MicroGrids – The Surprising Electric Gate to Clean Energy

It is all very well and good for me to publish a post about:

How To Get More Electricity For Your Community
BUT what if you can’t hook it up to your Utility Grid?

MicroGrids will upgrate the Big Grids- MicroGrids - The Surprising Electric Gate to Clean Energy

Renewables lead to Electricity.
The Gate to use this Clean Energy is the “Electricity Power Grid“.
BUT it needs a big infrastructure facelift / upgrade.
The whole world of electric grids are old or do not exist!
How do we fix this?

In This Post


The surprising key to a clean energy future

[This is about the USA, but the whole world needs to do the same.]
If you care about climate change, you should care about electric power transmission.
By Bill Gates

Back in High School, when I would tell people about my job programing power grids, I’d often get blank stares. The electric power grid just wasn’t something many people thought about back then. [But they do now!] ….
[Energy poverty and] extreme weather events have made a lot more people aware of power grids—and how they can fail. …..It doesn’t have to be this way. The solution is clear: We need to upgrade our gridbuild more high-voltage transmission lines that can carry electricity long distances, and use those transmission lines to better connect regions and communities to one another.
…..Even if we weren’t working toward a clean energy future, we’d still need to update our grid. That’s because our grid infrastructure is just plain old. Most of our current transmission and distribution lines were built between the 1950s and 1970s, and they only have a 50-year life expectancy. [that life ended between 2000 to 2020]

1:46 min – The surprising key to a clean energy future
The U.S. can invest trillions of dollars in lowering emissions, and it won’t get us to zero unless we improve the way we get electricity to people.

Does your business have a problem hooking up
electric power when you need it?

1 Example of an “energy problem” for a new company:

The new company Paragraf in the UK:
In the countryside of Cambridgeshire, a British semiconductor start-up was ready to expand beyond its laboratory and open a manufacturing base. But the company’s ambitions came with unexpected costs to bring enough electricity to the new site. The potential bill? One million pounds. ….
The problem is substantial: In the past five years, the number of [project] applications to connect to the electricity grid — many of them for solar energy generation and storage — has increased tenfold, with waits of up to 15 years.
At Paragraf, which was spun out of the University of Cambridge six years ago, “we want to go faster than some of the infrastructure will let us,” said Natasha Conway, the chip maker’s research director.
……But securing enough electricity has not been easy.
After months of searching for a site that would come with the power they needed, Mr. Thomas said, he settled on a warehouse 10 miles from the lab that would need power upgrades. Rather than wait for an upgrade arranged by the local council, the company moved ahead by paying a grid operator to install a connection to the main grid. That solution will allow work to get started sooner but carry costs coming to £1 million ($1.27 million), including the price of upgrades to the first lab, the company said.

2:25 min – “Empowering Tomorrow: The Magic of Distributed Energy Resources!”
Sep 23, 2023 – 💡 What are DERs? 💡, 🌿 Benefits of DERs 🌿, 🔧 How DERs Work 🔧

What they need is a microgrid of Distributed Energy Resources.
Not everyone is going to get their electricity from the same source in the future, and it looks like there will be a lot of choices.

Hook-Up directly to what works for YOU.

Microgrid framework connects, controls and Distributes the various Energy Resources.

What Is the Primary Purpose of a Microgrid?

The primary purpose and function of a microgrid is to provide reliable and efficient power to a localized community or even a single facility.
The biggest difference between a microgrid and a traditional power grid (also known as a macrogrid) is size. A microgrid provides power to a specific much smaller geographic area, only one business or a community too far away from the Utility grid.
A self sufficient Microgrid, where ever it is, can bypass the bottlenecks from the old Electric “power utility” grid whose infrastructure has not yet been updated.

Either, waiting for the traditional Utility grid to catch up or setting up your own microgrid is going to be expensive….but the microgrid will save you more problems down the line.

Overcoming existing problems
You can call it Energy independence. But if your business has run into one of the many snags that exist, today, because of old infrastructure, you can overcome the problem by “doing it yourself”. Communities that have never had electricity and businesses of many different kinds that need reliability are doing it all over the world today.

It will Help Fix the Big Picture! …….Help and Security at the same time……
Decentralizing with Microgrids can take the stress off the old large connections.
In the event of a widespread outage, microgrids can disconnect from the main grid to lighten the big grid’s load. They operate independently and continue to supply electricity to homes and businesses that are connected to their own microgrid’s electricity network.
Or, maybe the microgrid can help prevent an outage by sending the big main grid more power.

