Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!

There is so much Natural Gas being produced
on the surface of planet Earth in Dump Sites and Landfills!

Why is there a Crisis???

in this post:

The international Energy Agency says there is a Natural Gas Crisis?

Navigating the Natural Gas Crisis
Ministers meet to discuss coordinated actions to limit impact of energy crisis on natural gas markets

That’s impossible!

>>>Natural Gas is everywhere
there are people.

>>>The same stuff that the oil&gas rigs are pulling up from down in planet Earth is being produced all the time on the Surface of the planet, from Waste.
And it is renewable and Cleaner*!

- Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!
Landfill Gas fuel carbon intensity from GREET (greet.es.anl.gov) life-cycle emissions model maintained by Argonne National Labs. A discussion about GREET can be found in another wasterush post.

*When vehicle efficiency and tailpipe emissions are accounted for, Renewable Natural Gas (in this case from landfill gas) can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas used in heavy duty trucks by as much as 75% compared to the levels produced from equivalent diesel fuel trucks.
Renewable Natural Gas can be produced from so many different types of waste, that the graph shown here is only one example. Depending upon the waste used and on a lifecycle basis, RNG can reduce GHG emissions by as much as 95% as compared to diesel, giving it a nearly net zero carbon impact.
The world is working to standardize these things, but the present general figure for Compressed and/or Renewable Natural Gas is at the very least 20% reduction in GHG’s. When used in a CNG vehicle fuel system, which is completely sealed, the vehicles produce no evaporative emissions.

Create fuel from Waste!
Harvest naturally produced gas in Dump Sites.

Where ever there are people, there are Dump Sites and Landfills full of Waste.
THEREFORE there is
Natural Gas!
Renewable Natural Gas!

Stuff is thrown away all the time = constant “renewable” Waste!

Dump Sites produce Gas >>> CO2 + Methane = Natural Gas
How does it do that?
Watch how a Dump Site makes natural gas and how people have learned to collect it. ………………………….No Drilling involved!

1:45 minutes – How gases and liquids are drained from landfills
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Is your old Dump Site, seeping Natural Gas out of the ground into the atmosphere? You can see it!

40 seconds – Landfills Methane Gas and Leachate
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“Every day truckloads of garbage find their way to this landfill off of highway 90 in Horry County.  Overtime rotting garbage creates a gas that is hazardous, if released into the 

everywhere! even in Afghanistan!

1:30 minutes – Methane Burning at Kabul Landfill

If you have an old Dump Site, it is emitting gas! You need to collect the gas!
Do not let it add to the heat in our atmosphere! Capturing the gas also decreases the risk of Dump Site fires and odor emissions.


Leaking natural gas is invisible to the human eye and is a serious environmental concern. Methane, the primary component of natural gas, is  more potent than CO2 over 20 years. Fugitive emissions also pose a safety concern: natural gas mixed with air can be explosive. To top it off, hazardous and carcinogenic substances are often emitted alongside the methane and CO2 in Natural Gas.
At room temperature, methane is colorless and odorless gas.  The familiar smell of natural gas, as used in homes, is achieved by the addition of an odorant (something smelly), usually of blends containing tert-butylthiol. It is a safety measure.

Dump Sites Natural Gas - Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!

Anywhere on planet Earth where there is a Dumpsite or Landfill, at which the Natural Gas is not being collected, it is seeping into the atmosphere. There are thousands of old Dump Sites or Landfills that are seeping that mostly methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane is a worse GHG than CO2.

But the most ridiculous part of this situation is that there is Natural Gas being produced all over the surface of planet Earth all the time and no one can say there really is a Natural Gas Crisis! Maybe all this Natural Gas is not enough to fill all the needs of humans, but it sure would help prevent a crisis! And it is cleaner and cheaper than what is coming from deep the ground!

Dump Sites and Landfills produce Natural Gas. It is possible to collect the Natural Gas and produce Fuel and Electricity.

Here you see how it works……

NOTE: The 2 green containers house the equipment for the gas to electricity machinery!

1:51 minutes – Turning Landfill Gas into Green Energy
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then click on CC.
“So despite popular opinion, I’m here to tell you that not all gases are bad. In fact here in Moreton Bay we’re using it as a source of renewable energy to power up to 7,000 homes locally…………..”

