Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

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grow it yourself Mycelium Composites- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things
The mycelium blocks were crushed and torn apart allowing us to test and study their internal form. They were tested in sunlight, darkness, heat and sprayed with water/ glue in order to investigate which additional element would strengthen the material. MYCOTECTURE

I see that a lot of people who want to try Mycelium Composites, often have no idea where to start.

Have you decided to find a way to turn your business/production toward something sustainable….?
Are you at the very beginning?
Is this the first thought even before any business disruption?
Or maybe there is not business yet, just interested in the concept?

If you are interested in trying to work with mycelium…………
Below is information about Hands-on……
How-to make Mycelium Composites.

from about 2014 to the present.

The basic process is like making bread. 

(Yeast is a single–cell fungus)

  1. Something Agricultural/vegetable is seeded with mycelium (like mixing yeast into flour).
  2. After a short period of incubation/cultivation, the mixture is in little pieces and is used to fill some kind of mold/shape.
  3. The mycelium grows a few days until it has covered and surrounded the vegetable particles. 
  4. In a last step, the shape is pulled from the mold and heat dried to stop the mycelium from growing any further.
1:53 minutes – Mushroom® Packaging

The Fastest Way

These are new production processes. 1 or 2 companies (that I know of) have begun to supply their products to the general public.

  1. You can buy a bag of Mycelium material from / Ecovative LLC or one of their license partners in Europe. (See suppliers at the bottom.) And try it out…
  2. You can contact Mycotech in Indonesia about doing a short internship with them in their working facilities and learn how it all works.

Today, these are the 2 fastest ways to test this idea to see if it suits your style of working and your needs. From a prepared Mycelium formula that can be activated and made into something fast and easily.

There are a number of GIY videos about “how to”, including from Ecovative.  

1:38 minutes – Ecovative’s GIY (Grow It Yourself) How To Video

But if you want to get a little more involved you might try MycoWorks‘ way…….

1:22 minutes – How to make a myco-brick
logo- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

Phil Ross’s Mycoworks website has a page of reference materials, that are worth your review….some interesting things there.

Mycoworks is hiring !

Reports online from people who have done it.

NO DOUBT this is not all that can be found on the web…… but here are a number of different people who have documented their Tests and Trials and give you their how-to and results.

Growing Objects With Mushroom Mycelium

Much to my surprise, the process isn’t complicated at all—I was intimidated by the strange live material at first, but I quickly realized how friendly it can be. All the mushroom material needs to start its new life as a planter are flour, water and patience (about a week of patience, to be exact).

Materials research

We are starting The Fungus Among Us, a 7 week course at ITP.
One of my goals is to build a materials library to test various properties of the Fungus.
New York University – ITP is a two-year graduate program located in the Tisch School of the Arts whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies — Perhaps the best way to describe us is as a Center for the Recently Possible.


grow it yourself Mycelium Composites- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

Our objective is to design an architectural installation using Mycotecture (fungus made blocks) in Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs. Through this process we have grown the mycelium in order to study the substance and its properties.

Mycelium Material Study

Studio MurMur, Chicago Our aim is to explore mushroom mycelium as a potential composite material for construction and manufacturing applications. By inoculating a cellulose-rich waste material substrate (such as straw, sawdust, or grain hulls) with mushroom spawn, material can be “grown” and formed.

Making Mycelium

grow it yourself Mycelium Composites- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things
Spread the little pieces of mushroom evenly and fairly close together and cover with another sheet of cardboard.

This “instructables” guides you to making a material that is open for experimentation, it is not an end product. Get creative, and share your results.

There are notated Mycelium R&D projects on this wasterush post.

It is really beginning ! Those with the knowhow are setting up courses to share their knowledge with other industries.

courses to learn to grow mushrooms- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

One of PermaFungi, Brussels‘ activities is raising awareness: through workshops, team building activities or very diverse presentations. The success of these activities and the growing demand for more specialized training has led us to develop various specific training courses.

Come follow a course with us and start your own project!
We use an open source philosophy . With more than 5 years of expertise, we want to share our knowledge and cultivation techniques with others to see new urban mushroom farms emerge worldwide.  Our training program is flexible and adapts to the objectives and wishes of the participants.

This course is for anyone who wants to know more about the fantastic world of mushrooms and how oyster mushrooms are grown on coffee grounds. You can find more information about the complete program and the cost price in our brochure in the Dutch language.

Research Reports that consider the Properties of and various mushroom Strains used in mycelium composites

Laboratory Projects

Advanced Materials From Fungal Mycelium: Fabrication and Tuning of Physical Properties The possibility of tailoring mycelium materials’ properties by properly choosing their nutrient substrates paves the way for their use in various scale applications.

Mechanical behavior of mycelium-based particulate composites This work investigates the mechanical behavior of mycelium composites rein- forced with biodegradable agro-waste particles.

The production process and compressive strength of Mycelium-based materials This paper aims to provide an insight into the production methods of mycelium-based materials and an indication of the structural performance of such materials. The stress at 10% deformation of the best mycelium-composite was found to be between 24 and 93 kPa.

Waste‐derived low‐cost mycelium composite construction materials with improved fire safety This study has found mycelium composites to be an economical, sus- tainable, and thermally safer alternative to petroleum‐derived and nat- ural gas‐derived synthetic construction materials.

MYCELIUM COMPOSITES: AN EMERGING GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL ‘Mushroom materials’ are a novel class of renewable biomaterial grown from fungal mycelium and low-value non-food Agricultural materials using a patented process developed by Ecovative LLC.

