How to get More Electricity for your community – worldwide

You are sitting next to it!

Clean up the Climate and make Electricity!
Solve 2 problems with 1 action!

Every community worldwide has a pile of Solid Waste.

Within a year that Waste pile will start to make Gas/Methane.

What is your community going to do about the Methane?

>> Capture the Methane from your Garbage Dump. Get More Electricity.

In this post:

Do you get More Electricity from “Garbage Dumps”
in your country?

The World needs Much More Electricity!

How 1 community gets More Electricity:

1:50 min. – Turning Landfill Gas into Green Energy


Electricity for 7,000 homes
So despite popular opinion I’m here to tell you that not all gases are bad. In fact, here in Moreton Bay we’re using it as a source of renewable energy to power up to 7 000 homes locally. 
Landfill Gas to Green Energy
Thanks to our partnership with green energy provider LGI limited, we’re able to convert methane gas from our landfill sites in Bunya, Caboolture and Dakabin into green energy. So when our team comes out to a site and we drill into a landfill and the pipe work we put in there has little holes to suck the gas in. That pipe work is then transported back to a facility like this one.  The gas is either converted through (a flaring unit to lesser harmful materials to carbon dioxideor we use the biogas to generate renewable  electricity
Less Pollution, Less Methane in our sky
When we produce renewable energy, the renewable energy is displacing fossil fuel  energy that we would otherwise consume from coal or gas.  So you have this two-fold  environmental benefit. 
Continuous Power
These three energy plants can generate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Do since we’ve started this project, we have stopped 96 million cubic meters of methane gas from entering the atmosphere. 
The benefits
Capturing this gas also reduces the landfill fires and the Odor emissions to nearby residents, which is very important.  So with the work we’ve been undertaking with Moreton Bay Regional council since 2010 these three facilities have abated over 900 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and again that’s a huge number.  This would be the same abatement that you’d achieve if you were to have planted 15 million seedlings that  eventually grow up to to trees. 
Green Future
Green technology is the way to the future and Moreton Bay Regional Council wants to be a leader in the space.  We can go green as we grow and as the third largest council we have responsibility, as leaders in this space, to preserve our beautiful region for our children and their children’s children.

Keep in the back of your Mind!
Do not Burn!
Flaring is dirty, an unnecessary waste of money, in addition to its negative impact on GHG levels!
Why waste incineration is not the answer

Solid waste incineration is expensive, inefficient, and environmentally risky. It locks cities into “high-carbon”, because they must continue to find lots of waste to get More Electricity, this is the opposite effort to reducing waste and recycle more.

How 1 company supplies the equipment to get More Electricity:

There are many companies that can provide the equipment necessary for a Landfill to Energy project. I was looking for a short video that would explain what a company can do.
I found this video, that tells the story about how to get More Electricity, clean-up and get the value from your trash:

Slow and commercial, but talks about you can get from your Waste

3:55 min. – How Cat® Generator Sets Produce Electric Power from Landfill Gas
Cat® =