What if you were told that the trucks, in the video below, are powered by the trash that they collect?
See how that works in this video!

https://youtu.be/i2pNZG7EMms << WM.com has taken this video off their channel. Below is the transcript from that video – and the message is very important:

3 minutes – Fuel FOR TOMORROW℠: -TODAY!-Landfill Gas to Renewable Energy
This is a WM landfill and what happens here might surprise you! Like renewable energy production, WM sites just like this one help to produce enough energy that helps fuel the largest truck fleet in North America and power 1000s of homes! Like everything technology touches landfills have come a long way and facilities like the one we’re at today.  I mean this is an engineering marvel!
Here’s a crazy thought for you.  Each year WM oversees the safe disposal of millions of tons of waste.  Millions of tons! and they do it smarter and more sustainably by figuring out how trash can be repurposed and reused. WM also collects millions of tons of recyclable materials, but a lot of stuffstill ends up in a landfill.  In fact, the average american creates 4.5 pounds of trash every single day.  So the question is how can we turn trash into an asset?When you collect tons of waste in a place like a landfill, it naturally produces methane gas when it breaks down. This WM facility turns that gas into usable energy.  The turbine plant produces approximately 3.5 megawatts of exported power which translates into approximately 3,500 homes that can use electricity generated from landfill waste. This plant runs 24/7 producing electricity. 

As we mentioned earlier, as organic material breaks down, it produces methane and in a landfill like this one, that methane is trapped below the surface.  I mean it can be hundreds of feet down there.  Just like an oil well pulls oil from the ground this landfill has about 200 wells like this one. They use vacuum suction to pull up the raw gas from the ground and send it through these pipes to a super high-tech processing plant. 

We can create biofuel from the methane gas that is created from that garbage.  Our garbage trucks that actually come to your house, run on biofuel.  What a cool process, we can pick up your garbage, [with trucks] running on the garbage that you actually dumped in the landfill the prior week.  Okay i got a fun fact.  WM is the nation’s largest operator of biofuel trash and recycling trucks. By using biofuel in its trucks WM saves over 71 million gallons of diesel fuel per year. With that 71 million it reduces its carbon emissions by 30,000 metric tons from trash. 
I Mean that’s, that is mind-blowing!  

Okay, let us get the big picture here. As a nation, we produce over 250 million tons of trash per year and most of that ends up in a landfill, but what if every landfill across the country [ WORLD ] was tapped as an energy source. WM is doing its part to make a difference and you can help by buying only what you need, donating unused stuff that can be repurposed and recycling right?  And using a landfill as a last resort.  You know it’s amazing to see the innovations that are happening here today that are going to make tomorrow even better!

How can this work in your community?
Anywhere in the World??

#1 – electricity for 15,000 homes plus for a RNG grid pipeline
Here is a larger landfill project started in 1995. They produce both natural gas for the RNG pipeline grid and later introduced a gas to electricity facility.
These are part of New York State’s Seneca Meadows Landfill and environmental stewardship projects.

1:06 minutes – Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas to Energy
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Reducing America’s reliance on foreign oil has been the goal of government and industry for decades. Seneca Meadows joined that effort in 1995 with the establishment of a landfill gas to energy plant. The plant which is owned and operated by Seneca Energy Incorporated is adjacent to the landfill. 
Methane, which is produced as waste decomposes is collected and piped to the gas plant.  There it is prepared in a scrubber system prior to entering the engine generators.  The prepared landfill gas is used to fuel internal combustion engines, to produce 18 megawatts of electricity per hour. 
This is enough renewable energy to power more than 15,000 homes.  The EPA has endorsed converting landfill gas to energy as a win-win for solid waste managers and the environment.  This reliable energy source will be available for years after the life of the landfillProcessing landfill gas helps the environment in another way as well.  It destroys 98% of non-methane organic compounds.

As you may have noticed this is not new technology,
If you search on youtube for: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=landfill+to+power
You will see that there are lots of Landfills using their gas for energy…going back more than 10 Years.

