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circular economy- Ellen MacArthur Foundation & The Best Explainer Video < <

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation  (EMF) has already built a very large body of companies, governments and researchers interested in closing-the-loop and saving resources.

Ms. MacArthur - Ellen MacArthur Foundation & The Best Explainer Video < <

Ms. MacArthur remembers, “My boat was my world, I was constantly aware of its supplies’ limits and when I stepped back ashore, I began to see that our world was not any different. I had become acutely aware of the true meaning of the word ‘finite’, and when I applied it to resources in the global economy, I realised there were some big challenges ahead.”  

The world is running out of raw materials.  
We need to capture and re-use our waste.



The foundation released this fun, three-minute animation on the Circular Economy model back in 2011. The video has been watched thousands and thousands of times. It was watched 80,000 times in its first week. It remains YouTube’s most viewed video on the circular economy.

I have been looking for translated versions, So far, I only found a version in Spanish.

This, here, is the main version in English.

3:49 minutes – Explaining the Circular Economy and How Society Can Re-think Progress | Animated Video Essay

But there are lots of Subtitled Translations!

Subtitled versions of Re-thinking progress.
This work is part of the Amplifying Voices team.

Just click on the link for YOUR LANGUAGE !!!

These subtitles come from:

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- Ellen MacArthur Foundation & The Best Explainer Video < <

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Get inspired by new business models

Policies and Strategies that demonstrate how we ALL can fundamentally change the way we do business.

EMF‘s collection of case studies presents circular economy success stories from around the world, showing how businesses, governments and cities are transforming our economy into one that works for people and the environment. Here are 3……………..

Mud Jeans, recycles the production of Jeans and really uses many of the ideas that you heard about in the Re-thinking Progress Video……..

3:44 minutes – Laura Vicaria from MUD Jeans on their circular business model | The Circular Economy Showhttps://mudjeans.eu/ – The Netherlands

Other examples of sustainable businesses:

7:17 min Julie Wainwright – The first billion dollar circular economy company? 2018 Summit
https://www.therealreal.com/ – USA


4:00 min 2018 Summit — https://www.entocycle.com/ – London, UK

EMF continues to develop as many path-ways as possible to inspire as many people as possible to re-think the future as circular.

“Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy.”

Want to contact the foundation? https://ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/contact-us
The Foundation’s website is in other languages:
Español Português 简体中文

Here is the video in Spanish!

3:49 minutes SPANISH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RstFV_n6wRg

To accelerate the ideas of a Circular Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has developed connections world wide. The Pioneer Universities are one of these connections. They include:
University of Bradford
Cranfield University
Delft University of Technology
University College London
Arizona State University
University of São Paulo
University of Exeter
and other posts about EMF:
Ellen MacArthur Foundation & the Best Explainer Video
EMF accelerating the Circular Economy Transition

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