Landfill Gas projects Worldwide – – – Clean up the Air, Now!

We Need Many More!

Do you have “MSW to Gas and Electricity Garbage Dumps” in your country?
The World is covered with Garbage Dumps seeping Methane.
We need to capture it all and put it to work!


Landfill Gas projects

The World is covered with Garbage Dumps seeping Methane.

Landfill Gas projects - showing Global crisis- Landfill Gas projects Worldwide - - - Clean up the Air, Now!
Northstar Clean Technologies aims to become the leading recovery and reprocessing company for asphalt shingles in North America.
Visualizing the Global Landfill Crisis

Wherever there are people there are Garbage Dumps.

By capturing and using the Methane in all the world’s Garbage Dumps/Landfills, we can cut at least 15% of the GHG’s in our air.

Climate Trace suggests that the “Waste Worldwide” has at least 86.2 M TONNES of CH4 (Methane) and they have not finished tracing it!

??Is your Garbage Dump Capturing the Methane and putting it to good use?
??OR is the Methane in your Garbage Dump seeping into the atmosphere?

Let’s capture the Methane and make cleaner renewable Energy with it!

What is Landfill Gas (LFG)

The information may not be exact, but it sure gets the point across!

Landfill Gas projects

You can find these projects all over the world already!
BUT not enough!
Not enough to cut all the Garbage Dump/Landfill Gas still seeping into the air!
And some countries are worse than others…..

The super emitters

Landfill Gas projects - where they are needed the most- Landfill Gas projects Worldwide - - - Clean up the Air, Now!
Look at the Blue lines

Satellite data analysed by the company Kayrros has identified 1,005 super-emitter events in 2022, of which 559 were from oil and gas fields, 105 from coalmines, and 340 from waste sites, such as landfills.

Landfill Gas projects

Here, You will find some of the Garbage Dump/Landfill Gas projects already running around the world. And some of them were started a long time ago!


2:06 min. – Nov 17, 2021 – Buenos Aires Landfill Leads?? Latin America in Turning Methane Into Power


Factsheet: Landfill gas projects

2:04 min – What is a landfill?
Apr 30, 2019 — This Landfill, seems to have been constructed correctly,
BUT where does the Landfill Gas to Energy come in?????

Council awards tender for gas utilisation project
January, 2020 – …“Through this project we’ll be mitigating against methane emissions from landfill, whilst reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in powering Wetalla, which is one of the Council’s highest energy users.


3″24 min – HOOGE MAEY converts landfill gas into green energy
Feb 10, 2014 – Hooge Maey extracts landfill gas from its landfill. Four biogas engines turn it into green energy under the form of electricity.


3:50 min – Brazil: a 29.5MW landfill biogas plant, one of the biggest in the world – English Subtitles
Dec 22, 2016 – The plant is located in Caieiras, São Paulo. 21 modules, 8,000 tons of waste treated a day, and an installed capacity of 29.5MW to supply electricity to a city of 300,000 inhabitants.


How to clean Landfill Gas to be used in an electricity generator……

2:19 min – Wagabox 1: measuring biogas/landfill gas composition from the inlet to the outlet
Nov 29, 2017 – Wagabox 1 was set up at a Coved landfill site in France in February 14, 2017. It upgrades landfill gas into renewable natural gas compliant with distribution grid requirements. Today, Nicolas Paget, Waga Energy CTO and cofounder, measures biogas/landfill gas composition at three different steps of the upgrading process.

Landfill Gas projects


3:38 min – SORPA, NBC2014, landfill gas upgrading, biomethane, Nordic Biogas 2014, Reykjavik


1:51 min – Trash to treasure: Jordan turns landfill methane into electricity
Jun 26, 2019 – The Landfill Gas is combusted in turbines to produce Electricity

New Zealand

Landfill gas capture deal saving money and the planet

2:28 min – Landfill gas to energy
Sep 4, 2017 – City of Napier, New Zealand


3:12 min – Power production of landfill gas at Yggeset, Asker, Norway
May 19, 2014 – Yggeset – power production of landfill gas- english subtitle version.


1:51 min – Philippines generates energy using trash
Apr 23, 2013 – The Philippines is using an unlikely source to generate electricity. It’s turning rubbish into clean energy – and the move’s proving to be popular.