#2 – electricity for 2,000 homes in Canada

1:40 minutes – Tour Hamilton’s Glanbrook Landfill – Gas to Energy Facility
This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.
“Gas (pipe) lines are used to remove the gas from the wells to the (energy) facility.  Once in the facility the temperature of the gas is reduced to remove moisture.  Landfill gas is used as a fuel to power 220 cylinder engines.  These engines power an electrical generator.  Hydro lines are used to distribute the power produced by the generator to an electrical grid.  The power sent to the grid can power up to 2,000 homes.”

Glanbrook Landfill currently uses a Co-generation Machine to generate electricity and also uses the heat from the operation.  As long as the Co-Generation Plant is operational there is no need to flare the gas that comes from the Landfill. This means an even cleaner operation!*

*Flaring is dirty!

The purple dots in this chart show the slow decline in Flaring worldwide. https://www.iea.org/reports/flaring-emissions

- Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!

Globally, 143 bcm of natural gas was flared in 2021 – roughly equivalent to the total volume of natural gas imported into Germany, France and the Netherlands. This resulted in the direct release of 270 Mt of CO2 and nearly 8 Mt of methane (240 Mt CO2-eq) into the atmosphere, plus black soot and other greenhouse gases.
Reducing flaring and bringing this gas to market instead, could offer relief to very tight gas markets and, in many cases, could do so faster than investing in new supply. The Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario sees all non-emergency flaring eliminated globally by 2030, resulting in a reduction in flared volumes of around 90% by 2030.

More technology without Flaring at a Dump Site…..
More than 10 years of positive experience says that landfill natural gas can make a lot of electricity and replace fossil fuel.

The technology for landfill gas to energy has improved in the last years. Take a look at what started to happen at this landfill in September of 2022. Expanded waste collection and this new type of generator will power 3,000 homes, which has been successfully tested without flaring to prepare the gas.

1 minute – ‘A place where waste becomes energy’: How Yolo County leaders are transforming their landfill ….This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.

Any Fuel, Any Size, Any Load, Anywhere
One new Technology

Mainspring‘s Linear Generator
The Mainspring Linear Generator’s fuel-flexible, modular design is suited for biogas system use. It is modular so it can be easily sited and scaled to different capacities, and fuel-flexible to run on any gaseous fuel. The fuel flexibility is particularly helpful in biogas operations, as biogas streams and their energy content can change over time depending on feedstock and environmental conditions. 

2:33 minutes – Mainspring Linear Generator
This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.

  • Mainspring’s linear generator technology adjusts to varying fuel quality and different types of fuels, including renewable fuels such as biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator is made out of standard materials with only two moving parts and operates without the use of oil or expensive fuel cell catalysts or complex engine mechanical systems — resulting in low capital and maintenance costs.
  • Mainspring’s linear generator technology is designed for commercial businesses, their first product is packaged in a standard 20’ container.

The Worldwide Waste Map of Worldwide Methane/CO2 pollution!
(Because of Dump Sites, the whole world is emitting Methane into our atmosphere, not just the oil&gas producing countries.)

The University of Leeds and the International Solid Waste Association have created an interactive map which explores & visualizes issues around municipal waste management across the globe. The Waste Atlas includes information about landfills, dumpsites and waste management in 164 different countries and 1,779 different cities around the world. Using the map you can compare and contrast the amount of waste generated by different countries & cities and how well they manage that waste.

>>Sanitary Landfill sites around the world?
>>Dump Sites around the world – and where they do not call them landfills, they call them Dump Sites
>>It is all the same thing “WASTE”, municipal Solid Waste, people Waste in a landfill or Dump Site generates tons of “Natural Gas” !
BUT there are more of them…all the places on this map that do not show Dump Sites either do not house people or have not been reported on this map!

Landfill and Dump Site Natural Gas - Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!

Let us stop the uncontrolled natural gas emissions and turn them into what we need the most cleaner and renewable Energy, Fuel, Electricity! Today!

For Australia:

We provide carbon reduction and renewable energy solutions with biogas from landfill.

1:36 minutes – LGI What we do with biogas from landfills to help save the planet
This video has auto-translations in many languages! Look in Settings > Subtitles/CC > “Auto-translate” then click on CC.
Want to know how LGI creates renewable energy, abates carbon and improves local air quality by capturing from existing landfills ?
https://lgi.com.au/ Saving the planet, one landfill at a time.

