Plastic in the Oceans >> Ocean Cleanup!

I keep updating about The Ocean Cleanup because I feel that there are other people, companies, innovators in the world that can help with what they are developing and/or can use the information for their own projects in this important area of clean-up the planet:

Ocean Cleanup is looking for people to help clean 1000 rivers
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Doing it now! ,
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Explained
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Ocean Cleanup

Doing it now!  >>>>>  

Ocean Cleanup

As with all new ideas, “Wilson” –  System 001, 
has hit a snag.  
If you are following this project, I suggest you send 
the Ocean Cleanup team a note, supporting them and encouraging them to 
keep going!


Currently, our scientists are working on three hypotheses that could explain the discrepancy between the amount of plastic estimated to float at the surface of the world’s oceans and the expected global inputs into the marine ecosystem. They are:  

1. A significant fraction of plastic is removed from the sea surface through sinking or beaching.

2. Plastic accumulation at the sea surface is underestimated

3. Inputs of plastic into the oceans are overestimated

You can read what Matthias Egger has to say about his research here, and get a feel for what he is doing in this video.

3:25 min

There is no doubt in my mind that Boyan Slat and his team will succeed, eventually. They are ahead of their own schedule with their activities. Just the amount of information they are accumumlating about what happens to plastic when it enters the Ocean ecosystem and the Ocean itself is fantastic!

Following the Ocean Cleanup project……………
Plastic in the Oceans >> Ocean Cleanup!  
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