Still time to Circulate, Network – A Path to New Connections

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Still time to Circulate – Network

As he says: Knowledge, Inspiration and Connections…. video

59 seconds – Mario Armstrong on Why Small Business Owners Should Attend Conferences

But, really, each year there is a need to plan a trip to some kind of industry event and “put your industry under the microscope” to see what changes are creeping in…………………..

Have you gone to an event yet this year? Still time to Circulate.

Small business owners are juggling a ton of different jobs. 
No time to go look around? 

Can you close your computer for a few days? Can you get away from your CRM software? You can take your smart phone with you! Do you need someone who can help with emergencies, if you go out of town? Why bother with the time and expense of going to a conference or workshop?  You might return with new ideas and approaches that make you more effective in your business.

Have you ever had those feelings of motivation, encouragement, and validation that can propel you past any obstacles you’re currently facing in your business? If you haven’t gotten out of your business bubble in 2019 yet, once a year is a good Idea. Yes, the thought of taking a few days away from the office can seem like a waste of time. 

But think about this. Not everyone in your industry is a competitor. Many can be allies and friends.  The mindset you choose will impact your results. There is no substitute for live, in-person interactions.  If you invest the time and money to attend a live event that offers value for your business, you can almost guarantee that you will return to the office with new tools, valuable contacts and a Fresh approach.

……………you will, no doubt, be able to find updated information of those that interest you.


Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit
retail markets and the environment
15-16 August 2019, Washington DC

circular economy conference network- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1615 H Street NW Washington, DC 20062 United StatesSee map: Google Maps
Speakers from across the world of retail markets and environmental researchers. This year’s Summit will feature insights on how to form innovative cross-industry collaborations, execute on upcoming sustainability commitments, and address the next frontier of sustainability issues. Speakers will explain the “how” behind implementing such initiatives within an organization. Attendees will have unparalleled networking opportunities with leaders from business, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations.


GTR ASIA – trade, commodity, fintech and treasury
3-4 September 2019, Singapore

GTR Asia 2019 (formerly known as Asia Trade & Treasury Week) will return to Singapore September 3-4, 2019. Recognised as the world’s largest international gathering for the trade, commodity, fintech and treasury community, last year welcomed a record-breaking 1,100 industry participants from local and international banks, multinational corporations, SMEs, independent financiers, commodity brokers/traders, insurers/risk managers, lawyers, and more!
Programme highlights:
*The future of trade: Where is the market heading?
*‘Independent expert’ session: Rerouting Asia’s supply chains
*Can blockchain and wider digitisation smooth the frictions in global trade?
*Promoting sustainability and the circular economy
*Political risk round-up: A big year for Asia
*Debate: Has the market learned lessons when it comes to metals fraud?
*How strong is the appetite for doing business in China?

Cradle To Cradle Summit: Building & Architecture
11 September 2019, Berlin, Germany

Representatives from the construction and design sector, the economy and the political sector are encouraged to elaborate on topics such as innovation & building, best practice examples and the future of construction. The event is hosted by Cradle to Cradle e.V. .

As part of the Summit a very comprehensive C2C remediation project will be presented during its opening week: On a surface area of 400mthe C2C LAB creates space for an educational center, a living lab, and a C2C showroom in the heart of Berlin.

ASCM 2019 – the supply chain business sector
16-18 September 2019, Las Vegas

supply chain conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

Advancing the Supply Chain business for 60 Years, back in 1957, 20 production control managers formed the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). They have since grown to more than 45,000 members and is a global entity with nearly 300 channel partners in over 100 countries. In early 2019, we’re launching – Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). 
APICS/ASCM has evolved into a strategic partner of global corporations and individuals at all career levels. APICS/ASCM’s education programs ensure employees can be successful even when managing the largest and most complex supply chains.
Only a few “closed-loop” topics among the Educational Sessions at the conference
Redefining Reverse Logistics for Retailers and Customers
Going Green is Not Black and White
Supply Chain Reverse Logistics Best Practices
Transformative Leaders Create Sustainable Culture Transformation
The Future of Rail: Next Gen Supply Chain Technology in a 200-Year-Old Industry

Reverse Logistics” >>APICS Dictionary Definition
A complete supply chain dedicated to the reverse flow of products and materials for the purpose of returns, repair, remanufacture, and/or recycling.

