Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #11

I put together this series of 12 posts during the COVID 19 pandemic.
In different ways each post give you insights into where and what to look for when considering how you can join the GREEN JOB market.
It is possible to find GREEN JOBs without having to change your career or learn new skills.
Most companies are turning GREEN in some form. BUT depending upon the company, your present career may be important to them. It often depends on what type of companies you search for and how they are turning GREEN.
Maybe you will find something that sparks, stimulates, awakens, triggers your interest to learn a new skill………….who knows!

updated: 1.2.2023

In this post:
Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: Germany, Australia, Global Rivers!, 27 Countries, North America, South America and Europe, USA-NASA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Nevada, Virgina, California, Isle of Wight, Japan, China, UK, Global, lsrael, Minnesota, India
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

Above image: 6 areas of work in the Battery Life Cycle: For a long time [here in Germany], the opinion was that we would not be able to cope with more than 4% renewable energy. But look where we are now. In 2019, the share of renewable energy in overall power consumption was almost 40 percent. And, so far, this has worked with substantially the same infrastructure. CAREERS at Daimler JOB SEARCH Currently 960 jobs listed ♥  worldwide


Green Companies

GREEN Jobs is the new normal- Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #11

You “Vote Green” if you choose an “eco-conscious company” to work for.
It is not necessary that your job is “Green”. The company could be some part “Green”. And if you ended up working for a company like that, maybe you could be a good “green influence” for them……………..

Legend: indicated by country and how green:

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing

So where did I find Green Jobs? …………Green Companies

Hey, Australia!

Do you know about Career Spot?
Are you looking for a job in any of these areas?

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Well, it is a start. and now…..more GREEN Jobs

From my post:    Jobs! With The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor™ Business!, +1000+ Eco Business and Jobs!

♥  Global Rivers!

The Ocean Cleanup has pointed to a 1000 Rivers as the main source of ocean plastic pollution. They are the arteries that carry waste from land to the ocean. YOU CAN SEE THEM ALL HERE:! 

1000 rivers are responsible for roughly 80% of the world’s pollution. 

>Ocean Cleanup is looking for people to help clean these rivers.   
Do you want to run an Interceptor™ ??  
Or work on one?? 
This one just opened in the Dominican Republic! 

2:00 minutes … Starting Interceptor 004 | Key Moment | Cleaning Dominican Republic’s Rio Ozama |
August 19, 2020

>Ocean Cleanup itself, currently has another 5 job listings….  >>>NOW 10-12 listings

From my post:  Ink

♥  27 Countries

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) is one of the world’s largest retailers by a substantial margin. It operates 11,453 store locations in 27 countries.

Project Gigaton [ gig–uh-tuhn ] is a Walmart initiative to prevent one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030.
Walmart has 38,384 job openings on LinkedIn  >>>NOW 43,780 listings worldwide
Or you can search through their website  – Careers
Northwest Arkansas   Listings in Bendtonville, AR  
Silicon Valley  Listings in SAN BRUNO, CA
DC Metro Area   Listings in RESTON, VA
International   follow through to the country that interests you and click on you will find careers  “Learn More”.  Each country page has a “Careers” button.

♥  North America, South America and Europe

INX International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sakata INX worldwide operations, a $1.8 billion company established in 1896. We are a global manufacturer of high-performance printing inks and coatings for commercial, packaging, and digital print applications with full-service locations in North America, South America and Europe.  We proactively seek to work with supplier partners who support our goals to make sure our products conserve resources, minimize environmental impacts, and improve economic returns.   Careers  20+ job listings >>>NOW 27 listings

♥  EU

We have an Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) that manages the world-wide brewery network in Carlsberg Group, handling the global procurement processes, setting the global standards for brewing technology and logistics services and ensuring end-to-end planning through the entire supply chain.   Our Ambitions at Carlsberg:
ZERO Carbon Footprint
ZERO Water Waste
ZERO Irresponsible Drinking
ZERO Accidents Culture
CAREERS  APPLY    Currently 15+ openings >>>NOW 35+ listings

♥  USA

Under the “Brother Earth” slogan, the Brother Group has been accelerating environmental activities with stakeholders that are committed to reducing the burden on the environment in every area of our business. 
CAREER  Currently 15 17 job listings  >>>NOW 24+ listings or LinkedIn: 

♥  Worldwide

HP Inc. creates technology, drives towards a materials – and energy – efficient circular economy.  Reinventing the future through transformative technologies.
Careers  Currently 348 jobs listings  >>>NOW 1015 listings

From my post:    Too Much Methane !


Careers at NASA: Explore the Extraordinary, Every Day 
Search all jobs   Currently 52 jobs listed

♥  Canada

Canada’s Prime Minister announces CA$750 million fund to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector

The fund is part of a Canadian Government COVID-19 job protection package announced on April 17, 2020.
Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced the establishment of a CA$750 million (US $530 million) Emission Reduction Fund, which will focus on methane pollution to create and maintain jobs.
The fund supports Canada’s energy sector, which the government said is disproportionally affected by COVID-19. …
This fund will mainly provide repayable contributions to companies to protect jobs, increase competitiveness, and reduce pollution.  …
…“Companies in the energy sector are having cash flow problems right now. They don’t have the funds they need to invest to reduce emissions or fix methane leaks,” Prime Minister Trudeau said. “Today’s announcement will allow these companies to do this work and create jobs during this difficult time.”