For Africa and other regions:

2:30 minutes – From Waste to Power – Landfill Power Plant in Durban, South Africa
African population is growing rapidly and providing enough power for future generations is one of the main challenges. In Durban, ZAF, electric power is generated by Gas Engines that run on Landfill Gas.
INNIO is a leading solutions provider of gas engines, power equipment, a digital platform and related services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. With our Jenbacher and Waukesha product brands, INNIO’s diverse portfolio of reliable, economical and sustainable industrial gas engines generates 200 kW to 10 MW of power for numerous industries globally.
We can provide life cycle support to the more than 48,000 delivered gas engines worldwide. And, backed by our service network in more than 100 countries, INNIO connects with you locally for rapid response to your service needs. Headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, the business also has primary operations in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, US. For more information, visit the company’s website at https://www.innio.com/en

Even a backyard compost heap can produce Methane.

Question: Is it contributing to the Methane in the atmosphere?
Answer: “Well, under certain conditions, decomposing matter does produce methane.  But here’s the unequivocally good news: Your compost pile does not have to. With the right management, backyard compost can indeed be methane-free.

And depending upon who and where you are in the world, maybe it is a good idea to simply produce methane / natural gas. Produced here on the surface, you can control the danger!

You can start smaller than a Dump Site. Look in Kenya:

Kenya, has a number of BioGas projects working to make methane gas for cooking and manage the area of cactus, referred to locally as Opuntia, which is considered an invasive plant brought to the area during the colonial era.

3:47 minutes – Cactus to Biogas: Naatum Women group at Laikipia Permaculture Center use cactus to generate biogas.
🌵 The invasive #cactus plant is turning out to be an alternative source of livelihood to Naatum Women group at Laikipia Permaculture Centre. 🌵 The ladies use the cactus leaves to produce #biogas for meeting their households #energy needs and very rich #organicfertiliser for their #farms. 🌵 The areas that were previously invaded by the 🌵#cactus is now used for food production.
Biogas International Limited or BIL, a limited liability company was founded in Kenya in the year 2011 and operates from Karen in Nairobi. We have designed our offices as an Eco Resource Centre – ERC, where we design simple appropriate technology tools to alleviate daily challenges on the typical rural farm.
Biogas digester for Natural Gas - Look To Garbage Dump Sites for the Energy We Need! Sure Fire!
Eunice Kaparo a member of Ilpolei Twala Cultural Manyatta Women group demonstrating to the media at her home in Ilpolei, Laikipia North on how they poor the cactus content to the bio digester/COURTESY

NANYUKI, Kenya, Jan 11, 2023 – A women’s group in Laikipia county has devised innovative ways to manage invasive cactus through biogas production.

Opuntia Stricta or Cactus was first introduced in Kenya by the colonialists in the early 1900s as natural fencing, but it has become an invasive species. This is the reason they devised an innovative way to take out the plant that occupies over 500 square kilometres area in Laikipia.

203 member, Iloplei Twala Cultural Manyatta Women Group, Founder and Director, Ms. Rosemary Nenini says that Opuntia Stricta has invaded most of the farms in Laikipia North sub county affecting pastoral communities. Consumed by livestock, cactus block the throat, stomach or intestines hence killing them and at the same time hinder grasses from growing.

“We use a machine to grind cactus pads mixed with water. The mixture is poured into a bio digester and it produces biogas/methane faster than cow dung,” says Nenini, “We are very happy because we are conserving the environment, no more cutting of trees and it saves time, a bucket load of the Opuntia mix can provide gas for cooking for four days. It is a very important project and women love it,” says Nenini.

Eunice Kaparo, also a member of Ilpolei Twala Cultural Manyatta Women group says, the cactus biogas is cost effective and eco-friendly. She called on other women to embrace the technology and help themselves take out nuisance plants and provide more sustainable cooking fuel.
According to the UK – Based Center for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) if such invasive plants are not managed, more than 70 percent of natural pasture will be invaded.

Time for Action!
Ask those questions that are on your mind!
That you have been asking yourself!
How to join the Circular Economy and eco-concerns that you might have are the motive for my blog. Tell me what you are looking for.  I will certainly help you look for answers!

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