Part #2 – Financing a Small Business in a Sustainable/Circular Economy

In this post:
Documentation from Fintechs, etc. – Those new financial tools; eCommerce platforms, online short term Loans, total reporting,
CE and Sustainability Certificates
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Money Available for Small Businesses? – Preparations when setting up Circular Re-thinking projects

ESG Common business sense says…..

Any business considering the move from Linear to Circular production should remember to build their business plans with ESG documentation (Environment, Social and Governance) in mind. Where to find reports, etc.?

3. Documentation from Fintechs, etc. – The new financial tools

They not only “speed up” in & out cashflow, they offer small businesses “orderly documentation of credit, cashflow, worth”. Young businesses need these, to get financing.   No doubt the digital age requires that all businesses have at least one “web savvy employee or consultant “. Eventually, of course, an accountant.  But first keep thinking “documentation” – “reporting” for example, from eCommerce platforms like:

financing ESG Common business sense

Detailed reports are built right in, with reporting that focuses on your company’s performance — and is included in your monthly subscription.

financing ESG Common business sense

Reporting: Sales, refunds and coupons over time.

>>Then there are the online short term Loans – with reports

financing  ESG Common business

The Kabbage platform steadily monitors customer data to gain an accurate picture of “financial health”.

1:00 min

A line of credit in 10 minutes to a few days>>>  
Minimum requirements for approval:
1. your business needs to be at least 1 year old.
2. You should have annual revenues of $50,000 or at least 3 months of monthly revenues of $4,200 per month.
>>These websites often have free calculator tools; “Loan” Calculator and “Return on Investment” Calculator. Anyone can use them to do some thinking and re-thinking.

financing business
Small businesses can borrow quickly / easily, while investors can make a return and an ESG difference in their lending.

financing businesses

Sustainability networks support each other

>And then you can move on to “total reporting” such as:

financing business

Customise your reports for your business, so you can quickly run them and get updates whenever you need to.

:42 min


:51 min
financing business

??Free accounting software >> look under “pricing” !!
*No set-up fees, no hidden charges, no monthly fee. You get Wave’s accounting, invoicing and 
receipt scanning software 100% free.  *Comparative Reporting; to track your business health.  
*We’ve added the ability to compare two periods directly from your Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements.

Demand has already made some of these apps free for the first 30 days with no credit card disclosers, if not completely free.

The Reports, the Documentation!  
Being able to give a bank / lending company as many relevant production system documents and sales reports as possible only makes it easier and faster for them to decide.  ……………………And along with these……….

4. CE and Sustainability Certificates:

There is strong evidence that companies that upgrade their sustainability are more profitable and more productive. Lenders now consider these factors along with a company’s ability to repay loans. Sustainability certification is ESG Common business sense. One of the things that suppliers need to qualify with those large companies, is also what Lenders and investors are requesting now.

That page of certificates on your website, that your customers want to see, should include a sustainability certificate. There are lots. Look for the ones that meet your needs:

What is C2C certified ? Watch this:

1:19 minutes – Plasterboards of Gyproc Belgium are Cradle to Cradle certified. What does that mean?
:57 min

Remember to consider:

*This is a 3 part series with suggestions for financing a Small Business project:
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