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Grow It Yourself!,
grow a piece of furniture, a Bench, a lamp shade,
Suppliers of the material to Grow Your Own
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Like other industries, the idea is still rather young and undiscovered.  But there have been some interesting and very different Funiture ideas…..

Many people start by growing “something”.

1:50 minutes … mushroom spores to make benches

My reaction to all of this is – Grow It Yourself!

There are a number of GIY videos about how to do it.  Ecovative sells Mycelium Composite Material to grow your own something with good instructions.  They give you full easy to use instructions….also here:

1:39 minutes … The Full Instructions >>>

But if you want to get a little more involved you might try MycoWorks‘ way…….

1:22 minutes … << new website

And there are links showing how others did it: and this other post:

Once you have experimented, grow a piece of furniture……….

Tom Sippel, arrived at the Ecovative factory and uncovered several unique and beautifully crafted pieces of furniture using our Grow It Yourself! material.  His work with Mushroom® Materials follows the elegant form of his  wood projects.
Tom is one of a growing number of innovators to go above and beyond the basic GIY to form the Mushroom® Materials into unique saleable products.  He has added materials, mixing in new substrates such as sawdust and wood chips to blend in and add rigidity.
Tom says all of his furniture, mushroom and wood products, are produced using environmental and home healthy finishes, with both the wood and Mushroom® Material sourced locally.  Just as Ecovative uses local agricultural waste as the main constituents of our materials, Tom recycles the sawdust from his own woodworking parts by mixing them into the GIY materials to make his own unique mixture.
We are excited to see more folks work with Grow It Yourself! Materials.

Grow a Bench!

Grow It Yourself!

This project entails a focus on mycelium and its relation to architecture. 

Grow It Yourself!

Grow It Yourself!

OR Grow a modular system
Yoon Jin Bae

Grow a lamp shade

Grow It Yourself!

Grow It Yourself!

Grow It Yourself!

Italian designer Maurizio Montalti, and CTO at MUGO, Italy, poses in front of everyday objects he created, a chair, vases and even slippers, based on mycelium, at the Micropia Museum displaying the invisible world of micro-organisms in Amsterdam on May 2, 2017.

Where can you get the materials to Grow Your Own?

Grow It Yourself!

*If you are looking for the GIY materials in the Far East/Asia, try:

*If you are in Europe, Ecovative’s licensed producer: SEE Suppliers at the bottom of this post.
CNC Exotic Mushrooms, the Netherlands, is partnering with US-based  Ecovative Design to exclusively produce and distribute the Ecovative patented raw materials in Europe, supporting the growing number of mycelium-based companies and products throughout the European Union. They produce the raw material for, where you can order the material or their other products.
uses its mycelium bio-fabrication platform to grow award-winning, planet Earth friendly materials for a wide range of products—from home compostable packaging to structural composites for furniture, acoustics, and buildings—and for wetland and landscape restoration.  CNC, which produces and distributes substrates used by professional edible exotic mushroom growers in partnership with Ecovative will support companies in the EU who want to create new and better products with mycelium.
For European users interested in ordering large quantities of bulk materials, for e.g. building projects, acoustical materials, or packaging, please contact CNC via ([email protected]) or go to their website:
If you are an artist or designer and interested in ordering smaller quantities you may visit the Ecovative web-shop (
If you are interested in starting your own mycelium products business in Europe, please contact Ecovative directly for licensing options.

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….all of which can be the foundation of thousands of Local Future Businesses
Mycelium in Industry – Ancient and New

Suppliers of Mycelium Composite Material, around the world:

>Mr. Russell Whittam,,
I’ve done lots of work with universities the last few years; supplying them with substrate and how to make their own materiel, etc. as well.
I’ve got a new product coming out about mid-2020 – for making things – just add water, spawn and mold the material. Then let it grow. Contact him at: [email protected]

> – has a license agreement with Ecovative Design.
their new MycoComposite™ kits consist of only LIVING mushroom material and are supplied to the EU countries. Possible also for geographical Europe, but customs clearances must be taken care of by the person making the order. is now supplying the Mycelium Composite ™ material to insulate buildings. They have insulated class rooms in an Amsterdam school building and in a house in a village near Rotterdam. Scroll down to Building & Architecture products here. They have supplied the MycoComposite™ to many of the projects taking place in Europe, recently, that have been mentioned in my posts. sells other things made from MycoComposite™.

Ecovative is speaking to several potential parties about opening a Mushroom® Packaging operation in India.  It’s too early for names, but they hope to have a partner qualified by the end of next year.

>MYCL, Mycotech Lab has an internship program. It makes a lot of sense to get some controlled experience with mycelium. MYCOTECH Lab produces and sells, mycelium board composite panels BIOBO, and supplied the labor and material for the MycoTree project.

>>>>New Zealand
> Bio Fab NZ a new company/website that Ecovative has lincensed in New Zealand.

> The Magical Mushroom Company a new company/website in the UK. (Ecovative)

>Grow-It-Yourself Kits for MycoComposite™ are now available direct from Ecovative’s Here you will find all instructions, learning, and purchasing information., however, only ships the MycoComposite™ material within North America.
>Ecovative Design has transferred all their Mushroom Packaging production equipment to a facility 4x bigger at Paradise Packaging Co. The new company and new website offer you more information about the mushroom packaging material and how it works. As always, the company is also happy to discuss licensing.

>The Mushroom Guru, Ash Gordon, that assisted Ms. Katy Ayers with her Myconoe, would be happy to “help people grow mycelium and mushrooms in any capacity“. Nebraska Mushroom LLC, [email protected]

>>>more places around planet Earth:
From Ecovative: “We are finalizing licenses that will soon bring MycoComposite™ to Western Asia, Northern Africa, and Southern Europe. Ecovative receives dozens of licensing inquiries a week. We are establishing licenses to serve markets around the world, in order to reduce cost and carbon footprint when shipping material. A license is in the works for Australia. If you don’t see your location listed now, you can be sure Mushroom® Packaging will be available in your region, soon. Contact Ecovative to get specifics.

Please take Note!
I would like to add any other mycelium material suppliers.  Those who want to assist in the development of new products using mushroom, fungus , mycelium to fabricate.   Please let me know.

Your eco-business concerns are the motive for my blog. Tell me what’s on your mind, good or bad or what you are looking for!.

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