Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #12

I put together this series of 12 posts during the COVID 19 pandemic.
In different ways each post give you insights into where and what to look for when considering how you can join the GREEN JOB market.
It is possible to find GREEN JOBs without having to change your career or learn new skills.
Most companies are turning GREEN in some form. BUT depending upon the company, your present career may be important to them. It often depends on what type of companies you search for and how they are turning GREEN.
Maybe you will find something that sparks, stimulates, awakens, triggers your interest to learn a new skill………….who knows!

last updated: 22.3.2021

In this post:
Vacancies by how Green the companyIsrael, Global, Illinois, South Africa, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, France, UK, and……., Washington DC, Toronto, Germany
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom.


Now Hiring!- Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #12 < <

You “Vote Green” when you choose an eco-conscious company to work for.
It is not necessary that your job is “Green”. The company could be some part “Green”.

Legend: indicated by country and how green:

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing

I’ve gone through most of my posts to check for Green Jobs toward recovery.

So where did I find Green Jobs?

Not from one of my posts, but very very very Green!!!!

♥  Israel

Sustainability by reshaping the transportation industry
ElectReon – wireless charging for electric vehicles on the go – on the road! No need to stop for charging!
ElectReon Projects
Gotland Island, Sweden Start date: 2018
Tel-Aviv,Israel Start date: Sep 2020
Karlsruhe,Germany Start date: Dec 2020
Careers Join the Team Currently 3 openings listed >>>>> NOW 17 jobs listed

1:43 minutes ELECTREON Dynamic wireless charging How it works


Well, that’s a good start….

From my post:  Eco-Printing & Packaging Equipment

♥  Global

Founded in 1890 in Lausanne, Switzerland, BOBST has a presence in more than 50 countries, runs 15 production facilities in 8 countries and employs more than 5 500 people around the world.  We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries.  BOBST has teamed up with several partners to produce new high barrier mono material flexible packaging solutions designed for recyclability.
CAREERS    Available jobs      currently 18 positions listed >>>>> NOW 45 jobs listed

♥  Illinois

Graphic Innovators Inc. (now a division of Pregis) opened its doors in 1991 rebuilding and remanufacturing commercial printing presses. In 2020, Graphic Innovators joined the Pregis family. Now, Pregis offers an even greater portfolio of services to the printing and packaging industry including equipment refurbishment, parts and service, upgrades, rigging and installation.  
CAREERS    currently lots and lots jobs listed all across the USA

♥  South Africa

Royce Imaging Industries remanufactures and supplies cartridges for almost every printer brand available in South Africa, focusing on laser and inkjet cartridges.  
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES   currently 1 opportunity

♥  Global

Canon Cartridge Recycling Programme – EU Did you know that Canon was the first company to launch a toner cartridge recycling programme back in 1990?
Work for Canon    Job Search   Search our Jobs     Currently 99 listed
>>>>> NOW 162 jobs listed

♥  Global

HP Sustainability  Partnering for the planet, one cartidge at a time.  HP Planet Partners celebrates 25 years.  Careers Search for Jobs     Currently 371
>>>>> NOW +1000 jobs listed

♥  Global

Xerox Green World Alliance Over the last 20 years, our recycling programs have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills.  Careers 
SEARCH FOR JOBS    Currently 140 listed

From my post:  Covid-19 >>> We Can Cope

♥  Japan

Life Holdings Social Mission Business  –  The Raif Group is working on a “social mission business” that solves social issues through business.  We support people’s safe and secure lives any promoting and developing social mission businesses through operating companies.  Employment information    Career Recruitment on many levels.   Many different types of jobs listed

♥  Around the world

Within just a few years, Statista managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data. Over 700 visionaries, experts and doers continuously reinvent Statista, thereby constantly developing successful new products and business models.  We believe that facts can inspire great changes and brilliant ideas for our world.  
 Careers   Job Offers    Currently 60+ listings
>>>>> NOW 14+ jobs listed, in 5 locations

Defining the Essential Workers of the future!

♥  Australia, USA, Canada

At DoorDash, we’re working to empower local communities and in turn, creating new ways for people to earn, work, and thrive. We believe in delivering good by connecting people and possibility. Careers   Lots of Jobs in lots of places
…not just Want to deliver with us? Become a Dasher
>>Accessibility for ALL – Connecting All people with possibilities.
As part of that commitment, we seek to ensure that work opportunities at DoorDash are accessible to all. If you have a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to applying for employment at our company, please contact [email protected].

♥  USA & Canada

instacart  Our mission is to create a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together!
Become a Shopper   Sign on, shop, and start making money
Other Careers   currently lots of jobs listed  & that continues!

♥  USA, France, UK, and……..very green

It’s possible that in the next ten years thanks to companies like Loop, all the benefits of the friendly neighborhood milkman will be resurrected to create a healthier planet for all.   We deliver waste-free to your doorstep in the reusable Loop Tote. Your weekly shop never felt so good.
Loop is now available nationwide in the USA.  Paris with the aim of rapidly expand to the rest of the country and the UK with TESCO.  
Careers   currently 16 jobs listed for Trenton, NJ >>>>> NOW 41 jobs listed
Careers  In UK, France & Hungary   Browse Available Positions   Currently 10 jobs listed >>>>> NOW 17 jobs listed

From my post:    Horrific Disruptive – Economic Opportunity! !!!!!

♥  Washington DC

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.
CAREERS  Recruitment     APPLY NOW Currently 22 jobs listed

♥  UK

When Funding Circle was founded, we could see that businesses weren’t being given the finance to grow, while investors were making poor returns. We had a simple idea — let them support each other.   Careers  Scroll down to Our current vacancies  
Currently 20+ jobs listed >>>>> NOW 48 jobs listed

♥  Toronto

Based in Toronto, the Wave team is 250+ people strong and growing fast.   We’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs. We’re changing the way small businesses manage their finances. See All Opportunities     scroll down to Current Opportunities  
currently 6 listed >>>>> NOW 15 jobs listed

♥  Global

Working together for a better world, that is what Rabobank aims to achieve.  Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Together with customers, members and partners, we are committed to a stronger living environment and to the major social challenges of today.    Rabobank finances Cradle2Cradle certified projects.
Via Linkedin   Rabobank currently has 242 jobs listed >>>>> NOW 353 jobs listed

♥  Germany

KfW – becomes part of something big   Since 1948 we have become one of the leading development banks in the world. 
KfW IPEX-Bank only finances projects that are implemented in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 
Take the chance and apply online. In the job exchange you will find offers from both KfW and KfW IPEX Bank GmbH.    currently 125 job offers   >>>>> NOW 145 jobs listed

♥  Global

BlackRock offers a range of financial solutions for institutions, financial professionals and individuals from all walks of life. From shop assistants in your local stores to national organizations and non-profits, BlackRock has helped people take control of their financial security for more than 30 years.
Early Career program    Discover opportunities at the intersection of finance and technology. People from around the world come BlackRock to gain real-world experience while making an impact.       Search and Apply    12 programs for 2021
Careers   Search Jobs     Currently 191 jobs listed >>>>> NOW 544 jobs listed

I find that these green companies add more jobs sometimes every day.


Posts from the time of the Pandemic……

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Recycling Grants/Funding For Waste Plastic
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All the Job posts above have been updated. You can also find them all in:
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