Methane Gas
Meeting government regulations is not the only reason to seek alternatives for disposing of the methane gas produced at landfill sites.  Modern landfills are required to install gas collection systems to capture and destroy the methane gases that are naturally produced within a landfill.  
What to do with the Methane – Do not Burn –  Put it to work!
These gases are burned in a flare rather than eliminating landfill gas by simply burning it off.  Caterpillar (Cat) can help you turn it into a renewable fuel.  We do that by providing gas fueled engine generators that can produce electric power from landfill gas.  Power that you can sell to the electrical grid.  Cat generators burn the gas cleanly to meet air quality standards, so you can satisfy safety regulations and start putting landfill methane gas to work.  
Caterpillar gas fueled engine generator operations “gensets”
1. When landfill gas fuel generators are implemented, water is removed from the fuel and sometimes additional fuel conditioning equipment is used to reduce contaminants before they enter the engine.  Cat landfill “gensets” use special components specifically designed to operate on landfill gas fuels.  Multiple gensets can be used to match the production of landfill fuel that grows and dissipates over several years.  
2. Installing electrical paralleling switchgear allows generators to operate in parallel with each other and the electric utility. Generator sets can be housed in individual enclosures or a single building. 
3. Remote radiators are used to cool the engines.
Electric Power to the Grid
1. Now the complete powerhouse is finished.  To export the electricity to the utility grid requires that the power be fed to a regional substation.  
2. The electricity generated at the landfill can be sold to the local electric utility –  oftentimes at a premium.  Many utilities are mandated to provide a certain percentage of their power from renewable sources.  Utilization of landfill gas generator sets can result in both renewable energy credits and carbon reduction credits. 
3. In some cases, the electricity and the waste heat generated from a power plant can be used directly by adjacent businesses.  Power lines are installed to deliver electricity while heat exchangers are employed to capture and transfer waste heat from the engines
Experienced Landfill gas to Energy Equipment Supplier
Why caterpillar for your landfill gas to energy project?  Because caterpillar gives you one source for everything.  Local Cat dealers have the expertise to design, install, and service your equipment with over 1,000 megawatts of landfill “genset” power delivered worldwide. Caterpillar delivers purpose-built and proven products.  You also have the benefit of outstanding fuel efficiency and low total owning and operating costs.  With Cat financial, Caterpillar can provide complete turnkey project financing tools.  
Reduce seeping Methane and get Electric Power for your Community
By converting landfill gas into power, Caterpillar is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while generating renewable energy for communities and businesses around the world.  >>>>Turn methane gas into energy – Turn a profit – Turn to Caterpillar

get More Electricity

Sources of “How To” information for
Dump site/Landfill to Energy projects:


The USA/Evironmental Protection Agency

Landfill Gas Energy Project Development Handbook which includes
the LandGEM Model introduction, instructions and software

List of Publications Related to Landfill Gas and Waste Management
Basic Information about Landfill Gas
Managing and Transforming Waste Streams Tool
List of Tools Related to Landfill Gas (LFG) and Waste Management

Solid Waste Emissions Estimation Tool (SWEET)

2:03 min. SWEET Promo Video

SWEET Tracks Greenhouse Gases,
is Better Insight on Methane Emissions and Sparks Change in Cities Around the World by Measuring, Monitoring, and Mitigating Waste Emissions

Language(s): EN; ES; PT, Serbian

Waste Wise Cities – from the UN

Waste activities for cities, including how to get More Electricity- How to get More Electricity for your community - worldwide

Waste Wise Cities Tool – Step by Step Guide to Assess a City’s Municipal Solid Waste Management Performance through the SDG indicators
The tool has been translated to various languages

Online Courses

2:40 of 3:30 min. – Join Waste Wise Cities

UN-Habitat will support cities that want to become
Waste Wise in the following action areas:

  • Waste Data & Monitoring (e.g. feedback on available data, support in collection of data with Waste Wise Cities Tool)
  • Knowledge & Good Practices Sharing (e.g.Newsletter, City-to-city Partnerships, Waste Wise Academy)
  • Advocacy & Education (e.g. educational toolkit, awareness raising material)
  • Project Finance & Bankability Support (e.g. for drafting project proposals, marketplace)

Suggested Information Sources:

These are not recommendations! They are simply ideas about where you can find the equipment, information and funding you need for your Dump site/Landfill to Energy project.

(another supplier of the equipment to Landfill Gas to Enery)

1:44 min. – Power Generation Across the Generations: Introducing the New KTA50 – Dec 2, 2023

Landfills have the potential to be used as renewable energy resources. Organic materials that decompose in landfills produce a methane-rich gas called biogas, or landfill gas. Due to its high methane content, it does increase greenhouse gas emissions. This is why in the United States many landfill operators are required to collect biogas before it is emitted into the atmosphere. …The captured biogas is used in a productive way. For instance, it can be used on-site in a Cummins’ generator to produce heat and electricity. It can also be refined into almost pure methane and used interchangeably with natural gas called Renewable natural gas (RNG). …
Cummins’ natural gas engines are designed to efficiently operate on RNG, making them an optimal choice for businesses seeking renewable energy solutions. 

New Technology = equipment supplier to get More Electricity

Any Fuel, Any Size, Any Load, Anywhere
Mainspring‘s Linear Generator

The Mainspring Linear Generator’s fuel-flexible, modular design is suited for biogas system use. It is modular so it can be easily sited and scaled to different capacities, and any gaseous fuel. The fuel flexibility is particularly helpful in Landfill operations, as biogas streams and their energy content can change over time depending on feedstock and environmental conditions. 

