GREEN Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #1

I put together this series of 12 posts during the COVID 19 pandemic.
In different ways each post give you insights into where and what to look for when considering how you can join the GREEN JOB market.
It is possible to find GREEN JOBs without having to change your career or learn new skills.
Most companies are turning GREEN in some form. BUT depending upon the company, your present career may be important to them. It often depends on what type of companies you search for and how they are turning GREEN.
Maybe you will find something that sparks, stimulates, awakens, triggers your interest to learn a new skill………….who knows!

some updated: 23.3.2021

In this post:
Green Jobs websites
Checking the websites on my posts for Green Jobs: Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Germany, NY, California, EU, Africa, Japan
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

Green Jobs

I am going through all my posts to check the websites of circular economy companies and organizations for Green Jobs & Money they may have toward recovery.

Like I suggested in my last post on this subject, the pandemic offers us all a chance to stop our frantic lives for a moment and think about where we are going. If you have ever thought to seek employment in the new Green Industries, the Circular economy….THIS IS THE TIME.

There is money out there

Billions in Clean Energy Loans Go Unused as Coronavirus Ravages Economy

As Congress rushes out trillions of dollars to prop up businesses, the Energy Department is holding on to tens of billions in clean energy loans.

30 April, 2020 – … “We’re searching high and low all over Washington, D.C., for money to put people back to work and here we have more than $40 billion,” said Dan Reicher, executive director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University, who served at the Energy Department under President Bill Clinton. “This is the moment to really put these programs back in gear.”

The loans — which would aid renewable power, nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage technology — had some bipartisan support even before the coronavirus pushed 30 million people onto the unemployment rolls. But some supporters of the program said it was being held back by a president who has falsely claimed wind power causes cancer and consistently sought deep cuts to renewable energy spending, including the loan program.

(How would you like to apply for this money? YOU NEED A GOOD IDEA…. LIKE:
“direct air/CO2 capture”
municipal solid waste – MSW to BioFuel? Yes! – bottom line garbage

“Republicans have decided they don’t want this money to go out, even though a lot of it could be for things they say they like, like for the oil and gas industry or carbon capture and sequestration (cut off) of the nuclear industry,” said Peter W. Davidson, who led the loan program under former President Barack Obama and is now chief executive of *Aligned Climate Capital, an asset management company.

*Mr. Davidson’s company is focused on Climate: An Exclusive Focus on Climate Solutions Aligned Climate Capital LLC (Aligned) is committed to finding real solutions to climate change by accelerating the flow of capital into sustainable real assets—clean energy, efficient transportation, green real estate, and sustainable natural resources.  We accomplish this by creating investment products for institutional investors, family offices, high net-worth individuals, and foundations.

Green Jobs and Recovery Money- GREEN Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #1 <

There are Green Jobs out there!

>>>Top 12 Biotech Companies Hiring Now

March, 2021 – According to BioSpace research, 79% of biotech employers are still responding to job candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Check out the top companies who are looking for candidates like you right now! Looks like all in USA.

>>>>>>>> The GreenJobs Network of Job Websites

GreenJobs UK or Ireland are job boards wholly dedicated to recruitment in the green industry sector.
Launched in 2008, the GreenJobs website specifically targets candidates across all areas of the environmental and renewable energy market place. Located in Ireland, it appears that they cover the British Isles only? Very comprehensive. GreenJobs covers a wide variety of job types including – alternative energy jobs, biofuel jobs, biomass jobs, carbon jobs, conservation jobs, ecology jobs, energy efficiency jobs, environmental jobs, environment jobs, green jobs, hydro jobs, hydropower jobs, marine jobs, offshore wind jobs, renewable energy jobs, solar jobs, sustainability jobs, tidal jobs, waste jobs, wastewater jobs, water jobs and wind jobs. Lots of jobs!

Legend: indicated by country and how green:

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing

So where did I find Green Jobs ?

Well, here is a start….