Fabrication factors influencing mechanical, moisture- and water-related properties of mycelium-based composites This study shows that their morphology, density, tensile and flexural strength, as well as their moisture- and water-uptake properties can be tuned by varying type of substrate (straw, sawdust, cotton), fungal species (Pleurotus ostreatus vs. Trametes multicolor) and processing technique (no pressing or cold or heat pressing).

Wood Fungi / Mycelium Composites- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

“Wood Fungi like the Shiitake and King Oyster are undervalued in Europe and the US.
I see it as part of my mission to put them in the spotlight.”
Magda Verfaillie, Mycelia, Belgium

Fungi are alive everywhere that moisture is present. 

mycelium moisture around the world- Mycelium Composites? The Way to New Climate-Friendly Things

The map above is from May 27–31, 2015.  It shows the amount of moisture in the top 5 centimeters of the ground.  Dark green and blue areas are wetter and the lighter areas are drier.  It is possible to see that you can establish an Industrial Strength Mushroom facility in many parts of the world.

Water Vapor is a major player in Climate Change. There is more Water Vapor in our air than in the past. You might find enough moister some where and mushrooms growing that is unexpected.

If you live in Europe, you might want to check out the European “Open Patent” Program that Ecovative Design LLC (“Ecovative”) has started for those interested in Mycelium Composite Materials.

Open your own mycelium based bio-technology production company and grow Mycelium Composites.

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Myco-composite suppliers

Suppliers of Mycelium Composite Material, around the world:

>Mr. Russell Whittam,,
I’ve done lots of work with universities the last few years; supplying them with substrate and how to make their own materiel, etc. as well.
I’ve got a new product coming out about mid-2020 – for making things – just add water, spawn and mold the material. Then let it grow. Contact him at: [email protected]

>>>>Egypt: mycelium material This start-up team has patented their own myco-composite material using mushroom strains found in Egypt. They have started to sell bowls, pots and to offer Mycelium packaging. We offer different products in construction such as insulation panels and open to supplying packaging as protective packaging for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives. We are also open to other creative projects using mycelium material. Visit our website:

> – has a license agreement with Ecovative Design.
their new MycoComposite™ kits consist of only LIVING mushroom material and are supplied to the EU countries. Possible also for geographical Europe, but customs clearances must be taken care of by the person making the order. is now supplying the Mycelium Composite ™ material to insulate buildings. They have insulated class rooms in an Amsterdam school building and in a house in a village near Rotterdam. Scroll down to Building & Architecture products here. They have supplied the MycoComposite™ to many of the projects taking place in Europe, recently, that have been mentioned in my posts. sells other things made from MycoComposite™.

Finally! > At Roha we develop Mycelium bio-composite based protective packaging that can replace Styrofoam using agricultural residue and mushroom mycelium, we do this by collaborating with farmers and self-help groups in the villages, boosting their income.
On other hand we collaborate with startups and brands in consumer electronics space , design and develop protective packaging for their needs.

>MYCL, Mycotech Lab has an internship program. It makes a lot of sense to get some controlled experience with mycelium. MYCOTECH Lab produces and sells, mycelium board composite panels BIOBO, and supplied the labor and material for the MycoTree project.

>Fungitech Mushroom farm waste is always a big problem for mushroom growers all around the world. In our site, we fully utilise this farm waste to make 100% chemical-free and biodegradable mycelium biomaterial. Currently, we mainly supply this green biomaterial for packaging purpose. This patent pending innovative technology is able to solve mushroom farm waste problem and provide a greener life style to our mother Earth.

>>>>The Netherlandsfor Large orders in the EU Mycelium Materials Europe (in short
MME) started in 2018. We grow sustainable mycelium materials based on mushroom technology. We produce two types of organic materials in our own mushroom farm: MyFoam® (pure mycelium foam) and HedelComposite Hedelcomposite is composed of sterilized residual sawdust and inoculated with mycelium. Ready to use. Grow your own biodegradable mycelium objects with Hedelcomposite in just one week!  Maximum of 10 bags (300L) per order. 

>>>>New Zealand
> Bio Fab NZ a new company that Ecovative has licensed in New Zealand. “Lesley, We currently work within Australasia so can only ship within New Zealand and Australia. We are looking at having a large scale plant open early to mid 2021 and aim to set up one in Australia soon after. We are planning on selling Grow-it-yourself kits, but not until our plant is up and running.” says James from [email protected]

> The Magical Mushroom Company a new company/website in the UK. (Ecovative License)..The Magical Mushroom Company is the UK’s first-ever production plant manufacturing mycelium-based packaging. Founded by three friends wanting to make a difference.

>Grow-It-Yourself Kits for MycoComposite™ are now available direct from Ecovative’s Here you will find all instructions, learning, and purchasing information., however, only ships the MycoComposite™ material within North America.
>Ecovative LLC has transferred all their Mushroom Packaging production equipment to a facility 4x bigger at Paradise Packaging Co which is now handled under the general website: The new company and new website offer you more information about the mushroom packaging material and how it works.

>>>more places around planet Earth?
From Ecovative Design LLC (“Ecovative”):
>You can place order for MycoComposite Material from Ecovative’s bulk order for mycelium spawn & substrate. Here you will find all sorts of different options not just bulk orders.
>If you are interested in building a business in MycoComposite technology, Ecovative is now handling partnership discussions from here: Licensing with Ecovative allows the partner to explore alternate substrates, techniques, and products.
If you are in Europe, check out the Ecovative European “Open Patent Program” for Composite Materials
>For other issues Contact Ecovative Here

So, what do you think ? Have you found something here that is of help to you?

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