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Ilan Katz is one of the Israeli researchers who developed technology producing water from air – Water for Everyone

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FOR HIRE: Mr. Ilan Katz, Consulting and Environmental Engineering, Entrepreneur Support and Assistance,
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above image: Ilan Katz as part of the team that developed Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

FOR HIRE: Mr. Ilan Katz
Type of Service/line of business:
Environmental Engineering Service Provider
Level of Service:
Expert, Consultant
Types of Production:
Waste-Treatment & Recycling, Water, Waste Water, Agriculture, Chemical, Systems Engineering
Specific Disciplines:
Process Engineering in waste, sewage, Environmental Entrepreneurship
A project you have worked on:
Design, Construction and Operation, as CTO of the new MSW facility for ArrowBio, Tel Aviv, ..also Domestic effluent desalination Project, and an innovative water harvesting system
What languages do you speak?:
Native: Hebrew, Business Fluent: English
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Ilan’s latest success story: Drinking water from air

Israeli researchers develop technology producing water from airWater for Everyone – Even OFF Grid

For Hire - Ilan Katz- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering
From left to right: Technion researchers Professor David Broday, Professor Eran Friedler, Ilan Katz and Liron Houber. (Courtesy/Technion)

The new Israeli system involves two cyclic stages. First, it absorbs moisture from the air using a highly concentrated saline solution. Then, it separates the moisture from the desiccant and condenses the vapor under sub-atmospheric pressure conditions.
Solar Energy to the Rescue It also has the advantage of being solar-powered. “Besides being energy efficient, the new technology offers an additional advantage: as part of the process the water undergoes pollutant removal processes,” Prof. Broday said. “Our technology turns water into a commodity produceable anywhere in the world. The prototype we have built demonstrates that the system works as expected.”


the company marketing the water from air process

Low Energy, Bacteria Free – Water from Air
Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

4:17 minutes – Producing Water from Air New Technion Moisture Harvesting System
Standalone platform is energy-efficient, works even in off-grid, desert areas, effectively filters out pollutants and kills bacteria, researchers say

Ilan Katz
Consulting and Environmental Engineering
Entrepreneur Support and Assistance

For Hire – Ilan Katz

For Hire - Ilan Katz- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering

Ilan Katz brings over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering and technological development in the fields of waste, sewage and water. His experience is a mix of engineering, R&D and management in processes and projects. The focus is all environmental issues for industry, government ministries and academia.

Today, Ilan’s consulting and development services are directed at industry in the fields of waste recycling technology, sewage treatment, and water purification and harvesting.


Ilan holds a Master’s Degree in Bio-technology in the field of water treatment, a BA in biology and an MBA, all from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.


Ilan was one of the environmental engineers at the Kishon River Authority, Haifa, Israel – a comprehensive river cleanup project. His work included supervision of industrial effluent discharge, monitoring water quality & biodiversity and implementing quality standards for the Kishon River.

For 5 years, he was Director of the Membrane Treatment Laboratory, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion – acquiring comprehensive knowhow and experience in water and wastewater treatment methods for biological, chemical and physical processes.

At Water-Arc, Ilan developed and implemented “constructed wetlands” for grey water recycling at private homes.

He designed and constructed a sewage desalination plant at the Nir Etzion purification plant, also in the Haifa area.

Ilan has consulted for the Chief Scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Health Ministry, Agricultural Ministry and with academic researchers.

For Hire - Ilan Katz- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering

As the CTO at Arrow Ecology, Ilan gained strong industrial experience dealing with anaerobic treatment of organic matter and waste separation. This is a unique technology that treats Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). In his role as CTO, the entire treatment system was re-designed. The facility was rebuilt for all recycling separation requirements and treatment systems, including piping and pumping.  Ilan performed all the planning stages. He managed and supervised the anaerobic installation, running the equipment, and operating the plant on a daily basis.

Ilan has published 20 scientific articles in international journals and in another 20 publications in Israel.

Skills, Services

Environmental Engineering in Your Hands!
Entrepreneur Support and Assistance 

Ilan Katz’s basket of services includes all stages of environmental process engineering and administration!

  • Sewage and waste surveys
  • Treatment of industrial waste and wastewater
  • Ground water reclamation
  • Sorting and separation equipment for municipal waste management
  • Anaerobic digestion, biogas production and utilization
  • Concept planning and process planning – PFD, P&ID
  • Process engineering – Process design (rector design), equipment specifications and alternatives evaluation, Business Licensing, Technical Case and Construction Permits for Industry  
  • Control systems planning – architecture, equipment,
  • Work procedures for environmental facilities
  • Plant Construction and Facility management
  • Environmental Regulatory Documentation – ongoing and annual reporting, including PRTR, Performance surveys, activity analysis and streamlining alternatives
  • Market and competitor surveys 
  • Environmental engineering Research and development
  • Technological entrepreneur assistance


logo- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering

Since 2016, Ilan has been on the board of the Israel Society for Ecology and the Environment.

logo- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering

Ilan promotes entrepreneurs’ ideas in projects at the Technion, independent initiatives and serves as an advisor to the Innovation Authority.

3:37 min Ilan has a channel on YouTube
hire-ilan-katz logo

from a comment on Ilan’s website:
We are focusing on the transition to reusables and a reuse industry.     
The Seismic Shift Afoot: From Disposable to Reusable –

31 seconds
logo- For Hire - Ilan Katz - Environmental Processes Engineering
6 – 9 MAY 2019

For Hire – Ilan Katz

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