fossil fuel is Ancient Waste. But, there’s Plenty of Waste Now!

Are you already a Climate Victim/Refugee?
Are you concerned, upset, even paralyzed by what is happening to our planet Earth?
You don’t know what you can do to help?
You really have not figured out what is going on? So no wonder you don’t know what you can do?

Well, lets think about it this way……..


fossil fuel is Ancient Waste.

?What is the issue with fossil fuel?

Planet Earth is made up of layer after layer after layer of Waste from 1,000’s, Millions of years of things that were alive, then died and turned into a layer of Waste.
Over time, this Waste turned into other things… fossil fuel, oil, coal, natural gas, metals, other elements….. It took millions of years for all this to happen.

Planet Earth has not looked like it does, now for most of it’s existence. We’ve all heard about the way it might have looked over millions of years, but we human animals and flora and fauna have had a rather nice place to live, work, eat, sleep for the last maybe 3-5,000 years.

But at the rate things are changing, we might all end up being just another layer of Waste on planet Earth.

Really, this was all caused by humans. So, there must be something we can do about it.

So, lets think about it this way.

?What is fossil fuel?

Fossil fuel is basically energy in different forms. Coal, oil and gas

A good example of this kind of energy is Water. Depending upon the temperature water is
frozen solid
or vapor – humidity

Coal, is waste/energy in a solid form – depending upon what it is made of
Oil, is waste/energy in a liquid form – depending upon what it is made of
GAS, is waste/energy in a Vapor/Gas form

fossil fuel is Ancient Waste.

How did these things form in the layers of planet Earth?

2:25 min – Formation of Fossil Fuels
Apr 9, 2012 – How fossils fuels are formed and why they’re unsustainable.

So maybe we should rethink some things…….

?What’s the problem with fossil fuel?

We know now that the old ancient fossil fuel, when we burn it, pollutes the clear beautiful sky that planet Earth has developed after all those millions of years. But all it is, is Waste! Ancient Waste!

fossil fuel is Ancient Waste.


We humans have been making plenty of our own Waste and we find that it also produces some of the same stuff – gas – that we have been digging out of the ground. In fact, the fossil gas is considered the cleanest of the 3 forms of fossil fuel – Natural Gas.

?What’s the connection?

The most obvious example of this same gas is what seeps out of Landfills/Garbage Dumps. Have you ever thought about what goes on at your local Garbage Dump after you through your rubbish away there? Landfill Gas (LFG) is made up of the exact same things as the fossil natural gas that companies have been pulling out of the ground!

The problem is that instead of this Landfill gas being down somewhere in the ground, below our feet, it is seeping out of landfills and Garbage Dumps in all the communities where people live all over the world and into our sky.

40 seconds – Landfills Methane Gas (LFG)
This video has auto-translations in many many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > Auto-translate and click on CC. “Every day truckloads of garbage find their way to this landfill off of highway 90 in Horry County.  Overtime rotting garbage creates a gas that is hazardous, if released into the environment.”  

You have heard about how strong Methane is and how it is causing Climate Change.

Natural Gas is about 1/2 CO2 + 1/2 Methane <<< 2 dangerous Greenhouse Gases.
Landfill Gas is made of the same thing, but we are learning to make it cleaner than fossil natural gas. Modern man has already learned how to clean that Landfill Gas, (or other types of BioFuel) to make it cleaner with less harmful emissions.

We need to capture all that Landfill gas and use it to replace the fossil natural gas in making fuel and electricity. This is another way to clean our sky. There are so many people now on planet Earth that this Landfill Renewable Gas is probably enough that it should be added to the list of “Renewables” that are helping to reduce/replace the use of fossil fuels.

Each one of us can help in our local community.

If we recycle what can be re-used from our Waste and then when we send the rest of it to a Garbage Dump, each community makes sure that the Garbage Dump is built to contain and capture the Landfill Gas (LFG) and use it. Make Electricity from it or use it as fuel in transportation, etc. Give it value.

You see?

There is a big way each of us can help make our sky clean again!

Help develop your community’s landfill/Garbage Dump to make Landfill Gas (LFG)!

We just have to learn from this and start treating all the rest of our Waste in a useful and valuable way. We have to consider from the beginning when we purchase something what will happen to it when we throw it away and it is Waste.

fossil fuel is Ancient Waste.

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