♥  Worldwide

Methane Tracker 2020

the IEA’s methane tracker [more methane data-more jobs The IEA’s report goes in every direction]
March 2020 – California’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Standards rule is a good example of [increasing methane emission awareness]. Beginning in 2018, operators were required to collect vented natural gas from liquids unloading, or directly measure or calculate the amount of gas vented and report it to the regulator. Operators are also required to take direct measurements annually from well casing vents.
… From the regulator’s perspective, whatever outcome the operator chooses in regards to liquids unloading is a success—either reducing emissions vented to the atmosphere, or acquiring better information, which can feed into analysis of this emissions source and allow future mitigation solutions to be considered.
In addition to an information-based regulatory approach, there are other pathways policymakers are considering to achieve better emissions data. Some countries are boosting research and development funding with aims to reduce the cost of direct measurement through satellites and other technology development. As another example, the European Union is looking towards the development of a robust methodology to measure emissions from production of the gas flowing into and through its pipeline network. Better data is opening up new options to minimise oil and gas methane emissions.

As an afiliate of the OECD, IEA lists jobs in their platoform: currently 5 jobs listed

From my post:  Eco Paper 

♥  Austria

gugler * pure print was the first provider of Cradle to Cradle-certified print products in Europe in 2011.  VACANCIES       Currently 4 listings and other ideas

♥  North America

At DOMTAR, we take sustainability seriously. The result is present in our leading brands and the products they represent, including EarthChoice® Office Paper, Lynx®, Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media, Husky® and Cougar®.   Careers   
View All Positions     Currently 42 jobs listed >>>NOW 119 listings

From my post:  Eco-Packaging

♥  Denmark

We are Paboco, the paper bottle company, and we have decided to become part of the solution for a sustainable future. 
Paboco A/S is searching for a Quality Manager

♥  Nevada, Virgina

TemperPack, to meet the needs of all industries shipping perishable items. TemperPack is a proud member of the How2Recycle® program.  The How2Recycle program is a division of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, developed to increase awareness and ease around how to dispose of packaging. To learn more about the program, click here.   
Careers       currently  11 jobs listed >>>NOW 14 listings

♥  California and more

Vericool Delivering very cool packaging that protects products, people and the planet. 
Careers: >>>NOW 2 listings By the way: We take pride in the hard working parolees and felons we employ.
For other Employment Inquiries, please email [email protected]

From my post:  Eco-Textile

♥  Isle of Wight

How to sell t-shirts online with Teemill  – Organic, renewable, Circular!   Sell T-Shirts Online    With a Teemill print-on-demand store.   
Jobs   We’re Growing…. Currently 14 Opportunities listed       

♥  Japan, China, UK

Sustainability at Stella McCartney   Materials and innovation  
As a vegetarian brand, we never use leather, skin, fur or feathers. By taking this stance we are proving it is possible to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for everyone – animals, people and the environment. opportunities listed   >>>NOW 40 listings

From my post:  Eco-Plastic

♥  Australia & Global, lsrael

TIPA is a fast-growing, international start-up, based in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, developing and manufacturing compostable flexible packaging. Our vision is that flexible plastic packaging will have the same end-of-life as organic waste; while offering consumers and brands the durability and shelf-life they have come to expect of ordinary plastics.  
Careers  current 2 openings >>>NOW 6 listings

♥  Isle of Wight

We work toward accelerating the transition to a “circular economy”.
Our mix of diverse and outstanding individuals epitomises one of our core values which is knowing the extraordinary is possible.
At the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we develop and promote the idea of a “circular economy”. We work with, and inspire, business, academia, policymakers, and institutions to mobilise systems solutions at scale, globally.   Jobs    Current vacancies  2
>>>NOW 4 listings

♥  Minnesota

NatureWorks makes Ingeo, a new material for plastics & fibers with unique properties that all begin with greenhouse gases.    What began in 1989 as a Cargill research project looking for uses of carbohydrates from plants for more sustainable plastics, quickly became the materials we are known for, today – Ingeo. Career opportunities   Currently 1 opportunity   >>>NOW 5 listings

♥  India 

New sustainable packaging solution from Uflex, parent company of FlexFilms
October 14, 2019 – Uflex has developed a sustainable solution that quickly breaks down the molecular PE chains and biodegrades polymers back into harmless components like water, biomass, and carbon. It was presented at the recent PackPlus Conclave in New Delhi, further information will be unveiled in the coming months. >> The Flexzyme technology
CAREERS   currently 5 Job Openings   >>>NOW 18 listings


Have you heard about this?

2:37 minutes …. World War Zero Climate Conversation At Otterbein University

On March 8, 2020, Governor John Kasich, Secretary John Kerry, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Erika Alexander came at Otterbein University in Ohio to hold a town hall conversation about the climate crisis with local students and residents. They spoke about the impacts of the climate crisis and pollution on local Ohio families, how workers in Ohio and across the country would benefit from America leading the way toward a clean energy economy that would create millions of good new jobs, and what people in Ohio can do to help.
Want to watch the full Climate Conversation?

helping to start green companies and GREEN Jobs- Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #11

A Green Economic Recovery is Within Reach “…a sustainable future is about creating new types of businesses. A true circular economy, one built on qualitative growth, replaces jobs that pollute the environment with new jobs that protect it.” Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse August 18th 2020


Posts from the time of the Pandemic……

COVID 19 and Recovery posts:
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Recycling Grants/Funding For Waste Plastic
What Makes An Economy Circular? Decompose To New Life !
EMF Accelerating The Circular Economy Transition

All the Job posts above have been updated. You can also find them all in:
Job Vacancies In Green Companies < More Now !

Burned Out? Color Your Future Green! With Planet Earth
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