxes, Cups, Cutlery, Plates, Trays
Ecoware is India’s largest consumer brand for sustainable food packaging. All our products are made from the waste of common agricultural crops such as sugarcane and wheat. We set up India’s first manufacturing facility way back in 2010. Consumers now recognize the Ecoware brand as the standard for healthy, safe and environmentally responsible packaging.
We convert common crop waste into sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, preventing the damage to the environment that adversely impacts human health. 100% of our revenue is derived by applying principles of the circular economy. We have 12 sales partners globally, 23 distributors in India and 500+ point-of-sales shops.

It is possible to order a Sample Kit of our products. Please contact us to find the nearest representative company to you.


Sugarcane Ecoware Co., Ltd (SEW) is located in Thailand – a world leader in the production of paper pulp from Bagasses and protective molded paper pulp to packaging for medical, electronics, computer, food and beverage containers. Service and telecommunication to worldwide markets.  More About Our Product…

eco Single-Use

There are some especially innovative products coming on to the market…..

New Zealand

eco Single-Use cups- eco Single-Use – Huge Variety Now on the Market! < <
The Twiice cup

Air New Zealand trials edible coffee cups to reduce waste

Air New Zealand has begun trialling vanilla-flavoured edible coffee cups for customers in the air in a bid to reduce waste.
Customers both on flights and on the ground will be served their coffee in these vanilla flavoured leakproof cups that double as an edible dessert bowl.
The airline currently serves more than eight million cups of coffee each year, and so far the cups have been a hit with the customers, according to Air New Zealand customer experience manager Niki Chave.
“We’ve been working with the New Zealand company ‘twiice’.

1:55 minutes – EAT YOUR CUP! Air New Zealand Trial Vanilla Flavoured Edible Cups!
logo- eco Single-Use – Huge Variety Now on the Market! < <
edible coffee cup

The deliciously unexpected cup
Handmade in New Zealand in small batches, the Twiice edible cup is no-waste and no dishes. You won’t find anything artificial in it either — we only use real ingredients, free from additives and preservatives!
We know what you’re thinking though — won’t my drink leak or spill, or won’t the cup crumble like any other biscuit would? Nope, not at all. The twiice cup is leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer. So bite into that vanilla-flavoured goodness and be satisfied that one less takeaway cup will end up in New Zealand’s landfills. If you’re interested in more info, get in touch with Jamie directly at
[email protected]

South Africa

Here’s another way to cut down on plastic pollution: Eat your bowl

1 of 2 minutes – MunchBowls

South African startup Munch bowls has created a biodegradable bowl made from wheat, which you can eat as part of your meal. The bowls are vegan, can hold hot soup for up to 5 hours and have a shelf life of 15 months, according to the company.

Tastes great, no waste!

The edible crisp wheat ……
Munch bowls are able to hold any food even hot soups for more than 5 hours, maintaining it’s crispness and shape.

>15 months and more if kept sealed in a cool dry place.
>If needed to restore crispness, place in oven for 3 – 5 minutes at 70° – 100° C 
(158° – 212° F)

>250ml Bowl, 100ml Saucer and 30ml Canape in Plain and Sweet flavours
>100ml Saucer – perfect fit for a burger patty and to bake quiches and tarts

Inspect our raw ingredients that are carefully chosen to produce a wholesome edible product.
Live life consciously, together we can make a difference !
Georgina de Kock – MD, Cape Town,
[email protected]

How to avoid PLASTIC?

The Edible Dish, Bowl and cutlery market has really taken off!
Do a google search for:

edible bowls and tableware 2024
You will find information about the market, but you will also find lots of suppliers. I am sure you will find some close to your region of the world.

eco Single-Use

I would be very happy to assist you in finding eco Single-Use suppliers in your area!

The Winners!
The first Industry that can go completely Circular…NOW!
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Eco Single-Use

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