More Mycelium to bring down CO2

It is time to move fast forward and use all methods to pull down CO2 .

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Why is Facebook restricting climate-related ad campaigns from green businesses?,
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Spent Mushroom Substrate

It is going to be interesting. I just went to a mushroom farm and picked up some Spent Mushroom Compost after the end of a crop of mushrooms to spread in my garden. Hopefully the Mushroom Compost – Mycelium to bring down CO2, will help pull down more CO2 in my garden.

Using Mycelium to bring down CO2

Thought you couldn’t make a difference in the climate crisis?
This is one way you can!

Mycelium orb to bring down CO2
Mycelium orbs to bring down CO2

NetZero met their goal on Kickstarter!
1:46 minutes … NetZero Mycelium Orbs on Kickstarter

One NetZero Orb, one-time application will last up to ten years without any reapplication, special tools, or maintenance!

NetZero Orbs are composed of ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae fungi, which are proven to be effective in capturing significant amounts of atmospheric CO2.
Our mycelium technology forms a symbiotic relationship with plants’ root systems, extending their reach 1,000-fold, giving them access to water, nutrients, and allowing the plants to communicate under the soil while sequestering 50% of their carbon!
Our technology has been extensively vetted by independent scientists at dozens of sites in North America, Asia, and Africa.

and NetZero Credits!

Mycelium planting project to bring down CO2
One of 3 sites being planted in Nepal.

The Sacred Rivers Climate Project

Draw down your entire carbon footprint with NetZero Credits! These funded plantings of biodiverse forests in Nepal, Bali, Uganda, and a dozen new sites, we are working on, are being inoculated with NetZero mycelium by the end of 2021.
In addition to drawing down CO2, these projects:
>>Preserve and extend biodiversity and habitat
>>Clean up the air, water, and plastic pollution
>>Empower women through above-market wages, a safe work environment, and advancement opportunities

Leading Scientists agree that NetZero Orbs can help stop Climate Change!

It is time to move fast forward and use all methods including Mycelium to bring down CO2 .

Why is Social Media making it difficult for companies to market their “climate change” solutions? I started a Facebook PAGE, last month and already Facebook has disabled it twice!

from FB:  We Received Your Information
If we still find that your account didn’t follow our Community Standards, it will remain disabled. We’re always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so until then you can’t use your account.

I received this email from Hivemind/NetZero. People who have been working with lawn roofs – using Mycelium to bring down CO2 – for more than 12 years.

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 7:09 AM Joseph Kelly <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year!
We are finally live and kicking here on Kickstarter:


As you know, it’s been a long slog, but there is a lot of buzz about the project and we hope we can be successful if we have a big first day and Kickstarter features us on their “Projects We Love” and also sends our campaign to their 300,000 newsletter.

We need your help. Facebook banned climate advertising so we need everyone to share this with their networks through email, Facebook, Linkedin, wherever your supporters will see it and help us fulfill our mission.
Thanks again for everything.
~ Joseph ~ 
       Joseph Kelly        CEO        HiveMind & Sacred Rivers Climate Project

Unfriendly? Unreasonable!!! Unethical!!! Unprincipled!!! Un-eco!!! :
Why is Facebook restricting climate-related ad campaigns from green businesses?


After taking out the direct reference to ‘climate change’ in one of the advertising graphics Facebook was blocking, and substituting it for a message referring to ‘net zero emissions’, the issue was resolved and the posts were approved, Emma Fidler, the consultant promoting a RenewableUK event told BusinessGreen. 
Fidler believes the ad she was trying to post was censored under Facebook rules seeking to combat disinformation spreading on its social media platforms. But, as Fidler points out, she was trying to advertise a careers event, not make a political point. And yet, simply mentioning “climate change” appears to have resulted in the advertisement being flagged as contentious.
Policies introduced by Facebook last year require any advertiser posting about politics and “social issues” – which include ‘environmental politics‘ in the UK, US, Canada, and EU, but curiously not in Singapore – must be authorised in advance, via a process that involves a notary, verification of two pieces of government ID and a code sent by post.

… “Climate change is really the thing we need to be thinking about right now, and so to know that Facebook and Instagram is censoring that messaging, when it’s just a tiny part of the message you are trying to get out there… they need to re-evaluate their policy,” she said.
Or as Ian McKee, communications manager at Good Energy, explains: “We are an organisation attempting to promote solutions to climate change, and we are essentially getting the same treatment as if we were a dark money-funded organisation somewhere trying to promote misinformation.”

