What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

Let’s review.

>>In Nature, After Use:Dead tissues break down and are converted into simple organic forms;food for new life.
>>In Industry, After Use: Break-it-up, dismantle it, separate materials, disassemble it, take it apart into its various materialsand ready them as new feed-stocks for new production.

Recycling and Reuse!
Closing the Loop – The Life Cycle of ALL things

The part that makes it a Circular Economy

In this post:
Without decay, we would overflow with plant & animal “remains”
Decomposition is the first stage = recycling
Recycling business is beginning to turn profitable
There really is an urgent need to accelerate recycling.
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What makes an economy Circular?

1:37 minutes of decomposition TO NEW LIFE

Decomposition, Decay, Atrophy

- What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

The Circular Economy wants to put the last part of Nature’s Life Cycle back into industry. The part that we humans have to re-evaluate.
The part of the circle of life, most people ignore!

Bio-degradation; a vital process in nature.

…plays an essential role in the breakdown of organic matter, recycling it and making it available again for new organisms to use – for new life.

Without this decay, the world would overflow with plant and animal “remains” and already………………..

landfill of non-recyclable fiberglass wind turbine blades- What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !
Hundreds of non-recyclable fiberglass wind turbine blades are pictured being buried and piling up in a landfill

Planet Earth is overflowing with man made “remains”, that we must learn how to recycle and reuse.
……. NOT bury in a landfill!

That starts with Decomposition.

is the first stage in Nature’s recycling of nutrients/energy/things.

Nature’s unsung heroes of recycling
The species that carry out the process of decomposition, breaking down are known as detritivores. Detritivore means literally ‘feeders on dead or decaying organic matter’ – you could say recyclers.

Detritivores are tiny, and their function happens gradually in most cases, over months or years. But together they convert dead plants and animals into forms that are food for new life – you could say new feedstock.

1:42 minutes of detritivores working on a fish – NOTICE THE DIFFERENT KINDS!

[Like recyclers,] many of these decomposer species function in tandem or parallel with one another. Each is responsible for a specific part of the decomposition process. Collectively they are known as the detritivore community – yes, you could say the recycling company.

Tel Aviv, Israel
UBQ makes an economy Circular- What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

“Waste is not the end,
it is the beginning of a truly circular economy.”

Jack (Tato) Bigio
Co-Founder and Co-CEO,
UBQ Materials Ltd.

1 minute – Turning Trash Into Plastic Products – UBQ Materials by Tato Bigio

An elegant solution to an urgent problem: converting
landfill waste into a resource.

After you have pulled out everything that can be a new feed stock, the rest goes to UBQ

A world without waste

Recycling is beginning to turn around and become the important part of the Circular Economy that it is. Here is an example of what it can be….

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
logo- What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

Dealing with waste, one of the most important businesses to get into today! And there are so many possibilities for doing this business, depending upon your experience and interests.



RoadRunner operates under a shared-savings model. Unlike other waste haulers, our goals are completely aligned with those of the customer – to make waste & recycling more cost-effective and reduce the amount of material send to landfill. >>>>> We do not make money unless we save our customer money.


In most cases, RoadRunner reimburses your business for the value of your recycling materials via cost savings, based off a benchmark, in your recurring monthly invoice.


Yes, we include a ‘performance out’ clause in our agreements, which states that a customer can leave the contract if we are not able to achieve savings. Our contracts begin as ‘month-to-month’ and transition into 36-month agreements (standard for the waste industry) upon us achieving the savings for your business.

58 seconds – RoadRunner Recycling: Hear from our founder Graham Rihn – Recycle More, For Less!

Bio-degradation / Composting are vital for the function of ecosystems including the Circular Economy.

Decomposition/Recycling feeds new growth. A renewed appreciation of their importance will help humans protect and sustain ALL ecosystems. This appreciation may even provide inspiration for alternatives to theAnthropogenic mass that drives human culture today.

Everything is healthy food for something else.

1 minute – Vermicompost – Life in the compost bin


It’s a way to design, make, and use things within planetary boundaries. [>>Harmonizing with planet Earth.]

Shifting the system involves everyone and everything: businesses, governments, and individuals; our cities, our products, and our jobs.A “new model”, a new operating system to re-think our world economy, our way of thinking, ways of doing business and producing products. By deliberately focusing on waste and designing it out of our products, keeping products and materials in use as long as possible, and regenerating natural systems we can reinvent everything.

What will it take to transform our throwaway economy into one where resources are circulated, waste is eliminated, and nature is regenerated? A way to transform our economic system from The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

There really is an urgent need to accelerate recycling!

For 1st time,
human-made mass now outweighs life on Earth

December, 2020 – …Estimating changes in global biomass and human-made mass since 1990, the research showed that the mass of human-produced objects stood at just three percent of the weight of biomass at the start of the 20th century.

But since the post-World War II global production boom, manufacturing has surged to the extent that humans now produce the equivalent of the weight of every person on Earth every week on average.

2020 likely marked the moment when human-made mass tipped higher than biomass, according to the study published in Nature.


A Man-made Planet ? The amount of human-made (anthropogenic) mass, has now exceeded the weight of all life on Earth, including humans, animals, and plants.

Anthropogenic mass is defined as the mass of solid objects made by humans that have not been demolished or taken out of service. [Those that have been demolished or taken out of service are] separately defined as anthropogenic mass waste.

Every year, we extract almost 90 billion tons of raw materials from the Earth. .

Can We Work It Out?
As the world population continues to increase, so does the pressure on the natural environment. It is an unavoidable fact that consumption will increase, but in an era of net-zero policies and carbon credits, accounting for the human impact on the environment will be more important than ever.

3:28 minutes – Welcome to the Anthropocene https://globaia.org/anthropocene availble in 9 languages: Arabic Chinese French German Hebrew Japanese Mongolian Russian Swedish
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – CLICK THE CC FOR SUBTITLES……..
2:00…..But our creativity, energy, and industry offer hope.  We have shaped our past. We are shaping our present.  We can shape our future.  You and I are part of this story.  We are the first generation to realize this new responsibility.  As the population grows to 9 billion we must find a safe operating space for humanity.  For the sake of future generations. Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Earth Overshoot Day for 2022, has not yet been determined. Will it be worse than 2021 or better.

1:07 minutes – What is Earth Overshoot Day? 🌏☄️ | WWF-Australia

Earth Overshoot Day was 29 July, in 2021. It’s the day human resource consumption for the year has exceeded the earth’s capacity to regenerate enough to supply human demand, and it gets earlier each year……………..

The possibilities for Positive Change are enormous!We don’t have to waste, the waste.

33 seconds – 2013 Eureka Prize for Commercialisation of Innovation finalist OneSteel
Tires and Plastic Recycling – in the manufacture of Steel

Waste; Our Assurance of future Resources
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