Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #9

I put together this series of 12 posts during the COVID 19 pandemic.
In different ways each post give you insights into where and what to look for when considering how you can join the GREEN JOB market.
It is possible to find GREEN JOBs without having to change your career or learn new skills.
Most companies are turning GREEN in some form. BUT depending upon the company, your present career may be important to them. It often depends on what type of companies you search for and how they are turning GREEN.
Maybe you will find something that sparks, stimulates, awakens, triggers your interest to learn a new skill………….who knows!

updated: 30.12.2022

In this post:
Vacancies by how Green the company: USA and Canada, World Wide, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.


GREEN Jobs search- Green Jobs? Prepare for this New Challenge #9

I am going through all my posts to check for jobs at Green Companies toward recovery.

You “Vote Green” when you choose an eco company to work for.
It is not necessary that your job is “Green”. The company could be some part “Green”.

Legend: indicated by country and how green:

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing


So where did I find Jobs at Green Companies this time ?

From my post:  Cng, Lng, Rng Fuelling Stations – #2 Waste To Energy

♥  USA and Canada

Waste Management is North America’s largest residential recycler and a renewable energy provider.  We have invested in developing waste solutions for a changing world. Today, this includes not just disposal and recycling, but personal counseling to help customers achieve their green goals, including zero waste. Careers  
>>>Frontline Operations   Wanted: Committed professionals serving as representatives that carry the message of great operations and environmental stewardship.
Drivers   currently 278 opportunities  
Operations   currently 144 opportunities 
Technicians   currently 140 opportunities 
Frontline Professionals   currently 27 opportunities
>>>Other ProfessionsIt takes more than trash trucks to keep a company running.
Accounting/Audit/Finance  currently 13 opportunities 
Customer Experience/Support  currently 0 opportunities 
Digital  currently 7 opportunities  
Business Support  currently 27 opportunities 
Sales  currently 7 opportunities 
Other  currently 0 opportunities 
>>>>> NOW 1574 jobs listed in USA, Canada and India! >>>Use this link

♥  USA

About the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 
The 2016–2020 Strategic Plan and Implementing Framework from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is the blueprint for launching the nation’s leadership in the global clean energy economy. Plan highlights include:
>>7 strategic goal sections aligned along EERE’s core technology sectors and crosscutting areas
>>EERE’s investment approach and core questions to prioritize work and deliver value
>>Success indicators to ensure EERE stays on track or adjusts its strategies as needed.     [Not Jobs, but lots of information if these areas interest you.] CAREER MAPS Our bioenergysolarwind and hydrogen and fuel cells career maps the expanding universe of solar-energy and wind-energy occupations. Find out the jobs, career pathways and the high-quality training necessary to do them well. [For openings, follow the pages to Job Opportunities.]

♥  USA, at present

Natural gas is abundant and economically viable and is increasingly being adopted as transportation fuel by countries around the world. Clean Energy Fuels  is moving forward in our thinking as well as in our vehicles means a safer, healthier planet for all of us. This change is happening. We value the unique business goals of each of our customers, and strive to create the best natural gas fueling solution to achieve them. Our commitment to unparalleled quality, in both our products and services, is at the core of everything we do.  
Clean Energy operates over 530 natural gas fueling stations in 43 states and Canada. Careers  WE’RE CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD FUELS VEHICLES  
Currently 20+ openings   >>>>> NOW 42 jobs listed

From my post:  #3 Municipal Solid Waste – MSW To Biofuel? Yes!

♥  Canada

Enerkem is the first company in the world to produce renewable methanol and ethanol from non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste at full commercial scale. 
Our solution replaces the use of fossil sources like petroleum and natural gas to produce sustainable transportation fuels and chemicals that are used in a broad range of everyday products.  Enerkem offers an innovative, sustainable solution for waste management, energy diversification and the implementation of a circular economy.    CAREERS  BUILDING THE BIO-ECONOMY TOGETHER  Dir., Comptabilité  Montreal
>>>>> NOW 17 jobs listed

♥  New York, San Fransisco or remote w/in USA

Medium is not like any other platform on the internet. Our sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. We don’t serve ads—we serve you, the curious reader who loves to learn new things. Medium is home to thousands of independent voices, and we combine humans and technology to find the best reading for you—and filter out the rest.   Work at Medium 

♥  World Wide

Scientific American is part of Springer Nature, which owns or has commercial relations with thousands of scientific publications. We are a global and progressive business, founded on a heritage of trusted and respected brands – including Springer, founded in 1842, Macmillan, founded in 1843, and Nature, first published in 1869.   As a research publisher we are advancing discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, developing new areas and making research accessible.  Careers Currently 55 vacancies  
>>>>> NOW 18 jobs listed in publishing and 10 Jobs in Technology

♥  UK, Newcastle 

Newcastle University   We exist to advance education and research and to help society tackle the many challenges it faces.    Work with Us  Working at Newcastle 
Search and apply for new vacancies    Vacancies  currently 15   
>>>>> NOW 51 jobs listed

♥  Australia

Swinburne University of Technology is a large and culturally diverse organisation. A desire to innovate and bring about positive change motivates our students and staff. The result is in an institution that grows and evolves each year. 
Browse jobs – All vacancies  Browse all current vacancies at Swinburne across academic, professional and administrative, vocational education (TAFE) teaching, senior appointments and graduate positions.  >>>>> NOW 10 jobs listed

♥  California

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a unique national research facility that carries out robotic space and Earth science missions. JPL is a federally funded research and development center managed for NASA by California Institute of Technology.  
PATHS  Your career at JPL can take virtually any direction you choose. Take a look at our primary pathways to start mapping out your direction. 
There were  9 OPENINGS   
>>>>> NOW 230 jobs listed

From my post:  Slow Down ?? Yes – No, Changes Are Urgent , But…..