From my post: University of Bradford, UK – for alumni & businesses

Message from Careers and Employability Services
Services for business

From my post:  TU Delft – University of Technology, The Netherlands – for alumni & businesses

TU Delft has a career portal:   YourCareer
The platform where you can connect with our students and they can connect with you and you can also promote your company:
• Your Company profile
• Job and internship offers
• Career Events: Workshops, Talk&Toasts and much more

From my post: University College London – for alumni & businesses

Recruit UCL graduates. UCL Talent Bank is a targeted shortlisting service to help you find qualified students, efficiently.
Whether you’re a global company, SME, third sector organisation or local authority, we have the people and processes that can get you connected to world-changing ideas and innovations.
There is also a dedicated Engineering Talent Bank service with our Engineering Faculty, who would like to hear from employers from across all engineering fields.  For this please contact: [email protected]

From my post:  Arizona State University, USA – for alumni & businesses

Arizona State University job recruiting platform
While interested employers must have an established organization email address and operational website in order to register, it is also possible to post messages on the State Press student newspaper or connect directly with Student Organizations.

From my post:   University of Sao Paulo, Brazil – may be helpful for more than just alumni *

Todas as informações envolvendo a USP e a pandemia
Go To the bottom of the page:   Training, Recruitment and other assistance to governments and other institutions

From my post: Test The Circular Method – ResCoM Tools – EU – Remanufacturing

♥  Germany

From one of the case studies in the ResCoM tool: tedrive
Was headquartered in Germany, tedrive Steering is a specialised development partner and manufacturer of steering systems for the global vehicle market. 
During the ResCoM project, tedrive continued its existing investigation of remanufacturing steering systems, specifically for its hydraulic rack and pinion steering gears for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.   tedrive was acquired by Knorr-Bremse in 2016.   

Today the Knorr-Bremse Group, based in Munich, is the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems and a leading supplier of safety-critical sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles. 
(Knorr-Bremse has embraced Re-Manufaturing – an extremely important part of the Circular Economy. They have a full range of “Current vacanciesin many areas…including many intern and student worker positions.)   There are many manufacturing jobs, I found one re-manufacturing position.

Green Jobs and Recovery Money From my post: Part #3 – Financing a Small Business in a Sustainable/Circular Economy

♥  New York Money & Financing

Open SolicitationsNY Green Bank seeks proposals and input from qualified parties for both investment opportunities and, from time to time, its procurement needs. All investment activities are driven by transactions proposed through open solicitations. Information on all current solicitations—including details on submission—is available on this page.
NY Green Bank seeks to attract and retain qualified individuals to join our team and execute on NY Green Bank’s mission. Please check this page and our LinkedIn periodically for employment opportunities.
+  If you would like to receive email updates on the latest career opportunities at NY Green Bank, please fill out the form below. Careers Email List 

♥  California Money & Financing

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) is the State of California’s only general purpose financing authority. The Legislature created IBank in 1994 to finance public infrastructure and private development that promote a healthy climate for jobs, contribute to a strong economy, and improve the quality of life in California communities.

Join our team! – Come be a part of the IBank team. We are innovative and forward-thinking when it’s comes to business. If this description fits you, join us by applying for one of our open positions!

Small Business Finance Center (SBFC) – The SBFC helps businesses create and retain jobs, and encourages investment in low- to moderate-income communities. The SBFC has several programs to support small business, including a Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee, a Jump Start Loan Program and more.

The IBank SBFC is a state program, whereas the SBA is a federal program. One SBFC program is specifically designed for Disaster Relief by providing up to a 95% guarantee on a bank loan. In order to be eligible for the Disaster Loan Guarantee Program, your business must not qualify for SBA assistance. Governor Newsom announced additional funding to this program on 4/2/2020 to assist underserved businesses that are excluded from PPP and EIDL. The state is tracking federal action and will continue to explore options including advocating for additional federal stimulus. Further, we suggest you reach out to your Congressional representative to ensure that any future stimulus funding comes quickly and that they are aware of the demand in their districts and the many unserved businesses.

The Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee program helps mitigate the risk taken on by traditional financial institutions by offering a guarantee of up to 95% on a loan. We have seven Financial Development Corporation (FDC) partners throughout the state that assist eligible small businesses and non-profits in securing that guarantee on a bank loan. The FDCs work directly with lenders to underwrite the loan. The lender sets the criteria and interest rate before the SBFC approves the loan guarantee.

FIRST STEP: Find a participating lender. The list of lenders we have on our website is a list of lenders who have currently made disaster loans and enrolled them in our guarantee program. We understand that the lenders may not be helpful at this point but we are working to add more lenders to the list. Unfortunately, we cannot dictate if lenders choose to only work with existing clients. Please keep checking back and reaching out to new lenders as they are added. We are working diligently to add lenders who have the capacity to assist new clients.

♥  From Europe Direct Contact CentreThe EU Money & Financing

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 3:51 PM EDCC <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Lesley Woodfin,
Thank you for contacting the Europe Direct Contact Centre.

