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Industrial Strength Mushroom

If mushrooms are so basic to our planet, why not continue with them?

Those that study the beginnings of planet Earth find that Mycelium probably were here first and built the atmosphere for planet Earth to make it possible for us to breath.

If Mushrooms, Fungi, which are made up of mycelium (a network of fungal threads [called hyphae] sometimes so tiny we can not see them with the naked eye), are the material of this planet’s beginnings, maybe Industrial Strength Mushroom should push us into the future. Is this our way to return to harmony with planet Earth?

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The Requirements for Closed-Loop processes

The key to our continued life on planet Earth may be right beneath our feet, crawling up trees, on the shelves in our vegetable markets.  It is believed that Industrial Strength Mushroom can help solve many of industries greatest challenges; from cleaning up CO2 to producing products that are sustainable, and fulfill all the requirements needed to achieve a Circular Economy.

  • Free of Fossil based materials and fuel
  • Far less energy to produce industrial products/raw materials
  • Re-newable, Re-usable – lightweight, sustainable but static
  • Compost back into nature
  • Carbon-Neutral or even carbon-negative
  • Elastic properties of both tension and compression
  • Will fill a mold shape as required
  • Fire Resistant
  • Dyeable and Vegan

What if you have a business from which others could buy carbon offsets, because your business is carbon negative and their business is not.  Your company produces a product that can be composted when it is thrown away.  Your product is not made with fossil fuel, in fact, it uses far less energy in production.    Yes!  This is all possible and best achieved as local companies/suppliers.

Industries already use Mycelium bio-based technology.

Industrial Strength Mushroom is already a supplier to the Textile, Packaging, Construction, Food and Furniture industries….for starters….and can be the foundation of thousands of local Small and Medium size businesses.

mushroom packaging at work

The basic process is like making bread. 

(Yeast is a single–cell fungus)

  • Something Agricultural/vegetable is seeded with mycelium (like mixing yeast into flour).
  • After a short period of incubation/cultivation, the mixture is cut or pulled into little pieces to fill some kind of mold/shape.
  • The mycelium grows a few days until it has covered and surrounded the vegetable particles. 
  • In a last step, the shape is pulled from the mold and dried to stop the mycelium from growing any further.
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Grow your product.  How many things that are still petroleum-based, today, can we substitute with a Mycelium product?

Enemy Number One or Two?

According to a World Economic Forum article, we are entering a new era in  relationship to plastic.  What was once a miracle product has become public enemy number one.  The recent efforts to control its use have been mostly single-use plastics, but there is lots of other plastics to replace with something else.

Industrial Strength Mushroom

Image: UN Environment
More than 300 million tons of plastic waste went into the ocean in 2015 .   The research of the Ocean Cleanup has even worse statistics.
Any and all alternatives to plastic that we can find / develop and that follow the factors of a Circular production process, will only help.

Fungi live everywhere that moisture is present. 

Industrial Strength Mushroom

The map above is from May 27–31, 2015.  It shows the amount of moisture in the top 5 centimeters of the ground.  Dark green and blue areas are wetter and the lighter areas are drier.  It is possible to see that you can establish an Industrial Strength Mushroom facility in many parts of the world.

Open your own mycelium based bio-technology production company. There are those that are ready to help; from the USA, from the Far East, from the EU:

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Mycelium in Industry – Ancient and New

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Suppliers of Mycelium Composite Material, around the world:

>Mr. Russell Whittam,,
I’ve done lots of work with universities the last few years; supplying them with substrate and how to make their own materiel, etc. as well.
I’ve got a new product coming out about mid-2020 – for making things – just add water, spawn and mold the material. Then let it grow. Contact him at: [email protected]

>>>>Egypt: Mycelium This start-up team has patented their own myco-composite material using mushroom strains found in Egypt. They have started to sell bowls, pots and to offer Mycelium packaging. We offer different products in construction such as insulation panels and in packaging as protective packaging for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives. We are also open to other creative projects using mycelium material. And we sell bags of the Myco Composite material for those that want to explore.

> – has a license agreement with Ecovative Design.
their new MycoComposite™ kits consist of only LIVING mushroom material and are supplied to the EU countries. Possible also for geographical Europe, but customs clearances must be taken care of by the person making the order. is now supplying the Mycelium Composite ™ material to insulate buildings. They have insulated class rooms in an Amsterdam school building and in a house in a village near Rotterdam. Scroll down to Building & Architecture products here. They have supplied the MycoComposite™ to many of the projects taking place in Europe, recently, that have been mentioned in my posts. sells other things made from MycoComposite™.

A project in India is expected to open for business about the end of 2022!
Look here for updates!

>MYCL, Mycotech Lab has an internship program. It makes a lot of sense to get some controlled experience with mycelium. MYCOTECH Lab produces and sells, mycelium board composite panels BIOBO, and supplied the labor and material for the MycoTree project.

>>>>The Netherlands Mycelium Materials Europe (in short
MME) started in 2018. We grow sustainable mycelium materials based on mushroom technology. We produce two types of organic materials in our own mushroom farm: MyFoam® (pure mycelium foam) and Mycelium Substrates. Shipping is possible to most countries around the world.  Please read our terms carefully.

>>>>New Zealand
> Bio Fab NZ a new company that Ecovative has licensed in New Zealand. “Lesley, We currently work within Australasia so can only ship within New Zealand and Australia. We are looking at having a large scale plant open early to mid 2021 and aim to set up one in Australia soon after. We are planning on selling Grow-it-yourself kits, but not until our plant is up and running.” says James from [email protected]

> The Magical Mushroom Company a new company/website in the UK. (Ecovative License)..For Job Hunters: Magic Mushroom is looking for a Mycelium Prototype Packaging Designer via Linkedin or contact them directly: [email protected]

>Grow-It-Yourself Kits for MycoComposite™ are now available direct from Ecovative’s Here you will find all instructions, learning, and purchasing information., however, only ships the MycoComposite™ material within North America.
>Ecovative Design has transferred all their Mushroom Packaging production equipment to a facility 4x bigger at Paradise Packaging Co. The new company and new website offer you more information about the mushroom packaging material and how it works. As always, the company is also happy to discuss licensing.

>The Mushroom Guru, Ash Gordon, that assisted Ms. Katy Ayers with her Myconoe, would be happy to “help people grow mycelium and mushrooms in any capacity“. Nebraska Mushroom LLC, [email protected]

>>>more places around planet Earth?:
From Ecovative: Become a licensee in your country
>If you are interested in obtaining a MycoCompositeTM license in a region outside of North America and/or are interested in a field of use outside of packaging, such as architectural elements, building construction materials, acoustics, etc., please follow this link to obtain a copy of our Super GIY (Grow-it-Yourself) license.
>For Super GIY Packaging ApplicationsPlease Note: when considering your business case for packaging applications for MycoComposite technology, we typically focus on replacing polypropylene, polyethylene and polyurethane foams, as well as low volumes of polystyrene.  We do not focus on replacing molded paper pulp or cut corrugated cardboard, as these are often sustainable and cost-efficient solutions.
>Licensing MycoComposite™ allows the partner to explore alternate substrates, techniques, and products. for other issues Contact Ecovative Here.
Or go to the Licensee Application page.

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