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– the easy, the helpful, the encouraging App

In this post:
The city wide recycling APPs and their websites,
the clothes “reuse or recycle” APPs,
Fashion Eco-Ethical APPs,
My Green Closet,
Eco in Berlin Fashion Week
…a list at the bottom of other posts about the UX of eco-ethical APPs

ECO-APPs/3- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

ReFashion Week NYC – reuse fashion shows, shopping events, clothing swaps, and styling competitions featuring donateNYC and partners like Housing Works, Goodwill, FABSCRAP and others.

Does your City/Town do this? – ECO-APPs/3

ECO-APPs/3- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

Clothing and Textile Drop-Off and more, all over New York City all in one APP
Easy to use, very direct, includes maps – where to drop-off or shop, find places or organizations in your neighborhood.

DonateNYC is a program of the Department of Sanitation that makes it easy for New Yorkers to donate and reuse goods instead of throwing them away. DonateNYC provides digital tools for residents to locate reuse outlets and for businesses and nonprofits to exchange used goods. DonateNYC also supports the city’s nonprofit reuse sector through the donateNYC Partnership program, which includes members such as thrift stores, social service providers, and creative reuse organizations.

ECO-APPs/3- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

Enroll your building to receive a refashion NYC collection bin. Tax receipts are available on the bin. We’ll visit your building to discuss how many bins you’d like, what sizes are best and where they should be placed. Buildings simply call or email for a free pick up when the bin is full.

If New York City can do it >>> So can a lot of other communities! Start with that kind of APP. What are the qualities of your community that would make your APP useful for the people who live there?

Where can you – in the clothing/fashion industry – find the ways and confidence to use Eco-Ethical promotions for your business? What are consumers talking about? What will trigger a sale? – ECO-APPs/3

As I mentioned in my first APPs post, there must be 100s of eco-APPS out there.  But, in the last few years only a small handful are reported as really useful – over and over again. And very few of them have anything to do with sustainable clothes or fashion. The APPs mentioned are the only examples I found. Maybe someone out there knows of others and better ones.


The Big problem I see with these eco-ethical fashion APPs is that they add to the huge amount of “individual item shipping” all over the world. I tried to get them to tell me what they do about this, but none of them replied. is the only one that has decided to, at least, buy carbon offsets.

ECO-APPs/3 ??????????????

2 App/Websites that I did not try out are – toted as “The Largest online consignment & thrift store®” and – A very “do it all for me” approach where they use Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in what they offer. :
1. Fill out your style profile.
Bohemian or classic?
What issues you want your purchases to support-ESG ethical companies
2. Become a member.
You can apply your membership cost to any item you purchase.
3. Receive your personalized wearwell selection.
Browse the six items your stylist chooses for you.  You’ll get the story of exactly how each makes a difference in the ways you care about.
4. Choose what you want to buy within 5 days.
5. Look forward to next month!

But the shipping………………………..wearwell says they have done their home work……..

Fashion Eco-Ethical APPs logo- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

Good On You
Fashion without Harm – to the planet or animals
The APP gives you the ability to check out clothing brands and what each offers. Probably the kind of information that you set up before shopping. You can make your own list of favourite brands, and can then refer to them as you shop, but you can use the APP to just shop online at each brand’s site. Includes a heavy newsletter campaign with updates, articles about eco-ethical stuff and about good companies.
Home = News, their latest information about where to find Fashion brands without Harm
Search = by typing in the brand name
Favorites = compile a list of your favourite brands
Offers = Brands offering discounts
Settings = your ethical preferences and other settings
Very comprehensive information about each brand.

ECO-APPs/3 fashion- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

Thousands of rated brands
Good on people, the planet and animals.

Changing the world one brand rating at a time
Great = These brands score highly in at least two areas and usually have one or more broad-based
certifications. They are often built to be sustainable and ethical from the ground up and are very transparent.
Good = These brands adopt many positive initiatives and are often leaders on one or more key issues.
It’s a Start = These brands are transparent about some important issues and are making good progress on one or more of them.
Not Good Enough = These brands have provided some information in one or more area, but not enough to address key issues or assess impacts across their supply chains.
We Avoid = These brands provide little to no relevant or concrete information. In some cases the brand may make ambiguous claims that look like greenwashing. Consumers have a right to know more.