Urban Agri World 2019 – Vertical Farming
17-19 September 2019, Durban, South Africa

vertical farming conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections
Still time to Circulate vertical farming conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections
17 September Urban Agri World – Vertical Farming

Supporting Organizations
Association for Vertical Farming (AVF)
T is an internationally active non-profit organization of individuals, companies, research institutions to advance Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses. Its vision is to facilitate healthy food, green jobs, environmental protection and climate change resilience globally.

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is the apex continental organization responsible for coordinating and advocating agricultural research for development (AR4D). FARA serves as the technical arm of the Africa Union Commission on matters concerning agriculture science, technology and innovation. FARA also brings a strong African voice to global forums such as the G-8 and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR).

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) invests in clean energy markets in developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions and build prosperity. REEEP creates, adapts and shares knowledge to build sustainable markets for renewable and energy efficient solutions; advance energy access; improve lives and economic opportunities; and reduce climate and environmental damage.

Top Packaging Summit ^19 – Circular, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication & Challenge
19 September 2019, Malmö, Sweden

packaging conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

Packbridge is a neutral, non-profit member organisation, a cluster founded in 2010. Today we are probably the largest packaging cluster in Europe. Packbridge enables collaboration between Industry, Academia and Society to create an innovative and sustainable packaging value chain.
This year’s Top Packaging Summit will focus on 5 c’s – Circular, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication & Challenge. This year the conference will be held at Malmö Arena Hotel. 15 min with train from Copenhagen Airport and 10 min from Malmö Central Station.

“A start-up competition” that focuses on packaging innovation in the entire packaging value chain.  Start-ups, who are willing to take risks and experiment with new ideas, play an important role in delivering innovations.  The main winner and the winner of best pitch, decided by the audience, will be announced during the dinner at the Top Packaging Summit.

1:41 minutes

ISWA 2024 – International Solid Waste Association – ISWA
15 – 18 September 2024, Cape Town, South Africa

- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

The ISWA World Congress will be making its physical comeback from 15 – 18 September 2024, Cape Town, South Africa hosted by the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS)!
The ISWA World Congress is a global meeting which includes high level plenaries, innovative solutions, technical site visits and business to business programmes where waste management professionals, government officials, industry leaders, policy makers, scientists and young professionals meet to exchange views and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for sustainable solid waste management. Since its beginning, the ISWA World Congress has been considered as the industry’s leading solid waste management event.

Still time to Circulate – Network!

I imagine that lots of small business people – video

who have spent the last – how many – years developing a product for the Circular Economy, maybe be out of practice at this next working business. I thought this young man had a good attitude, even if 2019 is already a bit out dated:

2:19 minutes – What’s your best networking tip? Sherjan Husainie


ECOCITY World Summit 2019 – building cities in balance with nature
7-11 October 2019, Vancouver, Canada

eco city conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

The Ecocity World Summit is the longest-standing international Summit that addresses building cities in balance with nature.  It is a biennial event involving over 1,000 delegates from around the world. The first Summit in this series was held in Berkeley, USA in 1990 with the purpose of sharing knowledge on ecological and sustainable city designs.  Ecocity Builders, a nonprofit corporation, has since been convening Summits around the globe including Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2015 and Melbourne, Australia in 2017.
This year, the Summit will be hosted by the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in collaboration with the City of Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre West from October 7 – 11, 2019.
Ecocity 2019 will consist of keynote and guest speakers, presentations and local field trips highlighting sustainable city design, construction and operation.
The 2019 Summit will bring focus to the International Ecocity Standards (IES) which has 18 standards pertaining to sustainable urban living grouped under: Urban design, Bio-geophysical conditions,  Socio-cultural features,  Ecological imperatives.
Each day of the 2019 Summit will highlight one of these 4 topics in order to promote the understanding and development of Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Cities.
We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver in October!

