Questions you might Ask:

If you are confused about what this blog is all about, maybe these questions and answers will make it clearer.

??? I still do not understand what this blog is about?  What the heck is this blog about?

This blog was set up to encourage and help small and medium size businesses join and catch up with all the companies who have joined the Circular Economy, the “waste rush”.  The posts that I have published so far, may give light to some of the issues involved in dealing with industrial, etc., waste and how that relates to the whole question of climate changes and resource reclamation.

I am retired. This is my next career. I have the time, interest, energy, technical network and background to help look for the kinds of information you might need to get started. Or maybe, I can help, if you have come up against a snag, a problem, difficulty, tight spot. I will use the web and my technical network to search for an answer for you. All you have to do is ask me. The worst that can happen is that I will not find exactly what you need.The best that can happen is that you will get answers to serious questions.

??? Is your service FREE?  if yes, Why?

YES, my service is FREE.  OK, I know what you are thinking.  People do not value something when they get it for free.  In fact, you are not so tempted to ask me a question, if my services are free.  It seems to reduce the value of what I offer.

With all the other re-thinking you need to do, this is something else you need to re-think.  I am a concerned citizen of planet Earth.  I am retired with time to use.  I want to help people find what they need to deal with this huge problem of climate change and dwindling raw material resources.

This site is Open RE-Source …. give it a try !
If you take a look at the long list of organisations / companies that google works with on the basis of “open source”, you can understand what “networking” is today, = collaborate – share – network.
The content of my blog is “open Resource”,  open – to encourage – to collaborate if I can – solving small but real problems for almost anyone.
Open Resource….  free of charge.   If the subject is something that I think others would like to know about, I will negotiate with you to write a post about it, that does not self-destruct your privacy.

I hope you will tell your friends about my service, if you find it useful.  I am not looking for your repeat business.  We have to get this planet working again.  Let your friends know that I might be able to help them, so we can accelerate re-thinking and then “re-doing“!

??? If you want us to ask questions, what kind of questions can I ask?

Almost anything. I will tell you, honestly, if I can not help. Ask something like:

1. I don’t have time to put my “industry under the microscope to see what changes are creeping in”. Could you look for me?

2. Give me an example in my industry of “Don’t Dump, Sell my (name a waste).

3. I have a pawn shop in my town and I get all these appliances that could use a little re-manufacturing. If I set up a re-manufacturing operation for used appliances, I could re-sell them below the price of a new, but still covering the cost of any necessary repairs, etc.  Do you know where I could get the information to set up such an operation?

4. I have an idea for …….  I have tried it and it works well.  Then I tried it with 10 different families and fixed some of the bugs.  I am ready to document my work and look for funding to develop it.  I live and work in …  I would like to find organizations that may be interested in helping me with a project like mine; advice, support and funding?

5. Mycelium/Mushrooms – what do you think would make a good business from mushrooms in my city/county?

6. Do you know how I can contact the people who are collecting the plastic in the Ocean Cleanup?

>>>or, ask questions about:
*What’s the biggest Environmental problem you want to solve?
*What’s the biggest Circular Economy challenge you are trying to overcome, right now?

??? If I ask a question, is my request confidential?

YES! COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL! I have no intention of broadcasting you information. If I find someone who can help you, it will be your responsibility to make contact with that person.

??? Would you publish your findings on what I ask?

ONLY IF I believe that the solution to your problem would help others. If yes, I will ask you if I may write a post about it for this blog.

HOWEVER, WITHOUT YOUR COMPLETE AGREEMENT, it will not happen. Or, you may agree if I change all the personal details. You will have to give me your complete consent before WE decide if I might publish something.

??? How do I contact you to ask my question?

Just fill in the “contact me” form or send me a message: [email protected]

??? Why do you think you can help me answer my question?

I have lots of experience searching the web and I have my technical network of experienced persons in engineering, etc. to question.
After almost 50 years of concern and dealing* with different aspects of these environmental issues, my 20 years of searching the internet and 15 years of working for an industrial multinational company deeply involved with industrial production, I think I can at least try. My last boss had me do this kind of work all the time. I am retired and this is what I want to do as my next career!

It all started in the 70’s, when my husband started reading the Whole Earth Catalog.

Whole Earth Catalog

* About 45 years ago in the small outer-NY state town that I lived in, I set up something called the “Junk Exchange”.  Back then there was no internet, no computers. We decided to invite people to one place and set up something that looked like the Stock Exchange.  If you listed one thing that you wanted to give away….you could look over the other items listed and arrange to contact the owner of anything that was listed on the Junk Exchange.  No monetary value was given to anything. Our intent was to find new homes for things people would have thrown in the landfill. Those of us that put the concept together were very impressed and grateful to see that over 100 people showed up at our first event.