2:33 minutes – Mainspring Linear Generator
  • Mainspring’s linear generator technology adjusts to varying fuel quality and different types of fuels, including renewable fuels such as biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator is made out of standard materials with only two moving parts and operates without the use of oil or expensive fuel cell catalysts or complex engine mechanical systems — resulting in low capital and maintenance costs.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator is designed for commercial businesses, their first product is packaged in a standard 20’ container.

How Modern Landfills Protect the Environmentideas/information

rental equipment including for waste- How to get More Electricity for your community - worldwide
A Dumpster Rental Company – We embrace the latest technology to make renting a dumpster easier than ever before.

In a sanitary landfill, waste is separated from the surrounding environment using a system of layers designed to allow waste to decompose safely. While decomposition can produce methane—a major contributor to climate change—most sanitary landfills collect this gas and use it to generate electricity, which keeps it out of the atmosphere.

Landfill construction to get More Electricity- How to get More Electricity for your community - worldwide
Image Courtesy of OC Waste & Recycling >> Another source of Landfill information.
Note: the Gas Conversion area in the upper left corner.

Learn more about the science behind landfill management from the experts at Tetra Tech.

Estimating of gas emissions from waste sites to generate electrical energy as a case study at Al-Hillah City in Iraq

September 2023 – Conclusions
Solid waste accumulation and the shortage of electrical power generation are two critical issues Iraq faces. In an effort to address them, this study was conducted to find a sustainable solution to these issues. The study has indicated the importance of properly managing MSW, which is essential for environmental protection, while the development of alternative energy sources can help fill the increasing gap between electricity production and consumption.
According to the obtained results from the Land GEM model, the amount of accumulated waste over 47 years is 50,227,808 tons, with an annual average of 1,046,413 tons. The generation of this amount of waste has also led to a massive amount of methane emission (about 875,217 tons in total and an annual average of 18,234 tons). The good news is this amount of gas can produce 13,797,190 MW/year to get More Electricity.

How Do Landfills Work? (Animated Guide)

Landfill Gas, get More Electricity- How to get More Electricity for your community - worldwide

BigRentz is an online construction equipment rental marketplace.  If you are a beginning the the Landfill Gas to Energy issue, you might find the discussion of equipment needed for such projects, in this article, useful.

Tetra Tech is a global provider of high-end consulting and engineering services. We are 27,000 employees, in 550 offices worldwide, dedicated to solving water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development challenges for our clients and communities.
Biogas, Landfill Gas, and Air Quality
Landfill Engineering

The International Finance Corporation has not entered the Methane Issue, but there might be room to talk to them.

Funding to get More Electricity- How to get More Electricity for your community - worldwide

IFC advances economic development and improves the lives of people by encouraging the growth of the private sector in developing countries. We achieve this by investing in impactful projects, mobilizing other investors, and sharing expertise.

Financing landfill gas projects in developing countries
Things have changed since this 2016 report was written (such as not using flaring and the new technologies, mentioned above for generating electricity). However, there is still lots of useful information in the document.

get More Electricity

1:34 min. – Creating renewable energy

Rogue Disposal & Recycling, Inc. has been in business since 1938 and continues to go with the times by Converting Landfill Gas Into Renewable Energy

get More Electricity

The World wants to cut Waste Methane:

1 min. of 1:38 min. – Durwood Zaelke speaks on a mandatory global methane agreement
President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development


As everyone today has recognized, this is the single biggest and fastest way to turn down the heat!  Methane is the “blow torch” that is pushing us from global warming to Global boiling!  Want to slow down warming?  “Turn off the blow torch”!  Everybody here today, from John Kerry to Xie Zhenhua to Ajay Banga and all the others, knew exactly what they were saying about methane!  Why it was important and what they planned to do.  Next step.  Got to move from voluntary to mandatory!  We need to see this as the foundation for a Mandatory Global Methane agreement, that we should start early next year.

get More Electricity

Attention, Take Note:
Waste to Energy is the stuff that is not recycleable;
The dirtiest of the Rubbish.

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Other approaches to waste to energy:
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