REMATEC Asia – Remanufacturing
11-13 October 2019, Guangzhou, China

Why participate in Rematec Asia 2019
*Estimated 93.2 million passenger vehicles in China – out of warranty.
*Find out the latest trends in the Chinese Reman market.
*Benefit from pre-arranged matchmaking appointments,, translation services and visit local re-manufacturing companies.
*We will be in the heart of the Chinese automotive industry.
Guangzhou Automotive Industry
China is currently the world’s largest automotive producer, and Guangzhou is the major automobile production base and export base in China with the obvious advantages of an industry cluster.
Guangzhou is home to the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd, GAIG which has partnerships with Fiat, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. These partnerships allow it to produce foreign-branded products for sale in China.
“The re-manufacturing of auto parts is an important part of promoting the circular economy in China, and has already become an industry with a promising future. We need a comprehensive international platform to keep-abreast what’s going on in the industry.”
Guo Yuyue, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government

Recycling and Waste Management Congress 2023
21-22 Augues, 2023, Philadelphia, USA

- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

Theme: Reduce, Recycle, use of Waste for Sustainable Waste Management
Registration: Businesses, Academics, Students
Program Includes: Environmental Chemistry | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery | Biodiesel and Biofuels | Bio- Electrochemical Treatment Systems | Bio- Plastics | Solid Waste Management | Renewable Resources | Waste Water treatments | Bioremediation
E-Wastes | Bio- Energy from Waste | Sustainable Waste Management
Environmental Impact Assessment | Remote Sensing and Satellite Technology | Landfills |
Microbial Fuel cell Technology | Recycling Business | Waste Treatment Technologies | Waste Processing Industries

Still time to Circulate – Network!

And how do you approach someone at a conference – video

, who you can tell is not up to the networking frame of mind?

2:46 minutes – An Extroverts Guide to Networking with Introverts


EU Raw Materials Week
18-22 November, 2019, Brussels

Still time to Circulate raw material conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

EU RAW MATERIALS WEEK – The fourth edition of the EU “Raw Materials Week” will take place from 15 to 19 November 2021. It builds upon a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. It is a unique opportunity for the raw materials community to discuss and exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international cooperation, framework conditions, knowledge base and will include A Week of Events <details, including:

All day, Critical Raw Materials,
All day, Technology Success Stories
Forest-based Industries
All day, Societal needs

All day, Innovations, new technology trends & skills
All day, EU Innov. Partnership (EIP)
All day, Knowledge Base Event

Sanitation Economy Summit: with the Toilet Board
19-21 November, 2019, Pune, India

Still time to Circulate- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

MARKETPLACE Expo of Sanitation Economy business solutions & networking spaces 
SMART SANITATION CITY SITE VISITS to Pune Smart Sanitation City sites 
SANITATION ECONOMY WORKSHOPS will focus on scaling and the Sanitation Economy
SANITATION ECONOMY LEADERS Keynotes from local & international Sanitation Economy
PUNE LIVE Opening & Closing Ceremony Evenings of awards, entertainment and networking

Founded in 2014, the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is a unique business-led partnership with the ambition to address the global sanitation crisis by accelerating the Sanitation Economy. The TBC is enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors with the common goal to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), universal access to sanitation. The TBC runs the Toilet Accelerator, the world’s first Accelerator Programme dedicated to sanitation entrepreneurs. The members of the Toilet Board Coalition believe that accelerating the Sanitation Economy will deliver significant impact to business and society.

The Summit is invitation only. The Summit is designed to foster new business and investment opportunities for Sanitation Economy businesses. Please complete the questions below so we can better understand you and your work and how it can contribute to the objectives at the Summit. 

GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo
19-22 November, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA

Still time to Circulate construction conference network- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

The future of the human race is interlaced with the future of the planet, and the sustainable practices we celebrate and advance at Greenbuild remind us that our success as sustainability advocates, practitioners and professionals is more than a movement, it is a responsibility.
93+ countries, 550+ exhibitors, 10,000+ attending
2019 Greenbuild Education Program consists of over 200 sessions, tours, workshops, summits and expo hall educational opportunities throughout the week. Scroll through the listings to see what sessions interest you. Click on the session title for more information.