While conceding Facebook’s ad content policy is well-intentioned, Sarah Merrick, chief executive of a clean energy company Ripple Energy says there is a lack of acknowledgement from the company about who is running misleading content. “Clean energy companies that are trying to push on “climate change” are treated exactly same way as people doing the opposite,” she says. “That lack of recognition – it’s a hurdle we shouldn’t have to face.”

“The same principle is happening in climate,” Jacob Dubbins, managing director of ethical digital agency Media Bounty and cofounder of the Conscious Advertising Network argued. “There hasn’t been a grown up conversation about what the rules are. Again, the platforms are on the back foot reacting to this stuff, instead of saying, ‘okay let’s ban ads that say climate change is a hoax and maybe support companies that are working to mitigate the disaster’.”


It is time to move fast forward and use all methods including Mycelium to bring down CO2 .

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….all of which can be the foundation of thousands of Local Future Businesses
Mycelium in Industry – Ancient and New

Suppliers of Mycelium Composite Material, around the world:

>Mr. Russell Whittam,,
I’ve done lots of work with universities the last few years; supplying them with substrate and how to make their own materiel, etc. as well.
I’ve got a new product coming out about mid-2020 – for making things – just add water, spawn and mold the material. Then let it grow. Contact him at: [email protected]

> – has a license agreement with Ecovative Design.
their new MycoComposite™ kits consist of only LIVING mushroom material and are supplied to the EU countries. Possible also for geographical Europe, but customs clearances must be taken care of by the person making the order. is now supplying the Mycelium Composite ™ material to insulate buildings. They have insulated class rooms in an Amsterdam school building and in a house in a village near Rotterdam. Scroll down to Building & Architecture products here. They have supplied the MycoComposite™ to many of the projects taking place in Europe, recently, that have been mentioned in my posts. sells other things made from MycoComposite™.

Ecovative is speaking to several potential parties about opening a Mushroom® Packaging operation in India.  It’s too early for names, but they hope to have a partner qualified by the end of next year.

>MYCL, Mycotech Lab has an internship program. It makes a lot of sense to get some controlled experience with mycelium. MYCOTECH Lab produces and sells, mycelium board composite panels BIOBO, and supplied the labor and material for the MycoTree project.

>>>>New Zealand
> Bio Fab NZ a new company that Ecovative has licensed in New Zealand. “Lesley, We currently work within Australasia so can only ship within New Zealand and Australia. We are looking at having a large scale plant open early to mid 2021 and aim to set up one in Australia soon after. We are planning on selling Grow-it-yourself kits, but not until our plant is up and running.” says James from [email protected]

> The Magical Mushroom Company a new company/website in the UK. (Ecovative License)..For Job Hunters: Magic Mushroom is looking for a Mycelium Prototype Packaging Designer via Linkedin or contact them directly: [email protected]

>Grow-It-Yourself Kits for MycoComposite™ are now available direct from Ecovative’s Here you will find all instructions, learning, and purchasing information., however, only ships the MycoComposite™ material within North America.
>Ecovative Design has transferred all their Mushroom Packaging production equipment to a facility 4x bigger at Paradise Packaging Co. The new company and new website offer you more information about the mushroom packaging material and how it works. As always, the company is also happy to discuss licensing.

>The Mushroom Guru, Ash Gordon, that assisted Ms. Katy Ayers with her Myconoe, would be happy to “help people grow mycelium and mushrooms in any capacity“. Nebraska Mushroom LLC, [email protected]

>>>more places around planet Earth:
From Ecovative: “We are finalizing licenses that will soon bring MycoComposite™ to Western Asia, Northern Africa, and Southern Europe. Ecovative receives dozens of licensing inquiries a week. We are establishing licenses to serve markets around the world, in order to reduce cost and carbon footprint when shipping material. A license is in the works for Australia. If you don’t see your location listed now, you can be sure Mushroom® Packaging will be available in your region, soon. Contact Ecovative to get specifics. Or go directly to their Licensee Application form.

Your eco-business concerns are the motive for my blog. Tell me what’s on your mind, good or bad or what you are looking for!.

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