Biomimicry Strategy – Like Nature does it.

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Let’s make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday living. 
Try a Biomimic Strategy,
Do it like planet Earth does it.,
Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

Biomimicry Strategy = Biomimicry

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Biomimic Strategy- Biomimicry Strategy - Like Nature does it.

Let’s make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday living. 

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishment; there are only consequences.

– Robert B. Ingersoll

Try a Biomimicry Strategy.

Nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet for Humans to live in = Biomimicry

  1. What challenge am I trying to address?
  2. How does nature address this challenge?
  3. Does the solution deal with the how, where, and who will use the solution?
    Explore biological intelligence organized by design and engineering functions.

Do it like planet Earth does it.

Nature is constantly experimenting and reinventing itself in the face of man’s new challenges.  Biomimicry Strategy offers a fresh look for all the dreamers and doers re-making the man-made world to harmonize with plant Earth.

2:03 minutes – What is Biomimicry?

Biomimicry Strategy

Biomimicry Strategy- Biomimicry Strategy - Like Nature does it.

In 2008, the Biomimicry Institute launched a free, online catalog of nature’s solutions to design challenges.  This award-winning website, called AskNature, has helped inventors, manufactures and students around the globe look to nature for sustainable inspiration and advice.

We need planet Earth, planet Earth does not necessarily need us.  In the past we found our own ways of doing things, instead of learning planet Earth’s way.  But do the human ways work?  We better learn Earth’s ways.  We need to learn to harmonize with planet Earth.

the Ray of Hope Prize

1:24 minutes – John Lanier and the Ray of Hope Prize | 2017 Bioneers Conference

The Ray of Hope Prize® identifies the top nature-inspired startups in the world and fosters their growth by providing sustainable business training, communications support, and opportunities for non-dilutive funding—the top being a $100,000 equity-free prize.

Armed with nature’s billions of years of research and development, these startups are uniquely suited to address critical environmental and social issues at scale.

Biomimicry Strategy Ray of Hope Prize- Biomimicry Strategy - Like Nature does it.

Revolutionary Solutions to Today’s Most Critical Issues
The Ray of Hope Prize startups have developed biomimetic products and solutions that will transform our world

18:55 minutes – Third Annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Ray of Hope Prize | Bioneers 2018
This annual competition was founded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and the Biomimicry Institute to stimulate biomimetic solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges. The winner of the prize, focused this year on climate change solutions, will be announced and awarded on Bioneers’ main stage. Introductions by John Lanier from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and Jay Harman of Pax Scientific.

Biomimicry Strategy

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Like Nature does it. Biomimic Strategy = Harmony with planet Earth
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