The European Commission coordinates various funds with different objectives. Note that these are assigned to projects, depending on their relevance and that, in order to access them, you usually have to apply for a call for proposals of specific interest (call for proposals). Nevertheless, the financing program indicated for you will largely depend on the nature of your project.
In addition, the European Union supports its citizens and companies with various programmes that grant loans, venture capital and other capital financing. These financial instruments are managed by financial institutions such as banks or venture capital funds:
You can find an overview of calls for expression of interest aiming at boosting the circular economy amongst SMEs in Europe here:

The EU Competitiveness Programme for Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) is an EU programme which aims to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, in particular SMEs in Europe, by supporting, through the promotion of an enterprise culture and encouraging their growth, the development of the knowledge society and development based on balanced economic growth.
Find this and other information here:

In addition, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by reducing imbalances between regions.
The ERDF concentrates its investments on several key priority areas. This is known as ‘thematic concentration’:
– Innovation and research;
– The digital agenda;
– Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
– The low-carbon economy.
For more information on regional funds (e.g. ERDF), you can seek the advice of the national or regional managing authority ( This is the best way to obtain information and personalised assistance and to target the best opportunities available. However, we advise you to consult existing programmes before approaching the managing authorities:

You may also be interested in Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation programme which aims to boost economic growth and create jobs. Horizon 2020 has been divided into a number of sections. A breakdown of each specific section is available at the following link:
You can search for all open calls for proposals in Horizon 2020 on the participant’s portal at the following link:
The eligibility criteria, application procedure and detailed descriptions of initiatives eligible for funding are specified in the Associated Work Programmes available here:
Finally, we would like to inform you that the National Contact Point Network (NCP) provides assistance on all aspects of Horizon 2020 in the national language. For contact details, please see the link below:

The European Enterprise Network (EEN) also provides assistance and advice to companies throughout Europe. It is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises and assists them in matters relating to EU business. A list of available offices in both EU and non-EU countries can be found at:

Since you also ask about potential “jobs to fill”, note that, if a citizen is thinking of applying for a job in the EU institutions, it is recommended to take a look at the different types of contract offered by the European Union beforehand. Although permanent posts can be obtained, it may happen that a temporary contract is more in line with their ambitions and needs. Whatever type of contract corresponds to the post for which they are applying, bear in mind that they will probably have to take a competition and that it may take several months before they know whether they have passed.

We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions about the European Union, its activities or institutions.
With kind regards,
Europe Direct Contact Centre
We answer all questions about the EU
00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11

♥  across Africa Money & Financing

The overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction.

The first thing you will notice about the AfDB is the passion of its employees to help reduce poverty on the continent, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources for the continent’s economic and social development. That is what drives us.
We seek motivated individuals who share this commitment to poverty reduction and sustainable economic development. 
>>>Current Vacancies NOW  – across Africa!, various skills, not only financial

♥  Japan Money & Financing

Beginning in the 1960s with pollution counter measures, during the past 40 years DBJ has taken part in more than \3 trillion worth of financing of environment-related businesses.
Development Bank of Japan Inc. signed the United Nations – supported Principles for Responsible Investment in December 2016.
DBJ, in “CSR through Investment, Loans and Other Business,” determines truly meaningful projects for society from our own perspective and works to promote the realization of a sustainable society. Nowadays, applying our unique programs (DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan ProgramDBJ Enterprise Disaster Resilience Rated Loan ProgramDBJ Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan ProgramDBJ Green Building Certification), green bonds and sustainability bonds, we are working to resolve social issues.
Program to support projects beneficial to the environment
DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program – In June 2001, DBJ became the first Japanese bank to sign the UNEP Statement by Financial Institutions on the Environment and Sustainable Development. In addition, DBJ signed the Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society (Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century). In these ways, DBJ supports the environmental management of companies by finance in order to realize the sustainable society.

Green Jobs

Do you find anything useful here? Can I look for a specific Green Job that YOU could use to make the switch to Green?

Posts from the time of the Pandemic……

COVID 19 and Recovery posts:
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Have You Been RE-THINKING Your Business?

Recycling Grants/Funding For Waste Plastic
What Makes An Economy Circular? Decompose To New Life !
EMF Accelerating The Circular Economy Transition

All the Job posts above have been updated. You can also find them all in:
Job Vacancies In Green Companies < More Now !

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What Is A Green Job? Green And Other Colors.

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