ECO-APPs/3- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

APP and website, browser plugin – shop direct from your device
Accessories, Apparel, Food and Drink, Home and Office, Personal Care and Beauty’ Popular Products, Pet Goods, Promotion Brands, (not much food) Shopper APP without scanner, directs you to each company’s website…. I see no need to use this as a smart-phone APP while shopping, but I may be wrong. The APP includes discounts.
>my goodness = list of your favourite companies
>find goods = shop
>what’s good = companies offering discounts, etc.

ECO-APPs/3- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps
you can filter you choices by 10 ESG values

The dollars we spend can be the world’s most powerful force for change. Already $500,000 redirected to companies making the world better.

Together we have diverted hundred’s of thousands of dollars to brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet. This is a great start and pretty soon—with your support—there’ll be millions of us.
That’s when the ‘big guys’ will start to sweat. 

1:22 minutes … reGAIN APP Recycling
ECO-APPs/3 logo- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

“You started to get used to recycling when the government told you to do it, so why can’t you start with other good habits voluntarily? Some people and charities do this, and people do take their clothes to be sold as second-hand goods. We make the process easier, faster and more efficient. We promise that none of your stuff will end up in landfills. We RECYCLE clothes.

reGAIN APP Recycling Rewarded – now only in the UK
This APP is very very useful and in my opinion a great example of how to get consumers to think seriously about eco-shopping.

Since the reGAIN app was launched it has attracted a good deal of attention in the media, mainly due to the potential impact it could have on the environment. reGAIN is simple yet powerful. ReGAIN has dragged clothes recycling into the twenty-first century. You want to recycle clothes? Then download the app and discover for yourself how simple and easy it is.
1. Put unwanted items in a box or bag
2. find a drop off point near you and print a free label for your box or bag
3. bring your labeled parcel to a drop off point and gain access to all discount coupons to buy over again

Don’t let your “clothes” go to waste. – ECO-APPs/3

There are already lots of start-ups and companies that “close-the-loop”! Here are 3:
CIRCULAR FASHION – 3 Who Fulfill The Goal!

Fashion Eco-Ethical logo- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

The My Green Closet vlog on Youtuble, is full of videos that could help any company in the clothing/fashion industry gather very useful information about how consumers are handling the eco-ethical addition to their clothing habits; from what to buy to how to take care of clothes in harmony with planet Earth.

5:06 min The 4 basic areas that are the Foundation of a Sustainable Wardrobe

What I especially like about how Erin presents her views, ideas and actions, is that she is a very pleasant, attractive, may I say average likeable woman. Someone many can relate to. She presents the consumer’s point of view in a way that I believe will help all those that follow her website and vlog on YouTube find friendly, easy, useful ways to add ECO-Ethics to their other concerns in the clothes they purchase.
Her approach is concise, clear, easy to grasp.

6:38 minutes how to start thinking ECO-Ethically in your shopping

My Green Closet’s Conscious Shopping Directory

I started the Project 333 challenge in summer 2014. (It is essentially a simplified and versatile wardrobe with minimal pieces. I’ve been working on simplifying my life and belongings and the timing is perfect – as we’ll be moving around.) My plan was to try out a capsule wardrobe for a year. But I loved having a capsule wardrobe so much, I have kept it going.

3:14 min Start your Ethical Wardrobe Without Spending a Cent

ECO-APPs/3 – Clothes, Textile, Fashion………

14-16 January, 2020

ECO-APPs/3  fashion- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

Neonyt and

ECO-APPs/3 fashion- ECO-APPs/3 – The Textile Mess – How to clean it up -Try Apps

With progressive formats, forward-looking topics and numerous events, Neonyt is painting a new picture of fashion, sustainability and innovation that is game-changing, relevant and fascinating. The change to value-based growth in fashion is possible. Neonyt is showing you how.

ECO-APPs/3 – Clothes, Textile, Fashion………………

This is a series of posts about promoting Eco-Ethical USER EXPERIENCE (UX) to ward off the “temperature ticking time-bomb”. Can we make it easier for us all to master the art of “climate conscious buying”?
The Words
The Eco-Anxiety
Product Design Review – Form should still follow Function

The APPs – The different kinds
>Transportation APPs
>Clothing, etc. APPs
>Food APPs
>Carbon Footprint and more kinds of APPs
The Gases
We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

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