Microgrids Now! See the whole picture.

5:58 min of 6:58 min – Microgrids Now
This video is the USA point of view, BUT it is already working All Over the World!
Sep 21, 2022 With the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) now signed into law, renewable MICROGRIDS will usher in a new era of American resiliency.


The Benefits of MicroGrids

Each of the videos below, points to another reason why a Microgrid is a good way to overcome present power utility problems. The way to help the world electrical system change to accommodate the future.

On-site programing and control to your needs…..

There are already many companies ready to help you completely set up control of your power needs. This is one.

1 min of 1:26 min – What is a Scale Microgrid?
Jun 13, 2022 Distributed Energy Resources (DERS) are the way forward. Learn more about how our microgrids are helping reshape the energy infrastructure of the future. https://www.scalemicrogrids.com/ >>>> is a microgrid platform to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain our distributed energy projects.

Power Independence for 1 community or…………..

1:22 min – Rob Hopkins Visits “Water Lilies Community” Microgrid
Jun 8, 2023 Each home is built to high efficiency standards, heated with air source heat pump and fitted with solar panels. All energy is generated and shared on site, with excess stored in an on-site Tesla battery. If there is any extra energy required, this can be drawn from the [Main] grid. All decisions on the development have been made democratically by the residents.

Different types of microgrid control centers……………..

4:27 min – Microgrids Types & Applications
Oct 31, 2022 This videos discusses the different types of microgrids and the applications they are used in.
https://totalenergysystems.com/ for information about one Energy Resource to power a Microgrid.

Lots of options for Energy Storage in a Microgrid……..

6:49 min – Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
Learn how BESS technology captures and releases energy, supporting the grid, providing backup power, and revolutionizing our reliance on fossil fuels. Discover the different types of BESS and how they work to stabilize the grid. From a UK Green Technology Consultancy Company dedicated to helping businesses sustainably reduce their utility costs. https://thepowerhub.co.uk/

Here: with 5 different Energy Resources…………Solar, Natural gas generator, Microturbine, Battery, Hydrogen fuel cell, Electrolizer, …..other sources can be from Waste Energy

2:04 min – An Advanced Microgrid of the Future | Schneider Electric
Sep 2, 2021 A state-of-the-art microgrid, developed by Faith Technologies and Schneider Electric, at the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve demonstrates a vision of how creating your own onsite renewable energy builds resilience and reliability. Electrical planning, engineering, design and installation from https://www.faithtechnologies.com/about/

Trash as the Energy Resource…………
Contributing to Big Grid emergencies using mostly methane gas from a landfill …………………..

Here is where my post How To Get More Electricity For Your Community – Worldwide comes in…………………….. I am campaigning for Trash to Fuel to Electricity without having to use combustion. Power your Microgrid and/or make money from Trash. You can find out about it in these posts: Landfill Gas (RNG).

1:26 min – Miramar Microgrid for HQMC – Apr 29, 2021

We’re able to power the base for up to 21 days based on on-site renewable and conventional resources. The renewable energy sources that we have on station are mostly from methane gas at the landfill. We also have it from solar and we also have battery storage. .. We were able to support the [Big] grid by turning on our microgrid and we were able to directly contribute to reducing the number of rolling blackouts that were seen in the region.

The US military is turning to microgrids to fight global threats — and global warming. The military is among the largest buyers of independent power systems known as microgrids. They make tactical sense; and environmentalists hope they can help the transition from fossil fuels.
SAN DIEGO — Col. Thomas Bedell had been commanding Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar in San Diego for just one day, in July 2021, when he got a message from the base energy management director. The city power system was straining under a heatwave, and it was time to start up the microgrid.
“So I said, yes! Start up the microgrid! And then I texted, what is the microgrid?” Bedell recalled with a laugh.

Achieve more with less: sustainable and self-reliant commerce……..

2:01 – Case Study: Microgrid – South Australian Produce Market (Overview) Aug 18, 2020
No-obligation consultation on designing, programming for your next Energy Management or Power Automation project. https://www.azzo.com/

An Example of the Software driving the Change…………………….

1:34 min – Microgrid Digital Control Solution from Schneider Electric | Schneider Electric
Aug 5, 2020 EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor and EcoStruxure Microgrid Operation can give you full control over the operations of your Microgrid system.

A Myth: The Green Energy Transition will be too expensive:
There is a myth that the switch to renewables is too expensive for mass adoption. Some analysts forecast as much as $14 trillion will need to be invested in a fully renewable power system over the next 30 years.

