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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) started in 2010 and has become a leader on the road to a circular economy.   EMF’s goal is to encourage decision makers across business, government and academia world-wide to take up the circular economy.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF)has already built a very large body of companies, governments and researchers interested in closing-the-loop and saving resources.

Ms. MacArthur

Ms. MacArthur remembers, “My boat was my world, I was constantly aware of its supplies’ limits and when I stepped back ashore, I began to see that our world was not any different. I had become acutely aware of the true meaning of the word ‘finite’, and when I applied it to resources in the global economy, I realised there were some big challenges ahead.”  
The world is running out of raw materials.  
We need to capture our waste.

1:42 min

Climate News
From: EMF News Letter
………………..24 January 2019
UPDATE: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos


WEF 2019, Davos for EMF
>EMF releases another report: Cities and Circular Economy for Food
>5 EMF CE100 members win 5 of the seven Circular Awards.
>Two more companies join the CE100 Network
The Enel Group, has set a zero emission target for 2050, to increase renewables capacity and to circular de-commission thermal plants (Futur-e project). The Enel Group, of around 69,000 people worldwide is one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise has set a transformation target to increase the energy performance of their product portfolio 30 times by 2030, and focus design for easy customer repair, upgrade, or reuse.

What is the CE100?

The ultimate Networking organization for the Circular Economy – CE100

Set up to assist companies to collaborate, build capacity, circulate, and learn with other key organisations worldwide.

Collaboration and Collaborative projects (Co.Projects)

  • Two-day acceleration workshops held twice a year focus on cross-company and cross-sector collaborations
  • Co.Projects are set up by members, for members, to develop research or pilot programs

Capacity Building

Capacity building activities assist members with the knowledge and skills to place circular practices in their business. Among the tools offered are:

  • Exeter Centre for Circular Economy, Exeter University: The Circular Economy Masterclass offers business executives the opportunity to learn direct from leading experts in the field. It assists participants to develop skills on how to introduce “circular” into their business as fast as possible. >> Online
  • Online >> The e-Learning Tool for Business Leaders is set up in five sections. The first is an introductory overview module showcasing the value of a circular economy in over 30 minutes. This continues with four 15 minute modules which talk about circular systems in the areas of R&D, Supply Chain/Procurement, Marketing, and Strategy/Finance.


Most Important! A strong network of experts and practitioners to push forward the transition to a circular economy. Members network to advance understanding, share best practices, and develop collaborations. These activities include:

  • CE100 Member Directory and CE100 Member Book – with an overview of all member organisations, their circular activity, and key contact details.
  • cello – the matchmaking app for CE100 members
  • Annual Summit – This one-day event showcases senior level and C-suite representatives with the latest cutting-edge thinking. It is an opportunity to share leading case studies. A wealth of networking time is at its essence. Summit Videos:
7:17 min Julie Wainwright – The first billion dollar circular economy company? 2018 Summit
4:00 min 2018 Summit — https://www.entocycle.com/

Research and Insights

  • CE100 Library resources include the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Company reports. Other helpful materials comes in the form of white papers, case studies and feasibility studies showing how the circular economy works in practice.
  • Global Partners, Knowledge Partners are leading businesses across key sectors that can show circular activities at scale. These Global Partners are the pathfinders within their respective industries. They are exploring the potential of the circular economy as a source of value creation.

CE100 Members include corporations, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), governments and cities, academic institutions and affiliates.

The first step toward change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance.

Nathaniel Branden

The EMF is entering the Acceptance stage already. Companies are joining the CE100 at a faster rate and mobilizing Co.Projects at a quickened pace. Research and then tools to make changes starting with the most urgent industries that need to go circular.

EMF continues to develop as many path-ways as possible to inspire as many people as possible to re-think the future as circular.

circular economy
Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy
3:48 min
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCRKvDyyHmI

The Online Disruptive Innovation Festival – an online discussion is one of EMF’s informal education programs.
EMF’s (2012) video* was watched 80,000 times in the first week. It remains YouTube’s most viewed video on the circular economy.
EMF’s many training/learning platforms, both formal and informal, emphasize Online Study and cutting edge technology.

“Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy.”

Want to contact the foundation? https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/contact
The Foundation’s website in other languages:

To accelerate the ideas of a Circular Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has developed connections world wide. The Pioneer Universities are one of these connections. They include:
University of Bradford
Cranfield University
Delft University of Technology
University College London
Arizona State University
University of São Paulo
University of Exeter
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