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ResCoM Tools (Resource Conservative Manufacturing),
measure the risks – consider the opportunities in Circular Methods,
business models, technology, supply chains, design
11 ONLINE TOOLS to work with

3 CE Online Tools

Online ResCoM Tools to
measure the risks and consider the opportunities

Find Answers Here about risks and benefits – in closed-loop production

Put Your Chief Research Director, Business Strategist to work.

ResCoM Tools (Resource Conservative Manufacturing) is a working platform with a set of Tools to test closed-loop manufacturing systems that can show you the various challenges that Original Equipment Manufactures face in the Circular process.  The publications, OEM case studies, and tools are free to use – here.

Within hours of filling in the details and activating one of the programs, these tools can answer questions about closed loop design, production methods and their potential economic value.
>>You may be interested in only two or three.

11 Tools to choose from:  
(each tool tells you ~how long it will take)

  • Circular Pathfinder – Answer just a few questions and explore promising circular pathways for your product.
  • Multi-method Simulation – Compare economic and environmental issues of circular designed products.
  • MI:BoM Analyzer (Eco Audit Reports) – Compare environmental, regulatory and supply chain risks of circular product ideas.
  • Analytical Tool (Financial/Closed Loop) – Compare potential Profitability and Environmental performance.
  • Circularity Calculator – Quickly compare the potential of different circular product design strategies.
  • Upgrade Forecast – Extended life issues for (for example: OEM) products that are being designed to be continually upgraded – smart phones, etc.
  • Reman Design Checklist – Identify how to consider product components for remanufacturing.
  • Part Planning – Identify needs for part durability – designing for easy to repair long product lifetimes.
  • Multiple Lifecycle Product Design – Repair or replacement issues of Share-a-Space, a Product’s Multiple Lifecycle Management.  Don’t buy a refrigerator, rent one.
  • Multiple Product Lifecycle Management – Look at the planning and execution changes in a product during potential more-than-one lifecycle.
  • Lease or Buy – ResCoM Serious Game – What would be the outcome of different circular business models?…discussed in a game setting

and more online tools to try here

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