Waste to Resources >>> CAPTURE WASTE AND USE IT ALL!

Industry waste to resources

Industry waste to resources

This is a nuts&bolts blog.  I want to encourage and help, if I can.  I want to assist people who want to catch up with all the companies who have joined the Circular Economy, the “waste rush”.  (Things are really beginning to take off.)

Is your company a SME / SMB? = A Small Business?

One of the 95% of all companies world-wide (according to the OECD) that is either small or medium size?  Then your company helps make up more than half the jobs and job creation world-wide.  One owner wrote:  Small business owners play an out-of-proportion large and important role in the economy and employment growth.  You may only employee between 1-50+ people, but there are so many of you.  Small Businesses start the new directions, pioneer new technologies, stimulate economic growth.

But another cold, hard fact

Small business owners don’t always adapt to new changes.  Another owner said:  Small business owners are juggling a ton of different jobs.  No time to look around.  Each year there is a need to put your industry under the microscope to see what changes are creeping in, so that you can adjust.

Industry waste to resources

DON’T DUMP!  Say no to linear
Take, Make >>> Waste

SELL !!  Circular – closed-loop:
  Harvest, Make, Harvest again

Industry waste to resources

Can you imagine something like this happening in your offices?

**1848, as Mr. Marshall later recalled: “It made my heart thump.  I was certain it was gold.”
**NEWS SPREAD FAST.  The word was out  By mid-June 1848, 3/4 of the male population of San Francisco had left town for the gold mines, and the number of miners reached 4,000 by August. 

**Gold fever kicked off big after December 1848, when the US President J. K. Polk announced the good results reported by Colonel R. Mason, California’s military governor.  Polk wrote that the reports of gold were so extraordinary it was hard to believe, but they were authenticated by reports from public service officers.”
**Men from around the United States borrowed money, mortgaged their property or spent their life savings to make the difficult journey to California and join the Gold Rush.

Every example of waste turned to a resource is a potential Gold Mine.  

Industry waste to resources 
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