♥  USA

We monitor, assess, and conduct targeted science research.  Created by an act of Congress in 1879, the U.S. Geological Survey has evolved over the ensuing 125 years, matching its talent and knowledge to the progress of science and technology. The USGS is the sole science agency for the Department of the Interior. It is sought out by thousands of partners and customers for its natural science expertise and its vast earth and biological data holdings.  
Opportunities Human Capital   Visit our Employment & Information Center page for helpful information or go directly to the latest USGS job announcements available from USAJOBS using the link below. USGS Careers   12 job postings    >>>>> NOW 23 jobs listed

♥  New Jersey

WHAT WE DOClimate Central surveys and conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings. Our scientists publish and our journalists report on climate science, energy, sea level rise. Read More WHO WE ARE– An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public.
Jobs  currently 2 Available Positions:  Vice President for Development   Climate Scientist
>>>>> NOW 4 jobs listed

♥  World Wide

Cell Press publishes over 50 scientific journals, including Elsevier, across the life, physical, earth, and health sciences, both independently and in partnership with scientific societies. Our story began over 45 years ago with the journal Cell and a commitment to publishing exciting biology. Today, we are bringing passion for advocacy to all areas of scientific exploration as we work to publish and share science that inspires.  
Search for Jobs on the Elsevier jobs page    currently 162 openings 
Browse jobs by Specialty on the Cell jobs page currently 45 openings

>>>>> NOW 324 jobs listed, Specialties: 71 vacancies

♥  Illinois

Argonne National Laboratory is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where talented scientists and engineers work together to answer the biggest questions facing humanity, from how to obtain affordable clean energy to protecting ourselves and our environment. Ever since we were born out of the University of Chicago’s work on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, our goal has been to make an impact — from the atomic to the human to the global scale.   Careers  
External Applicants  
There are jobs for year 2020 listed through-out the 87 Internal jobs listed. Click on “search” at the bottom of the form on this page.
Postdoctoral Applicants   There are jobs for year 2020 listed through-out the 72 postdoctoral jobs listed. Click on “search” at the bottom of the form on this page.

From my post:  Path To Cradle To Cradle Certified™ – #1 How To “Do The Homework”?

♥  Germany

TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e.K. with its headquarters in Burladingen, was established in 1919 and is Germany’s largest manufacturer of top-quality sports and leisurewear, as well as underwear and nightwear for women, men and children.  Since 2006: TRIGEMA produces with its „TRIGEMA Change“ collection, the most ecological textiles in the world made out of 100% organic cotton. These products are produced according to the Cradle-to-Cradle® principal, in cooperation with EPEA. This principal is based on “closing the loop”, as no waste is produced and precious raw materials are preserved for future generations.
Careers We are looking for reinforcements. Currently 7 openings 
Exciting jobs are waiting for you. The job offers from TRIGEMA, offer you a variety of challenges, perspectives and opportunities.  The family company TRIGEMA guarantees you a secure job with future opportunities and friendly cooperation in our company family.  
>>>>> NOW 23 jobs listed

♥  Germany

In 1994, Michael Braungart became professor of Process Engineering at Leuphana University of Lüneburg (Germany) and now holds the chair for Cradle to Cradle & Eco-Efficacy.  Prof. Braungart is co-author with William McDonough of the “Hannover Principles of Design: Design for Sustainability”, “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things”.  He worked in the past with Greenpeace. Prof. Braungart is not offering vacancies at present but he has in the past. He is such an important figure in this thing called harmonizing with planet Earth, that I leave this here for those of you that might wish to contact him.

♥  Germany

OmniCert Umweltgutachter GmbH has an eye for practice – because we are practitioners. Based on this background, we build a bridge for our customers every day to other disciplines: lawyers in environmental and energy law (EEG), auditors, plant manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, insurance brokers, ministries, government agencies and specialist authorities, electricity network operators and of course to our peer reviewers. CAREER   There are currently no vacancies in the OmniCert team. We look forward to your unsolicited application at any time, by e- mail to Birgit Nitzsche . 

♥  Switzerland

Bauwerk Parquet floors fill your home with life and nature, warmth and security for a personal sense of well-being and comfort within the four walls of your home.  The product Silente Parquet is now Cradle-to-Cradle Certified at the GOLD level. That standard means that raw materials and processes from 45 suppliers were assessed all the way back to their origins.  “And, one of Silente’s most important innovations, that led to the gold certification, is that “”a completely glued down parquet floor can be removed without damage””. 
Career Currently 2 Vacant Positions  If you love wood and working with wood, you should take a look at these current open positions at Bauwerk Parkett. Sales – Consulting – Technology – Research and Development: We look for the best !

Do you find anything useful here? 
Can I look for a specific Green Company To Work For that YOU could use to make the switch to Green?


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