Reality: Renewable energy is now the cheapest new electricity in countries that make up three quarters of the world’s GDP. It’s not only cheaper; it’s also more efficient. Coal power generation is 35% efficient, meaning 65% of energy is wasted in production and transport to whoever needs it. Electricity powered by renewable sources is virtually 100% efficient at end use and can be produced and managed locally.
Adoption no longer depends on the “push” of public or government spending. Instead, the “pull” of consumer demand is driving the shift. Just as we switched from landlines to cell phones, from cable TV to streaming media, consumers are switching to renewable energy.
Reality: decentralized, decarbonized and digital energy
Past energy transitions moved slowly because they relied on centralized sources. By contrast, the green energy transition is driven by small, decentralized generation from renewable sources and storage on buildings and homes, all connected by software.

MicroGrids or Also Minigrids in rural areas

MiniGrids – where there is no electric grid what so ever!

Minigrids in Nigeria……………………

2:10 min – Mini Grids Powered By The Sun | Net Zero
May 11, 2021 As the name suggests, mini-grids are small, isolated versions of larger power grids. They increasingly use solar power as an energy source, with support from batteries or diesel generators [which can be fueled from Landfill Gas].

The Remote Minigrids empowering Ghana……………………….

3:11 min – Solar-Powered Mini-Grids Bring Security and New Economic Opportunities in Ghana
Feb 7, 2019 Ghana provides electricity for 83% of its population, the second highest rate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Connecting isolated areas to the grid proved very difficult. The solution: investing in solar-powered mini-grids like this one, built with support from IDA, the World Bank Group’s fund for the poorest. In the towns around the Volta River, 10,000 Ghanaians now enjoy uninterrupted power, which enhances security and brings new economic opportunities. “It was difficult operating my business when we didn’t have access to electricity. I can now work at night and my business has greatly improved”, says seamstress Agather Abotse.

Solar Minigrid for 1 section of a city…………………

1:40 min – Solar energy powers new opportunities at Iponri Market in Nigeria
Nov 14, 2023 The Universal Energy Facility has supported by renewable energy company SOLAD in connecting businesses with solar power at Iponri Market in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. In a recent visit, Chief of Staff to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, alongside Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy, spoke with business owners about how this solar power is transforming their businesses.
We design solutions, We invest in and operate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Africa. https://solad.co/

Where is our world electric grid today?

Sabotage ruled out as South Africa’s power cuts worsen
12 February, 2024 … South Africa has been experiencing power blackouts – known as load-shedding – for several years. Many residents often go up to six hours a day without power.
The intensified power cuts come just days after President Cyril Ramaphosa said that the end of load shedding was “finally within reach”.

Britain’s Economy Is ‘Not Working.’ Here Are 2 Key Reasons.
2 January, 2024 – The power grid can’t keep up with demand for connections, and…….

The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects. [ BUT ]Good Luck Plugging Them In.
An explosion in proposed clean energy ventures has overwhelmed the system for connecting new power sources to homes and businesses.
23 February, 2023 -…More than 8,100 energy projects — the vast majority of them wind, solar and batteries — were waiting for permission to connect to electric grids at the end of 2021, up from 5,600 the year before, jamming the system known as interconnection.
…“From our perspective, the interconnection process has become the No. 1 project killer,” said Piper Miller, vice president of market development at Pine Gate Renewables, a major solar power and battery developer.

Without swift action, electricity grids could be
the weak link in clean energy transitions

October 2023 – IEA-… progress on tackling climate change and ensuring reliable supplies of electricity could be put at risk, according to our recent report.
Electricity Grids … importance is only set to rise as electricity’s role in energy systems increases. However, there are worrying signs that grids are not keeping pace with the rapid growth of key clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric cars and heat pumps, according to the report, Electricity Grids and Secure Energy Transitions, which provides a first-of-its-kind stock-take of grids worldwide.
Achieving all national climate and energy goals [worldwide] will require adding or replacing 80 million kilometres of power lines by 2040 – an amount equal to the entire existing global grid, the report finds. Major changes to how grids operate and are regulated are also essential, while annual investment in grids, which has remained broadly stagnant, needs to double to more than USD 600 billion a year by 2030.

MicroGrids – The Gate to Accelerating our Clean Energy Future

(Remember our disclaimer: Any company or website mentioned herein are only examples and should NOT be taken as recommendations or endorsements, unless specifically notated as a recommendation.)

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