21-22 November, 2019, Brussels

Still time to Circulate plastic recyclers conference- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

2 days of meeting, open to the public, including speakers from a wide variety of issues.
WHO Should Attend
Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) members recycle 2.5 million tonnes of plastics yearly. They support the transition toward a circular economy and harmonize recycling standards across Europe. 


African Economic Conference 2019 – Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Capacity Development for African Youths
2-4 December , 2019, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Africa youth conference network logo- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections

The 2019 African Economic Conference (AEC), jointly organized by African Development Bank, the Economic Commission for Africa and the United Nations Development Programme, will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh.
The theme of this year’s conference is: “Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Capacity Development for African Youths”.
Call for Papers – African Economic Conference 2019
Papers that are linked to the overall theme of the conference are of particular interest.
Young African female and male researchers are especially encouraged to submit their articles. One of the objectives of the AEC series is to provide young African researchers with the opportunity not only to share their work with a broader audience, but also to expand their networks. Deadline for paper submissions 21 August 2019
The Conference is specifically aimed at providing a platform to address youth job challenges and discuss issues regarding youth skills and entrepreneurship in Africa. To achieve its objectives, the Conference will be built on four pillars with 12 strategic actions:
*skills, entrepreneurship and labor market participation of African youth
*job creation, skills acquisition
*Leverage private sector for increasing youth employment and employability
*Partnerships to close the existing skills gap and promote future skill acquisition

North American Water LOSS – 2019
3-5 December , 2019, Nashville, TN, USA

The North American Water Loss Conference & Exposition will offer attendees information to reduce non-revenue water, regulatory developments, and a platform to share processes, methods and techniques with peers. The conference will also feature an Exhibit Hall with leading technology and companies providing solutions for you and your organization.
among the sessions planned:
Who attends NAWL? Product and Service Providers, Water Utility Managers, Leak Detection Supervisors, Researchers & Scientists, Water Distribution Managers, Distributors & Manufacturers, Regulatory Agencies, Water Auditors, Customer Service, Metering & Billing Managers, Engineers and Consultants, Utility Board Members, Public Officials, Students, Water Conservation Specialists

Still time to Circulate – Network

a Season of Energy Conferences dedicated to Africa

9-13 SEPTEMBER , 2019, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections
<a href=httpswwwpower weekcomAfricaAgendaindexhtml target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>httpswwwpower weekcomAfricaAgendaindexhtml<a>

POWER WEEK AFRICA is the 2nd international conference & summit dedicated to the African electric power & energy industry, promising 5 days of premium networking opportunities, inclusive of a 2-day main conference, 6 supplementary workshops, multiple case studies from a wide array of perspectives, expert opinions and unrivalled insights into the African electric power & energy market prospects. The program includes:
Full day: Off-Grid Technologies
Conference discussion: Transition Towards Open & Competitive Electricity Markets
Conference discussion: Making Power Affordable for All
Full Day: Renewable Energy
Full Day: Battery Energy Storage

WINDABA – Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition
8-9 OCTOBER , 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

- Still time to Circulate, Network - A Path to New Connections
<a href=httpswwwwindabacoza target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>httpswwwwindabacoza<a>

WINDABA Conference and Exhibition is firmly established as ‘Africa’s Premier Wind Energy platform’. The event is now in its 9th consecutive year.
Under the theme: ‘Unleashing renewables for economic development’ this year’s conference places particular emphasis on the compelling developments on the African continent.  Annually, the conference brings together wind energy market participants and stakeholders from across the globe. It is aimed at ensuring businesses and individuals are able to engage with peers, showcase their capabilities and strengthen existing and new business leads.
Windaba is hosted by the South African Wind Energy Association (Sawea) in proud partnership with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Are you going to remember to do all the things – video

that make sense for your business? Maybe take some notes here:

7:51 minutes 7 Reasons You Should Attend a Conference This Year

Still time to Circulate – Network!

Hope that you found this list of conferences & events interesting and useful. Please bear in mind that the details may change (from year to year), so check the websites of any that you’re interested in.

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