Landfill Gas projects

South Africa

3:59 min – Landfill Methane Powers People’s Homes
Jan 10, 2011 – In Durban, South Africa the largest managed landfill on the continent powers 6,000 homes with clean renewable electricity and helps stop Global Warming too, (Oh and it also grows food, takes out the trash, but doesn’t do windows)

Generating Electricity from Landfill Gas in Durban 2015

South Korea

South Korea has a number of garganuan Landfills. One considered one of the largest in the world and is beingh turned into a “Dream Park” on top of the Sudokwon landfill that like the one below generates Electricity.

1:32 min – Landfill generates new, renewable energy
Sep 9, 2017 -The landfill generates renewable energy from the gas emitted by the decomposing waste. Some of the electricity is used by households,… and some of it is sold,… bringing in around 31 million U.S. dollars per year. The biogas is also used to fuel some 2-hundred public buses and cleaning vehicles.


Thailand has had Landfill Gas to Energy projects for at least 7+ years. Another kind of system is also being developed that reduces the size of the MSW used to make biogas. Further R&D toward using Waste to make fuel.

6.56 min. – 1 MW MSW biogas Power Plant by Bankai-Papop JV in Rayong, Thailand
Apr 6, 2022 – Dr. Kong from takes you to visit the first full scale and largest biogas power plant using mostly organic shredded waste from municipal solid waste (OFMSW) in Rayong Province of Thailand as of 2019.

Landfill Gas projects


According to the Our World in Data, the UK has reached, per person, 1850 levels of CO2 emmisions. And for Methane much, much lower than 1850.

Landfill Gas projects - UK projects- Landfill Gas projects Worldwide - - - Clean up the Air, Now!

United Kingdom methane memorandum
3.2.2 Landfill methane capture and renewable electricity generation
November 2022/…The Renewables Obligation scheme for the encouragement of renewable energy was introduced in April 2002 and applied to the generation of electricity by landfill gas. This was designed to encourage generation of electricity from eligible renewable sources in the UK. Landfill gas is collected and used to power turbines which generate power for the grid, generating 3,500 GW/hour in 2020.

One of the world’s biggest problems, right now, is that the electricity grids world wide are not set up to take in and use all the renewable electricity that is being made. This company has a – temporary – solution to this problem.

1 min – Pioneering Battery Enables Landfill Gas to Balance UK Grid
Sep 23, 2020 – Flexible energy generation specialist Ylem Energy Ltd, has installed the UK’s very first 1MW battery energy storage system (BESS) alongside an existing landfill-gas generator to enable the site to participate in the National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism. Located in York, the 1MW (1.2MWh) battery is charged by the existing on-site generation system and allows the power stored to be readily available at short notice to meet the demands of the network as required. Rated at 1MW, the system can store and supply some 1.2 MWh of power – which would be the equivalent energy required to power around 2,400 average homes for one hour.

Landfill Gas projects

USA, Graham, Washington

2:21 min – PSE-TV: From Landfill Gas To Renewable Power
Feb 11, 2014 – PSE and its Green Power program is working with the company BioFuels and a Pierce County landfill to create electricity from methane. Trash is now powering homes.

Zambia – A ReCap! and……

3:18 min – Episode 34 EXPLAINING: Generation and release of methane at landfills
May 19, 2020 – In this episode, we share information on the generation and release of methane which is a by-product of landfilling municipal solid wastes. Most of the global municipal solid waste is dumped in non-regulated landfills and the generated methane is simply emitted to the atmosphere.

Here we have a discussion re-cap from Zambia of what all the videos in this post have been talking about:

“We at EnvironCompass believe that a lot more can be done to capture and utilize this significant energy resource.”

Zambia is listening too.

Apr 21, 2021 – The Chunga dump site, the final destination for garbage in Lusaka is an eyesore, owing to poor management of solid waste in the capital city. But change is on its way with the signing of a 2.76-million dollar grant aid between Zambia and Japan which will see the the establishment of the Lusaka Integrated Solid Waste Management Company. [They plan to capture and use the Landfill Gas!]

Landfill Gas projects
Does your community need
to capture and use this source of Methane?

Wherever there a people there is Landfill Gas.

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